UK (Manchester), June 19, 2006 Review

artist: Foo Fighters date: 08/08/2006 category: live concerts

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Foo Fighters: UK (Manchester), June 19, 2006
The sound was brill, though the microphone conked out once or twice, it still sounded fantastic though with Dave and Co.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
UK (Manchester), June 19, 2006 Reviewed by: RATM_Rocha, on june 20, 2006
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Sound: It's a Foo Fighters concert, what more to say? Dave Grohl sang his heart out tonight, Not once did he slip up, though the sound went off every now and then, Dave still did a great job, as did Taylor, And the others (forgot their names). I didn't get to see what they used, I was too far away, the bassist had a Westfield I think, that's all I know. The sound was brill, though the microphone conked out once or twice, it still sounded fantastic though with Dave and Co. Very good Dave. // 10

Perfomance: I absolutly loved it, everyone was barking mad, jumping for joy, and Dave putting jokes in between songs (he's a funny guy) and the surrport bands were brill (The Subways, Eagles Of Death Metal, Angels And Airwaves, The Strokes) were great! I can't remember much from last night songs, but I can try name the songs: 01. In Your Honour - In your honour! I will die tonight! sang Grohl to 20,000 people, one hell of a starter for the concert. 02. All My Life - the crowd (plus me) went berzerk, the Foos at there heavest! 03. No Way Back - the sound conked out once, still very good though. 04. Best Of You - Dave let us sing to the chorus, what a song! 05. The One - my favorite Foos' song, and they did it just as they did on the CD! 06. My Hero - great song, great lyrics, what a song. 07. This Is A Poem - the first Foos' song ever! Very good. 08. Taylors Drum Solo - one hell of a solo, though he did drop a stick and get another from his shirt, talented man! 09. Monkey Wrench - song of the hour, he let us sing the "one more thing" part, and my brother and his girlfriend were the ones left singing! 10. Blossom - Taylor from the drums sang to this one, he also played rhythm guitar, he was very good. 11. Learn To Fly - great song, Grohl's funniest song. 12. Resolve - we sang along to it, and we did it loud! 13. D.O.A - the best song from the Foos, very good. 14. Everlong - The last and best song. Groul was funny, his mic conked out and he did this funny face until it was repaired, he also said the Hyde Park crowd sucked. There were neon green lights going around, and 2 big screens that the Foos were on if you couldn't see them. And at the end they let off fireworks and there was loads! It was really cool. // 10

Overall Impression: It was at england, Manchester, Lancashire county cricket ground, June 18th 2006. Eagles Of Death Metal were there, The Subways (great) were there, Angels And Airwaves were there (they were crap), and The Strokes were there (great people). I loved everything about the show, the atmosphere was great, the bands were great, but the eletric could have been a bit better, other than that, brillient. Tickets were 37.50, it was well worth the money though! When the lead man from the subways jumped over the drumkit and onto the drummer, it was really funny!, and when the fireworks started, they were awesome! I'll be at there next gig when there in england, and I recommend that you should go, it will be money well spent. // 10

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overall: 10
UK (Manchester), June 19, 2006 Reviewed by: f-e-z, on august 08, 2006
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Sound: Dave Grohl simply ricks as a lead singer. Not an amazing range, but he makes good use of what he has. They used pretty much standard Foos stuff, i.e. the semi-hollow bodied Gretsch's, and I think there was the occasional plexiglass guitar, not sure though. The sound quality was superb, completely amazed by it, the music was as you would expect it to be live. Completely stunning. // 10

Perfomance: The audience enjoyed the whole show, a one point, Grohl's mic packed up, so he got "Dave" to come out and fix it, and told the audience to thank Dave, but other than that, Grohl is such a good stage man, he just kept us all going after a long, wet day. There was only a laser show, and there was a banner hanging from the top of the stage, two guys had to go up like 100feet to release it, when they'd finished, everyone shouted jump. // 10

Overall Impression: Country:England, City: Manchester, Arena: Old Trafford, Date: 18th June, 2006. The openers were: Eagles of Death Metal (not so good), Subways (awesome), Angels And Airwaves (suck-ish hypocrits), and The Strokes (bloody brilliant). I loved the whole atmosphere, we were standing, so it was really good, and it was the sense that everyone else wanted the same thing you did (Foo's onstage yet? Is Tom Delonge finished). I didn't really hate anything, except maybe Tom DeLonge, he gave a speech reminiscant of School Of Rock (one great show can change the world) and told us how he wasn't another bullshit pop band (even though he gave the exact same speech in Birmingham the day before). The tickets were 42 each inclusive of booking fee and p+p. It was definitely worth the money. The most memorable moment, for me, was when two guys were trying to escort a (top-naked) girl out of the crowd, when they came to our area, the guys were sent up crowd-surfing, and the girl too, quite memorable. Also, when Tom DeLonge and his band came on, it started raining. A bit of divine intervention there. I will definitely go to there next gig if it's in manchester, and I would take the same people, and hope for the same crowd. // 10

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