USA (Memphis), May 1, 2004 Review

artist: Foo Fighters date: 05/11/2004 category: live concerts

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Foo Fighters: USA (Memphis), May 1, 2004
The Foo Fighters came out and played in the pouring rain, but still managed to rock.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Memphis), May 1, 2004 Reviewed by: ChrisMcD88, on may 11, 2004
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Sound: The Foo Fighters came out and played in the pouring rain, but still managed to rock. Dave Grohl's vocals and screams clearly reached everyone in this outdoor festival, even those backed up way to the back of the set Who could not even see the band. Dave's guitar sounded incredible, playing very clearly despite the rain that was threatening to close the stage in fear of an electrical shortage. Taylor Hawkins played incredibly, and did not sound sloppy at all. In fact, one of the highlights of the show was hearing his incredible solo's. // 10

Perfomance: Performance wise, the Foo Fighters couldn't have been better. They did not start any where near on time, causing the crowd to worry they might cancil. However, some time later, the ran on stage and Dave got the crowd worked up by yelling, "We don't give a sh*t about this rain! We're here to play!" They opened with the ever-popular, All My Life, then proceeded to My Hero, Learn to Fly, and Times Like These all in a row. After these, the Foo Fighters played Have It All other songs off of their most recent CD, "One By One." The concert took place at an outdoor festival, and the Foo Fighters had the honor of closing this three day event. Being outdoor and general admission, there was a HUGE crowd despite the wind, rain, and cold temperature. The Foo Fighters put on an excellent performance, and I would jump at the opportunity to see them again regardless of when and where. // 10

Overall Impression: The Foo Fighters closed the 3 day event of the Beale Street Music Fest in Memphis, Tennessee. They played at Tom Lee Park on the Budweiser Stage Sunday, May 1, 2004. As it was a festival featuring many big names, there was no opening band for this show. Instead, several other bands continuosly played all day on different stages. Tickets were general admission and cost $20, and was well worth much more. Regardless of ticket price, I would immediately see them again if they ever come back. The Foo Fighters are evidently one of the greatest bands of Rock, and I encourage everyone to try to get out and see one of their shows. They rock! // 10

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