Italy (Rome), July 14, 2007 Review

artist: Genesis date: 08/11/2007 category: live concerts

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Genesis: Italy (Rome), July 14, 2007
This band has been around for almost four decades and they've led the pack in technology from day one.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Italy (Rome), July 14, 2007 Reviewed by: Kalakala, on august 11, 2007
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Sound: We're talking about Genesis. This band has been around for almost four decades and they've led the pack in technology from day one. After Peter Gabriel leaving, they didn't miss a beat by Phil taking the mic. As far technology is concerned, they showed up with their pistols loaded. When you stop to think these guys are in their sixties, it gives old geezers like me a big broad smile. For playing in a huge outdoor venue like the legendary Circus Maximus, the sound was supurb from the front to the back, from side to side. Amazing sound for an outdoor venue, and I'm pretty picky about that. Three sets of monstrous towers with light were erected strung from about 200 yards from the stage to the back of the venue. For an audience of 200,000 there wasn't a bad seat in the house. This was absolute, cutting edge, stae of the ART in concert presentation. For cutting my teeth in the '70s on the best stage shows, back when there was such a thing as "spectacle" in a rock show, this was right up there with ELP, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd when all were at their zenith. To call the experience "stunning" is a gross understatement, and trust me. I'm not that easily impressed. // 10

Perfomance: I may leave out a tune or two, but here's the lion share of the setlist: 01. Turn It On Again 02. No Son Of Mine 03. Land Of Confusion 04. The Cage/The Cinema Show/Afterglow 05. Home By The Sea 06. Driving The Last Spike 07. Mama 08. Invisable Touch 09. Follow You Follow Me 10. Firth Of Fifth 11. I Know What I Like In Your Wardrobe 12. Domino 13. I Can't Dance 14. Hold On My Heart 15. Dreaming While You Sleep 16. That's All 17. Carpet Crawlers I was disappointed we didn't "Jesus He Knows Me", but after all, it was Rome, home of the Pope and all that, so I guess it's understandable. "Domino" was spectacular, the stage effects for "Home By The Sea" were effectively eerie, and "No Son Of Mine" had tears streaming down my face. But maybe the best moment of the show was the very beginning when the this monster of a stage production rumbled to life with Tony Bank's keyboard introduction of "Turn It On Again." Entire show was about 2.5-3 hours long. // 10

Overall Impression: This was the last show of their European Tour and the last Genesis tour in 15 years. This amazing night in Rome could possibly the last show this incredible band will play in Europe, ever. The venue was the Circus Maximus, right over Palentine Hill from the Colosseum. Circus Maximus is where the Romans had their chariot races. It's about a quarter mile long and 300 yards wide. There were an estimated 200, 000 people Who showed up for the show. Think two Rose Bowls laid end to end. The stage was undescribable. Go to and you'll see an article about the stage. Click on the pictures! It used more than 9 million LED lights. It took three days to construct! It was an absolute engineering masterpiece. From the stage walking back to the rear of the venue were six monstrous sound and light towers, three on each side and on both sides of the Circus Maximus were huge TV screens, about 100 feet by 50. The entire operation's cost were obviously in the millions, but guess what? Genesis played Rome, Italy this night for free! Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Chester Thompson, Daryl Steurmer, the line up since the "Duke" to now were the performers. These guys are considerably long in the tooth, but I'm here to tell you, they "Turn It On Again" like 1979 was yesterday. I was getting goosebumps all night. I'm getting them again just writing this. Genesis is and always has been the consummate rock spectacle, and the performers the consummate musicians. A stage like the one they played on is historically par for the course for these guys. Genesis is the band that brought spectacular light shows to the rock scene, before Zeppelin or Pink Floyd jumped on the bandwagon. It's been their hallmark, and I've been to several of those Genesis shows of the past but this one was so over the top. In 2007, I think Genesis is probably the only band with the vision that could have pulled off an event like this in a place like the freakin' Circus Maximus in Rome! Worth every penny of the plane fare, the hotels, all the great food and drink, what an experience. Did I mention Italian women? Um, nevermind. We got to Rome a few days early and the buzz all around town was that since Rome was one of the first European cities the Genesis really made it big in, that Peter Gabriel was going to show up. You could feel the anticipation all through the show, and there were more than a few places where the band had really set the table for him to suddenly appear, but PG was a no-show. Shame on you, Peter. What in the world could you have been doing thay was more important that this? Lost a little respect for you there, buddy. I can only imagine the eruption if that actually took place. I'm old enough to have been there when there was something called "spectacle" was in rock music. It was huge, bigger than life. Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Wings, come to mind. Not many still exist because equipment and labor costs have gone through the roof, which makes smaller venues are more profitable. Arena rock has felt the pinch of the times as has so many things in this modern life. Throwing a party like this for their loyal fans puts Genesis' money where it belongs. Back in pockets of the people Who helped them get to where they are, and have been for almost 40 hears. Now that's a class act. Show me one like that amongst todays considerably younger headliners! This performance was such a great breath of fresh air. As technologically amazing as it was, it allowed an old fart to feel that excitement again, that rumble of sound, and even she'd a tear or two in realizing just far he has come since 1972. Thank you boys, that one was one for the ages. What a night. // 10

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