USA (Manchester), April 29, 2005 Review

artist: Green Day date: 06/02/2005 category: live concerts

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Green Day: USA (Manchester), April 29, 2005
They rocked out with their entire set. You could hear everything everyone was singing. You could hear every bass note, and guitar notes. And it felt great, you could feel the drums beating against your chest.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
USA (Manchester), April 29, 2005 Reviewed by: DemonChidSSS666, on may 02, 2005
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Sound: Now I know many people have been saying that My Chemical Romance (the band who opened up for Green Day) sucked and that you couldn't hear anything they did. Well, this wasn't the case here. You could hear almost everything except the backup vocals their guitarist was singing. The lead vocals were great. He had a lot of stamina and was singing on key at almost all times. Now Green Day was superb! They rocked out with their entire set. You could hear everything everyone was singing. You could hear every bass note, and guitar notes. And it felt great, you could feel the drums beating against your chest. There's too many words to descirbe them. // 8

Perfomance: It was a kick ass show! Now I'm not a big My Chemical Romance fan but now I think I'm going to even go out and buy one of their CDs. The only songs I know from their 30 minute set was Helena (the opener I think) and the last song of I'm Not Okay. I thought they were great. Great moshing band. Now for Green Day. I don't know the exact order of the songs: 01. American Idiot - f--king awesome! Everyone was bouncing their heads out and great special effects. 02. Jesus Of Suburbia - It was okay. Not great but okay. 03. Holiday - great live preformance of this song. Billie had great vocals on this song. 04. St. Jimmy - I think that's what came next, but anyways. Not really much to say about it. Now here's where it kinda gets mixed up on song order: 05. When September Ends - Billie really made you feel connected with this song. He made it feel really intimite. This woman next to me looked like she was gonna cry. 06. Longview - first song they played of their older stuff. Was fun. Mike Dirnt did a great job on the bass. 07. Brain Stew - what can I say? They kicked ass with this song! They had a bunch of special effects in this song. They had constant fire shooting up on stage in front of Tre. Not everyone knew the words to this song, but still a lot of response. 08. King For A Day - Billie rocks a crown and a robe for this song. No one really knew the words to this song, but Billie's antics made up for it. 09. Minority - everyone was pumped up and bouncing off the walls in the pit it was so much fun. Some other songs: Hitchin' A Ride, two covers: Shout and We Are The Champions, Maria, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Basket Case, and Time Of Your Life. Billie had us do a lot of call and respond type of things with hey and oh. Sometime during the show he said "Hey oh..." and kept on saying oh repeatedly. Then I finally saw past some heads and saw Billie with his hands down his pants. It was absolutely hilarious! Another cool thing was that they started a band onstage. Billie and Mike went around looking for people to play for them. The guitarist got to keep this blue guitar that Billie signed and it had a Green Day sticker on the back as well as the signature. He also kissed the guy when he got up onstage. The bassist got to stage dive and he was crazy enough to do a cannon ball into the crowd. It was awesome. // 10

Overall Impression: I went to Manchester, New Hampshire, USA on April 29th, 2005. My Chemical Romance was good, but Green Day just kicked ass and got everyone into the show. They pumped everyone up and people were bouncing up and down as well as moshing a lot. I loved the show. I'm still talking about it. The tickets I paid for from ticketmaster was $45 but it was worth every cent because on the floor you have so much fun. I advise you to get them if you can. Everything was unforgetable but I loved one part when Billie Joe was introducing everyone. Once he got to himself everyone thought he was gonna say and I'm Billie Joe Armstrong! So I was all ready to clap. But being the crazy kid he is he said "And I'm George Bush!" and at first people were cheering but then realized what he said and started booing and flipin' him off. It was great. And then he said, "Oh wait I'm an asshole!" Another great moment was towards the middle of MCR's set the singer asked how many ladies were here. He said, "Well when a band such as Motley Crue asks you to show them your tits. I want you to spit in their face because you're worth so much more than that!" I thought that was great and I wasn't expecting that at all. And since I'm a woman I thought that was awesome of him to say. So that was cool as well. I would so go to their next gig. It was awesome! // 10

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overall: 8.7
USA (Manchester), April 29, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 02, 2005
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Sound: MCR could've used a microphone check, but maybe the guitars and drums were just louder. Green Day sounded awesome, and Billie joe totally got everyone pumped up. The best part was when Billie Joe's kid came out (not sure which one) came out and said "1, 2, 1234!" // 8

Perfomance: I thought My Chemical Romance and Green Day both kicked major ass. They played American Idiot songs first, and then older songs. They even played Basket Case! That's my fav song. I have no comment for the rest of the songs. They're all rocked. // 10

Overall Impression: It was in USA, Verizon Wireless Arena, and it was on the 29th of April. My Chemical Romance opened it up. They rocked. The best part was when the lead singer of MCR said, "Bands like Motley Crue, well they ask you to show them your tits! Well, I want you to spit into their face, because your too good for that!" It was a great message, and I thought that it was good of him to say that, even though he probably did want to see some tits that night. And to all you girls, I'm sorry if that in any way offended you. // 8

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