USA (Phoenix), July 23, 2005 Review

artist: Gigantour date: 07/25/2005 category: live concerts

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Gigantour: USA (Phoenix), July 23, 2005
Nevermore started this show and Megadeth closed it. It was an awesome performance.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Phoenix), July 23, 2005 Reviewed by: SmokeScreen2544, on july 25, 2005
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Sound: 01. Nevermore - sounded great the drummer was using a peace drumset which I was kind of puzzeled about because those are usually lower end sets, however his must've been tweaked because it sounded great. Jeef Loomis' guitar soloing took my breath away, and the singer was most definately great. 02. Symphony X - amazing sound, especially clearer as it was on a much smaller and close up stage. The drums wre great, the guitar was crisp clean and shredding of course. The singing sounded awesome as well. 03. Fear Factory - amazing live performers the guitars sounded great and the double bass on the drums came threw awesome, I should also add all of the above bands used Krank amps during their set, which did sound pretty sweet actually. 04. Dream Theater - freakin-mazing. Also the sound quality on everyone sounded great, Petrucci, was going threw boogie cabs, and no heads visible but he has so many preamps and effects it wouldn't matter if you had his head anyway. Unfortunately that music man of his wasn't turned up as much I have liked it too be as he was being overshadowed a bit by the fantastic keyboardist. The drums were great and the bass blew me off my feet it was great. 05. Megadeth - double bass was cranked up it was awesome, everything sounded awesome, the bass from James was kind of low though for my taste but otherwise amazing. // 10

Perfomance: 01. Nevermore - great way to kick off a tour, awesome live performers, definately were havin fun makin wisecracks, all the good stuff, they were definately into it and the audience was too. 02. Symphony X - people were diggin these guys and I was too, what an amazing band these guys were awesome performers. 03, Fear Factory - also very fun live performers, very powerful, however the power went out during their set for about 5 minutes, and the band jokes about that for a bit and then returned playing the intro to Walk by Pantera, getting my hopes up falsly. But they were great. 04. Dream Theater - I have never in my whole entire life seen a performance as good as them. I mean seriously these guys blew the roof off the place, every person in the audience was on their feet for the hour and a half set. Petrucci just shredded his musicman to death, the keyboardist went nuts and the bassist just wow. I've never seen a keyboard solo while the guitarist does the same thing a keyboardist is, then look at the bassist and the bassist is following the guitars every not to a T. it was amazing. The lights added alot and they were great. The pipes of the singer even sounded awesome everything was mind blowing. 05. Megadeth - my favorite band I had front row seats to this whole show so it was especially great. Blackmail The Universe started with pyrotechnics, 4 bursts of flames with an explosion kicked off the driving double bass, in various songs they'd use pyrotechnics on transitions or with cymbal crashes it was great. Definately awesome. // 10

Overall Impression: Best concert I've ever been to. This was on 7-23-2005 at Cricket Pavillion in Phoenix, Arizona. Nevermore started the show and Megadeth closed it. Loved Dream Theater, I breifly heard the other band Bobaflex they were terrible. But luckily I heard them for about a minute and went and met Nevermore another plus of the tour. If you buy a CD from any of the bands performing including Megadeth you get to go meet them very briefly and they sign your CD. Very cool, did this for Nevermore and Fear Factory, Nevermore I met and were great, Fear Factory didn't come out because of the weather which is kind of funny because theyre supposed to be very intense and therye afraid of clouds, it didn't even rain. Anyway they took our CDs to them and they came back signed. Then I went backstage to meet Megadeth, they all seemed really very cool, got a couple pictures with them, and meeting Dave and the guys was a dream come true. They all were very nice in person, and Dave and James seemed especially cool, I brought a guitar to be signed. Now the venue didn't allow guitars in, but the girl in charge of the tour a very cool girl named Jenny got our guitars in for us and was very accomidating. So I got that signed and that was awesome definately an awesome experience and I would go again in a heartbeat. Also my front row center seat with a backstage pass was 250 bucks. // 10

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