UK (Isle Of Wight), June 15, 2008 Review

artist: Feeder date: 07/11/2008 category: live concerts

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Feeder: UK (Isle Of Wight), June 15, 2008
The audience loved them. There was a lot of tension in the air, the tension which builds up before a pit opens or a massive rush towards the stage.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
UK (Isle Of Wight), June 15, 2008 Reviewed by: slann101, on july 11, 2008
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Sound: Grant Nicholas. I was honestly impressed. It was obvious he was having a good time and seemed to give it 110%. He was clear and pitch perfect on the majority of the tracks and happily shared banter with the crowd. Grant performed most of the set playing his 1967 Sunburst Jazzmaster and Blue Standard Telecaster switching in between almost every song so they could have strings changed or re-tuned. The venue wasn't a traditional venue. It was a large tent which held about 10,000 people (that's right, the other 60,000 missed out) complete with bar. The sound quality was amazing. It was loud, but maintained it's clarity. There were a couple of problems with feedback on a few intro's but they were quickly sorted. // 9

Perfomance: The audience loved them. There was a lot of tension in the air, the tension which builds up before a pit opens or a massive rush towards the stage. I was really amazed how respectful a lot of the younger fans were. I was with them: I wanted to mosh and throw myself about. But there were children and older adults, so the crowd we're respectful towards them. I can remember most of the songs, but not the order. They are: High - introduced as 'a track for our hardcore fans'. Come Back Around Again - really got the crowd singing. Performed in the latter half of the set. Just The Way I'm Feeling - for me, this was an amazing song. The atmosphere were electric, with fists waving and epic choruses. Lost And Found - for some reason, It seemed out of place. I didn't enjoy this track so much. Feeling Tomorrow - a live favourite. Another lighters out song. Seven Days In The Sun - a very fun track. A lot of more traditional dancing went on to this song. They also played some new material, as Silent Cry wasn't due to be released until the next day: We Are The People - sounded very large in the tent. The audience didn't quite know how to react. Missing You - a high speed, energetic track. Once people got into the bass, there was lots of jumping around. Tracing Lines - a fun track. The last two numbers were: Buck Rogers - introduced by Grant "This is a love song we haven't played for two year. Some people took it the wrong way. This is Buck Rogers". Needless to say it broke, out, and everyone surged to the front and started slam dancing. Just A Day - after Buck Rogers they ploughed into this. So much energy and excitement! It was an amazing finish. During one track, Grant started playing the intro to Foo Fighters 'All My Life' but seemed disappointed when the audience didn't know the words. He carried on with the previous song and we didn't hear anymore about that. // 10

Overall Impression: I saw them headline the Big Top tent at the Isle Of Wight festival on the 15th June, 2008. The band before (which treated it as a support situation) was New Young Pony Club. They were alright, to be honest, electro Indie pop isn't really my scene. But the singer did get a lot of people dancing and enjoying themselves, so they weren't completely forgettable. The best thing about the show was how much both the audience and the band were enjoying themselves. Feeder seemed to feed off our enthusiasm, blasting out each anthem with extra attitude each time. This was at a festival, so I don't think I can comment on the price. Each day worked out about 35, and if it was for Feeder, I wouldn't have turned up that day. But they were worth every penny and the hours waited. If it wasn't sold out, I'd go to their next gig. Unfortunately it is. So bring on the next tour! // 10

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