USA (Buffalo), August 13, 2005 Review

artist: Green Day date: 08/19/2005 category: live concerts

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Green Day: USA (Buffalo), August 13, 2005
The sound quality of the performance was excelent. It was extremely loud, but not to the point where it started to give you a headache.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Buffalo), August 13, 2005 Reviewed by: StJimmy, on august 19, 2005
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Sound: The sound quality of the performance was excelent. It was extremely loud, but not to the point where it started to give you a headache. Jimmy Eat World sounded great, I spotted that one of them was using an Orange Full Stack, which was a relief. Once Green Day came out, they blew the opening act out of the water. Any live TV recording of their performances do them no justice, and hearing them in person was really something. They used all of their usual instruments, and some new ones. Billy used his Les Paul Junior, his old Fernandes guitar, a black guitar (not sure what kind) that he gave to the girl who played it during Knowledge, and the semi-hollow body that he used in the Wake Me Up When September Ends video. Mike used his Fender bass, and Tre used his usual American Idiot drum set. // 10

Perfomance: I stood for the whole concert, and couldn't have been happier. Throughout the concert Billy did his usual stuff, making a band, fake masturbation, the whole "Hey Oh!" thing with the crowd, and some other small stuff I didn't expect. He soloed behind his head, had a screaming competition with the sides of the stadium, had us do the wave, squirted the crowd with water, among other things. The best moment was during We are the champions when he had every light in the stadium turned out, and it was lit up by everyones lighters and cell phones. The second best moment was when tuns of confetti shot in the air during Wake Me Up When September Ends. The songs they played, probably not in order, were: 01. American Idiot - awesome opener, everybody got on their feet. 02. Jesus Of Suburbia - my favorite, flawless, and I was singin every word. 03. Holiday - very cool with the lights behind them, and the planes dropping bombs. 04. Are We The Waiting - very awesome song with lighters and cell phones. 05. Longview - classic, the whole stadium sang it. 06. She - many people didn't know it, but this is one of my favorite old songs. 07. Basket Case - if you didn't know this you shoulda just died right there. 08. Hitchin' A Ride - very fun with Billy having everybody shout "1, 2... 1, 2, 3, 4!" He did a military march, and pretended his guitar was a rifle. 09. Brain Stew - great simple song. 10. Jaded - the mosh pit went crazy on this one. 11. Minority -I loved the way they stretched it out and brought in an accordian, and did solos. 12. Knowledge - the group of kids did really well, with the bass player getting cocky and walking around the stage. The drummer actually put in some stuff of his own, doing a couple fancy rolls, while Tre Cool was pullin' his hair cause the kid was pretty good. The girl screwed up a bit because she was obviously nervous. He had the bass player do a stage dive at the end. 13. King For A Day - great song with lots of funny hats, and Billy in his crown and robes. 14. Shout - excelent job, and it was cool with the trumpets and everything. 15. wake Me Up When September Ends - great lighter song, very emotional. 16. We Are The Champions - I was a little nervous about this one because I didn't know if Billy could do it as well as Freddy Mercury. Of course he couldn't, but a did a damn better job than anybody else. Friggin awesome. 17. Good Riddance - did it on his LP Junior, but it was still really good. He played a bit of a song after Good Riddance that I know I've heard before, I just can't remember what it's called. The whole performance was done flawlessly. // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Buffalo, HSBC Arena, August 13, 2005. The opener was Jimmy Eat World, who did there new songs and they're old classics (like The Middle). I loved pretty much everything. The sound, performance, and the light show were just awesome. The tickets were arond $50, I'm not exactly sure since I bought them back when they were on pre-sail. I missed them when they were in Pittsburgh, so my father and I drove out to Buffalo since we hadn't had any kind of vacation. He loved the concert, to my surprise. We had seats, but I was so close that I could see all of their facial expressions perfectly. It was well worth it. I remember the whole concert vividly, and now anytime I hear the songs that they played that night I go right back to the concert in my mind. I will definately go to their next gig. // 10

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