UK (London), January 17, 2004 Review

artist: Dream Theater date: 05/11/2004 category: live concerts

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Dream Theater: UK (London), January 17, 2004
Live concert of one of the most talanted bands ever to tour Earth.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
UK (London), January 17, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 11, 2004
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Sound: Dream Theater are the most talented band ever to tour Earth. Fact. I'm guessing that you could give them the worst instruments ever and they would still be able to churn out a unique sound that nobody else could even out of their $2000 instruments. Amazing. The balance was perfect on the night. It was EQ'd to perfection. You could hear every instruments part as clear as a studio cd and judging by the size of the amps at the back of the stage, I can guarentee it was loud enough to suit any metal heads desires. // 10

Perfomance: The show began with a band history intro tape introducing and playing highlights from each of the bands studio and live album releases with every cd getting a massive cheer from the eager crowd! A great introduction! SET LIST 01. As I Am - The headline song from the album proved an excellent opener. Being a very heavy metal song, it got the whole audience jumping for joy! 02. Beyond This Life - One of DTs best ever songs included a surprise improvise section of Frank Zappa songs! Excellent! 03. Endless Sacrifice - Another one from the new album. A powerful metal ballad continued the string of excellent opening songs. 04. Caught In A Web - Now the fun started! :-) Any song that includes a Portnoy drum solo has to be gd but in the middle of a fantastic heavy song made it even better. Portnoy drove those bass heads to hell! 05. This Dying Soul - The next addition from the new album and one of my favourites from the new album. A momentous guitar/keyboard duel at the finale! A highlight for me. 06. The Great Debate - The first song from 'Six Degrees' (the album before the latest) and not my favourite but still a good performance none-the-less. 07. Finally Free - Probably the best 'grand finale' song ever written was chosen to head up the intermission and it did that pretty darn well! ;-) INTERMISSION 08. Piano Solo Into Death On Two Legs(Queen) - Jordan Rudess opened the second set with a beautifully crafted piano solo into a great moment when that famous piano riff started fro the ledgendary Queen song! Great cover! 09. Honor Thy Father - Back to the latest album with that thunderous drum intro. Good work from Portnoy though not my pick of the last album. 10. Another Day - Finally DT reached into the back catalogue! Back to album no.2 in fact! One of if not 'the' greatest hit from DT! 11. Only A Matter Of Time - Even further back now into their debut album! a fantastic surprise as songs from this album are very rarely played live! 12/13/14. Erotomania/Voices/Silent Man - The masterpeice trilogy from 'Awake' came next. One of my favourite sequences of DT music ever. Erotomania was mind boggling! Voices was Voices ;-)! and the Silent Man was a worthy end. 15. In The Name Of God - Yesss! The best song from their last album and maybe their best live song ever! Powerful and beautiful. This song defines epic and is in a class of its own. Ledgendary. 1ST ENCORE 16. Trial Of Tears - !!! Very, very rare and yet another fantastic addition to an already astounding setlist packed with surprises and classics. 2ND ENCORE 17. Metropolis Pt 1 - A worthy ending to a classic show. Myung had his bass solo down and got every one cheering and the complex rhythm changes were no problem to any member of the band. The only negative in the entire performance was that the band members didn't get into it much but this is understandable as they were doing a 2 1/2 - 3 hrs long set! They had to conserve energy ;-) I think I can speak for everyone that was there that this was another amazing performance by probably the most talented band ever! I give it a 6! // 10

Overall Impression: 17/01/04, Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK. The show was an evening with show so there eas no support band. The ticket cost 20 and the show was worthy of twice that ticket price. I implore anyone Who has not experienced this ban live to check them out next time they are in your area. The most unforgettable moments: 1 - The intro video 2 - Caught In A Web with MP Drum Solo!!! 3 - Finally Free ending the 1st set 4 - Death On Two Legs Queen cover :-) 5 - Only A Matter Of Time and Trial of Tears :-o (Rare!) 6 - In The Name Of God was worth the ticket price alone. This band rules! Go check them out! // 10

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