USA (Tulsa), May 3, 2005 Review

artist: Good Charlotte date: 05/12/2005 category: live concerts

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Good Charlotte: USA (Tulsa), May 3, 2005
Joel Madden sounded perfect! He was so into the music, all the members were. Billy used the keyboard and his guitar, Joel even played guitar. Everything was more than perfect.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Tulsa), May 3, 2005 Reviewed by: RawkKitty, on may 12, 2005
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Sound: Joel Madden sounded perfect! He was so into the music, all the members were. Billy used the keyboard and his guitar, Joel even played guitar. My overall impression was pure amazement. Everything was more than perfect. // 10

Perfomance: The audience was great, I was infront, and seeing all those people jumping, singing the words to everything single song, priceless. They played: 01. The Anthem - the 1st song the played. The crowd was going nuts. 02. We Believe - Joel said it went out to all of the people fighting in the war. So much emotion when they played it. 03. Girls And Boys - sounded amazing. Joel did the whole clap thing, and told the crowd to join in. 04. Predictable - sounds even better live. 05. Ghost Of You - the love song to the crowd. 06. The World Is Black: once again, perfect. 07. SOS - wonderful. 08. Hold On - the one song that I anticipated the most to see live, I wasn't let down. The best song all night. 09. Mountain - my favorite song on their new album, sounded just like it. 10. I Just Wanna Live - great song, great live. That's all I can remember. The scenery had a grave yard setting. Where the drummer was it said, "Nevermore." Before they came on it was Relient K and Simple Plan (great shows), I started waving at the bands, I got David to wave at me twice, his water poured all over me, Billy smiled at me, he tried to throw me a pick, but this b--ch took it from me. Benji waved, Joel did too. Best show I've been to. Joel had a towel and he rubbed it between his crotch and his ass and he said, "Who wants it now?" After the show these little girls were fighting over it and I decided to join for the heck of it and, paid off, I got a half of it. I stayed by the buses and the Relient K singer came out side the fence and hung out, I got to touch him and he signed my shirt. Sweet guy. I also saw Pierre, got Benji and Joels' autograph. I got Benji to sign a thing for my friend too. Joel, I got to sign soo many things for me and my friends that didn't get to come. // 10

Overall Impression: It was in the Expo Square Pavilion, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Relient K and Simple Plan opened up. I loved every little thing, I didn't hate anything. I just want them to come back down here! The ticket cost about 33 bucks, worth every penny. The most unforgettable thing was the moment GC walked out. So surreal. I've loved their music since I was 11, (now 15), so it was so weird to actually meet them. I will for sure as hell go see them next time they come down to Tulsa, they better come! // 10

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