Australia (Brisbane), May 1, 2011 Review

artist: Escape the Fate date: 09/29/2011 category: live concerts

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Escape the Fate: Australia (Brisbane), May 1, 2011
The show only cost $50 and I would pay twice that to see the concert again. It was a very reasonable price seeing that it was an All Ahes gig.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Australia (Brisbane), May 1, 2011 Reviewed by: michaelavanr, on september 29, 2011
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Sound: Craig Mabbitt was a god with his voice. I have always been a Ronnie Radke fan but after that show I am Team Craig until I die. The venue was louder than it had been before. Usually you cannot hear anything but after this concert you can't. Traditional rock instruments were used. Escape The Fate usually have a double-bass drum kit which was featured in this gig. Monte usually uses his brother for the second guitarist part but seeing as he was unavailable only one guitar was used. Max Green also couldn't make it to Australia but Motionless In White's guitarist, TJ Bell, filled in for the bass part. He did not seem as confident but did a pretty good job. He also filled in for Max's unclean vocals and did a fantastic job. // 7

Perfomance: The audience seemed thoroughly enjoyed by the performance. There wasn't a moment where they weren't screaming. The mosh was actually so excited that many people passed out. Set List: 01. "Choose Your Fate" - This was a recording but the audience was chanting along. 02. "Massacre" - Besides sounding like "Chelsea Smile" by Bring Me The Horizon the song was good and it was a very good opening song to get the crowd warmed up. 03. "10 Miles Wide" - Not my favorite but is a classic for the band and was well performed. 04. "The Flood" - This song got the crowd reinterested, jumping and begging for what was next. 05. "Something" - Slowed the pace down. Gave the set list variety. 06. "Bad Blood" - Not the entire audience had heard it so it was an interesting component to the setlist. 07. "Issues" - This was their most recent single so the audience most expected to hear it. 08. "You Are So Beautiful" - Brilliant. 09. "Zombie Dance" - The tour "The Dead Masquerade" was named after this song so it was vital for the setlist. It had an energy that the song before it lacked. 10. "Gorgeous Nightmare" - Anyone that had been following the band knew that they were in the middle of shooting the video for this song. Now the video is out and the performance of the song makes sense. 11. "Ashley" - This song was performed acoustically which was very exciting. Monte and Craig were the only two people on stage. 12. "Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche" - This song was a surprise for the entire audience for it was on their first album and written by the old singer. Craig did an amazing job at filling Ronnie's shoes. 13. "Situations" - After the last song, it was impossible for the band not to do this song. Craig did even better at this song than the last. 14. "This War Is Ours" - TJ did an excellent job at filling in for Max in the unclean vocals. 15. "The Aftermath" - This was the last song after Craig said that "This War Is Ours" was the last. This made sense for they are the second and third song in a trilogy. It was a disappointment but not a shock that they did not perform the first song - "The Guillotine". // 9

Overall Impression: Country - Australia; City - Brisbane; Arena - The Tivoli; Date - May 1, 2011. Escape The Fate was opened by first a local Brisbane band, Burning Brooklyn. This band was more alternative and didn't scream. Compared the the others they were almost pathetic. But on their own they were amazing. The other support act was Pierce The Veil. They had traveled with Escape The Fate all the way from America. Most of the audience knew they were being featured and studied up on them. They were thoroughly enjoyable and put on a fantastic show. I loved almost everything about the show. I couldn't think of a better setlist that would satisfy everyone as much as this one had. The support acts definitely emphasized their strong points. The only thing I absolutely hated was the fact that Max Green, bass, could not make it and was filled in by Motionless In White's guitarist, TJ Bell. Sadly TJ was kicked out of Motionless In White when he landed in America. The show only cost $50 and I would pay twice that to see the concert again. It was a very reasonable price seeing that it was an All Ahes gig. Everyone who was over 18 was invited to party with the band afterwards which the band payed for completely. The opening act, Pierce The Veil, pulled a female fan onto the stage and serenaded her. This was even more surreal for me seeing as that female fan was my friend. I wouldn't even second guess buying tickets if and when they come to Australia next. I would tour the entire country and see all five shows they would put on. // 9

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