USA (Houston), August 19, 2005 Review

artist: Green Day date: 08/22/2005 category: live concerts

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Green Day: USA (Houston), August 19, 2005
Jimmy Eat World was the opener and they were OK, but the vocals and drums were way to loud. When Green Day came out everything was perfect.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Houston), August 19, 2005 Reviewed by: darthballs, on august 22, 2005
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Sound: OMFG Billie Joe is amazing live. Jimmy Eat World was the opener and they were OK, but the vocals and drums were way to loud. You couldn't even hear any of the solos. When Green Day came out everything was perfect. // 10

Perfomance: Green Day is awesome in concert! When Jimmy Eat World was out nobody was even standing, but when Green Day came out everybody got out of their seats and started cheering. I stood for the whole concert. Throughout the concert Billy did his usual stuff, making a band, fake masturbation, the whole "Hey Oh!" thing with the crowd, and some other small stuff I didn't expect. He soloed behind his head, had a screaming competition with the sides of the stadium, had us do the wave, squirted the crowd with water, among other things. Their song list is as follows: 01. American Idiot - a great opening song, got everybody pumped. 02. Jesus Of Surbibia - 9 minutes of awesomeness. 03. Holiday - probably most peoples favorite song of the night. On the screen they had planes dropping bombs like in the video. 04. We Are The Waiting - a lot of people got out matches and cell phones on this song. 05. St. Jimmy - a really good song. Everybody that knew the words sang with him. 06. She - not many people knew the words but its still a good song. 07. Hitchin' A Ride - this is just a really great song no matter what. In the middle of the song he had the croud shout out, "1, 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!" 08. longview - on this song they had Mike Dirnt's on the screen playin on the intro it was really cool how they did it too. 09. Basket Case - almost everybody knew the words which was totally awesome. 10. Brain Stew - a really great song almost everybody sang along. 11. jaded - really awesome. 12. Minority - they stretched out this song alot and put in solos. 13. Knowledge - in the middle of the song he brought up a small band. They got a drummer first and picked a guy who had been playin drums for like 15 years and when they played the song he played alot more then Tre told him to. The bass player was like 25 and he started walkin across the stage and Mike pulled him back it was pretty funny. The guitarist he picked messed up and the security guy took her offstage and they got this 15 year old girl instead. Billie Joe let the girl keep the guitar and the drummer did a stage dive. 14. king For A Day - Billie Joe got a king's robe and a crown and Mike, Tre, and Jason got cool hats. 15. Shout - at the end of this song BIllie Joe threw hit crown out into the croud. 16. Wake Me Up When September Ends - people got out lighters and cell phones on this song. Encore: 17. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - really cool song another croud favorite. 18. We Are The Champions - Billie Joe had the people turn out the lights and had everyone take out there cell phones or lighters on this song. 19. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - while the stage was still dark from We Are The Champions Mike, Jason, and Tre left and Billie Joe played it by himself. // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Houston, Toyota Center, August 19, 2005. Jimmy Eat World opened the show and they were ok. I loved all of the fireworks and fire and lights in the background. I also loved when they had videos on the screen for certain songs. The only thing I didn't like was that they didn't play When I Come Around. My ticket was $45, but I would have payed $100 for this. The most unforgettable part was the whole show. I will definitly go to the next gig. // 10

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