Canada (Toronto), April 30, 2008 Review

artist: Gigantour date: 08/08/2008 category: live concerts

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Gigantour: Canada (Toronto), April 30, 2008
A lot of the guitar was overpowered by the vocals, and even by the bass. The drum kicks for these preformance was perfect, it made your brain pop out of your head.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9
Canada (Toronto), April 30, 2008 Reviewed by: SOAD666, on august 08, 2008
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Sound: Alright, so what happins at a concert, is the sound gets relatively turned up depending on the act. When the beginning acts hit the stage, the sound is set at a normal tone (let's say 6 out of 10), and for Job For A Cowboy and High On Fire, you could tell. A lot of the guitar was overpowered by the vocals, and even by the bass! The drum kicks for these preformance was perfect, it made your brain pop out of your head! When Children Of Bodom and In Flames hit, the sound seemed to become perfect, and In Flames was perfect from beginning to end. COB seemed to be having slight sound problems, but nonetheless sounded amazing. The biggest problem was when the headliners came on, Megadeth. Now I know Dave Mustaine doesn't have the best voice in the world, but his microphone was turned down so low you could barely hear him, until the loud semi-screams he makes, his voiced more like a murmur and less like a vocalist. Everything else was perfect in Megadeth's set though. // 7

Perfomance: The show was nothing less then phenominal, I went in for In Flames, and came out a huge High On Fire and Job For A Cowboy fan. Children Of Bodom put on a fairly good show with a good visual spectacle behind them, but In Flames really blew the lid off the roof in my opinion, yeah, Megadeth was good and everything, but we don't need 2 encores guys, we get it, you're awesome. Overall, the preformance was amazing, I'll give you a break-down of the bands as they played to give you a more in-depth coverage. High On Fire. So maybe the guy who threw the Morman Bible on stage will read this so I can say, Dude, wtf! That's right in the middle of High On Fire's set, someone threw a morman bible on stage, only to have the lead singer say "What the f--k is this shit, get this off my stage!" These guys were impressive! They kicked off the show with Rumors of War, and from then on, my mind was blown, I've never heard such a band be so together in my life. Rumors of War was definitly the highlight of the show, and there wasn't too much of a pit going on in the crowd because not many people knew much about these guys, but everyone I talked to after the show said, "Holy shit those guys are metal!" Job For A Cowboy. It was Jonny Davy's birthday, so the crowed ended up singing Happy Birthday For Jonny as the band was about to play. The minute the first note hit the amp, the pit was at it, the first 30 rows of people was just one massive pit. The band seemed so down to earth, and co-operative with the crowd it really shocked me. My overall impression of the band was wow, the next day I went out and bought 'Genesis', that's how impressed I was with they're preformance. Nevertheless, the set was too short, and I wanted more. Children Of Bodom. In the line-up to get in, I can't even count how many C.O.B chants there were, and it got me really pumped up for this show, and when they hit the stage I was really pumped up, but in my opinion, they didn't seem fully together, now I'm a big C.O.B fan, but I wasn't impressed at all by their preformance, I mean, no keyboard solo, no guitar solo, nothing, just the songs and then they got off stage, usually C.O.B will pump out a crazy keyboard or guitar solo in the middle of their set, but nothing. The vocals were perfect, and Alexi Laiho was amazing. Now I am not a huge fan of the new album, and it was good they didn't play too much new stuff, but I was shocked by the setlist, no Mask Of Sanity, No Needled 24/7, No Silent Night, I wasn't overly impressed, but nonetheless the show was still pretty good. In Flames. My favorite act of the night, and I know a lot of fans turned on them because of their change of sound, and the fact that the new album may not be the best thing they've done. But to be a real fan of the band you have to respect where they've gone with they're music and what they've done for metal. I will always consider In Flames one of my favorite bands no matter what music they decide to make, but to the concert anyway. The crowd was really into them that night, and they were louder for In Flames then they were for Bodom! (I have a deaf, ear and I was still able to tell the difference). I really liked his In Flames broke down the 4th wall and talked to the fans, with Anders telling the crowd "How many ladies are in the audience, wait a minute, you're nots a ladies, I would needs many bottles of vodka to be with yous" in his awesome Swedish accent. When they hit the stage, they looked like they really wanted to be there, and The Music proved it, the set was breath-taking, and weither you like Come Clarity or not, almost every person in the building had their lighters or cellphones out for it. I was honored to be front and centre for this preformance. Megadeth. This set would have been so much better if I could understand Mustaine's vocals, I mean it sounded like he had his hand over his mouth the whole time. But of course with Megadeth the vocals aren't what matters, it's the band as a whole, and they were amazing. And it was definitly a Greatest Hits of songs with them, Symphony Of Destruction, Hanger 18, Toute Le Monde, Holy Wars, Gears Of War, Peace Sells, and so much more! The crowd went nuts over Hanger 18 more then any song (Damn you guitar hero). I was up front and center for a majority of this set, until I lost the boys I was with in the pit (they ended up going to the Rockstar Energy Tent), but I digress. Chris Broderick was phenominal on this night, and he is such a good replacement for Dover. All in all the set was a little lengthy with 2 encores, but nonetheless it was amazing. And for anyone reading this from the show, the best part about that set was during Hanger 18, when some chick in one of the pits getting taken away on a stretcher, that was metal! Nothing beats getting Knocked Out during Hanger 18, and getting carried away during Toute Le Monde. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was at Arrow Hall in Toronto, Ontario on April 30th, with High On Fire and Job For A Cowboy opening up for C.O.B and In Flames opening for Megadeth. So many funny moments, from the crowd chanting Metallica/Bullet For My Valentine sucks in the line-up outside. The Morman bible during High On Fire, Andres making fun of some dude during In Flames, or the chick getting knocked out during Megadeth, it was unforgettable from begininning to end, well worth the 3 hour wait outside, and well worth the money for the show. We can only hope next years Gigantour will be just as amazing as this one! // 10

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