Canada (Toronto), May 31, 2010 Review

artist: Dying Fetus date: 01/18/2011 category: live concerts

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Dying Fetus: Canada (Toronto), May 31, 2010
Dying Fetus continues to be one of the greatest death metal acts around and puts on an excellent show.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Canada (Toronto), May 31, 2010 Reviewed by: col50, on january 18, 2011
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Sound: Dying Fetus is one of the most brutal three pieces around. With John Gallagher (Guitar/vocals), Sean Beasley (Bass/Vocals) and Trey Williams (drums) for only 3 musicians they sure put on one hell of a show. Their combination of genre defying death metal creates a perfect combination of technicality and brutality. Dying Fetus continues to be one of the greatest death metal acts around and puts on an excellent show. // 9

Perfomance: Dying Fetus certainly put on an enjoying show. They played some songs off the new album Descend into Depravity such as: "Your treachery will die with you" which has excellent technicality and tasteful sweep picking and "Sheppard's Commandment" a great song with blasting and intense tapping riffs. They played some other great Dying Fetus songs like: "One Shot, One Kill", "Praise the Lord", "Pissing in the Mainstream", "KYMRYD", "Homicidal Retribution" and even some of their old school stuff like "Grotesque Impalement". Definitely playing a nice variety of songs off of multiple albums. Not really any special moments during the show however, after the show I met Sean Beasley and Trey Williams. Trey Williams also signed my ticket. // 8

Overall Impression: The Gig was in Toronto, Ontario Canada at the Mod Club May 31st 2010. Dying Fetus was the headliner for the "Facemelter Tour", Conducting From the Grave opened up followed by Annotations of an Autopsy, Misery Index and Arsis. I dislike Annotations of an Autopsy because in my opinion they are really generic and boring however they didn't ruin the show for me because Misery Index and Dying Fetus put on one hell of a show. Tickets were $20 something which is well worth the money considering the amount of bands playing. It was definitely unforgettable meeting Sean Beasley and Trey Williams of Dying Fetus since their music has really inspired me and I will definately go to their next Toronto show. // 8

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