USA (Maryland), August 30, 2005 Review

artist: Green Day date: 09/05/2005 category: live concerts

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Green Day: USA (Maryland), August 30, 2005
Green Day came out in all their glory opening with American Idiot and getting the crowd all wiled up. They sounded better than on CD.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Maryland), August 30, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 31, 2005
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Sound: The set opened with Jimmy Eat World. I was pretty excited (but of course I was there to see Green Day), because I like some of Jimmy Eat World's albums. But man, I don't know, maybe it was the sound system but it sounded bad. The volume of the bass and drumms tried to control your heart beat and the microphones were so distorted and echo you couldn't understand him when he talked. But after about 20 minutes of wating, come a big pink bunny! This guy was awesome, in his like 4 minutes on stage he chigged down four beers to the chant of "chug, chug, chug!" All the while doing the YMCA. Then out runs Green Day in all their glory opening with American Idiot, and getting the crowd all wiled up. The sounded better than the CD. Do you have any idea how rare that is? All the vocals, and instruments were totally in tune, and sounded perfect. Very nice to hear after Jimmy Eat World. // 10

Perfomance: I'll be honest this was the best show I have ever seen. It was nothing short of spectacular. I swear if you saw them doing a live perfomance on MTV or one of those thing it does them absolutley no justice. There was never a flaw in any of the songs, and Bille Joe was one heck of a performer (although very egotisitcal, but with reason). They played for 2 1/2 hours straight, never losing flare (and getting better) as the show went on. Songs: 01. American Idiot - this was the perfect way the start the show. 02. Jesus Of Suburbia - it was incredible. They went thourgh this nine minute long song without any breaks, and sounded incredible. 03. Holiday - very cool. Ecpecially how he let the audience say most of the "represented of California" speech. 04. Are We The Waiting - very well done. Much better than the CD verson. And with the audience singing the chorus, it was just excelent. 05. Longview - when Mike came up onto the playform, only four feet away from me where Bille Joe was most of the time and played that classic bass line, I just went crazy. I love this Green Day song, and always will (and I was very surprised that kids around my age (12-14) knew the words to this. 06. Brain Stew - amazing. There is no other word to describe how this was performed. 07. Jaded - so cool, he let Jason do the guitar while Bille ran around the stage singing, and atempting to break dance. 08. She - it was funny, because the I was the only person in my age group around who appeared to know the words. 09. Basket Case - man, the audience was loud. A fan favoirte and better than the album verson. 10. Shout - I was laughing the whole way through, a fantasic cover of that song you hear on laundry commercials. 11. Stand By Me - the idea of Green Day singing this is funny of enough, but he sang it while humping the floor. 12. Boulavard Of Broken Dreams - while I am not a huge fan of this song, I have to admit they did a great song doing this live. It was funny there was a little girl, around seven, I hadn't heard her sing the whole show, but when this song came on, oh my god, she was loud. 13. Good Riddance - this was the perfect way to end the concert. Just Bille and his guitar, and very touching. 14. We Are The Champions - you'd be surpirsed how well they do this song. They topped Queen (and you didn't think it was possible). 15. Maria - when Bille screamed "Maria!" the whole crowd went nuts. Awesome. 16. Minotrity - this was nothing short of amazing. Much better than the album verson, and yes it is possible. 17. King For A Day - the performance was very funny, with Billie running around the stage in a kind costume, and mooning people. Classic. 18. Wake Me Up When September Ends - it was obvious how much passion was put into song, by everbody in the band, and about 3x better than the album verson. // 10

Overall Impression: The Green Day concert of 2005, Maryland was something I will never forget. Easily the most amazing show, musical or not, I have ever seen. The best part was I was four feet away from the band this whole time, being pressed against the bar, and being buried in everybody's sweat (including Billie Joe's) is actually alot better than it sounds. An amazing night, that I will never forget, and I plan on seeing them again. Other notes: Bille Joe jerks of on stage. Apperntly Masturbation hasn't lost its fun, as stated in Longview. // 10

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overall: 10
USA (Maryland), August 30, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 05, 2005
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Sound: For the opening band, Jimmy Eat World, sound was pretty crappy. You could hardly hear the singer through the guitars. If you knew the songs, it was fine. It was just when he talked you couldn't understand a word he was saying. Luckily, that all changed for Green Day. They sound amazing live. Billie's just as good singing live as he is on the records. You can hear every instrument perfectly, you can hear the harmonies in the songs. It was great. Nothing else over-powered anything else. You could hear everything as long as you could listen over the constant screaming of the crowd. // 10

Perfomance: Before Green Day came on stage, there was like this mass amount of people that ended up right behind us. Where'd they all come from? I have no idea. We were pretty much packed in there but thank God for being at the barricade! Of course the bunny came on stage. That was funny. The bunny suit is so dirty! He came out with beer again, and the space between the catwalk and the stage was maybe a 1/2" difference, if that. And the bunny got down on his hands and knees to get down on the catwalk. He had some bunny stuffed animals he was throwing out. I wanted one so bad. But he didn't throw any anywhere near us. He was shaking his butt and stuff and it was just funny. From where we were, we could see under his "head." The bunny is not Tre. Sadly. He had short hair in the back and a beard. He chugged beer again at the chanting of "chug, chug, chug!" And then he opened up a whole nother bottle and chugged again but only chugged about 3/4 when he finally stopped. He sat on the speakers and just waited for Green Day to come on stage. This was the perfect way to start off Green Day's set. 01. American Idiot - the crowd went insane! And we definately turned into sardines. But I was fine. I was just singing my heart out, and Billie was giving us some looks a few times. He cahnged "redneck agenda" to "bulls--t agenda." When they pause to go into all the "hey-ohs," Billie talked about the fact that they won a VMA and how greatful they were. I'm also pretty sure this was when he was asking us where we were from, as in from DC, Baltimore, VA. He did the "hey-ohs" a little bit differently. It wasn't just "hey-oh," it was "hey" sung on different keys and stuff. Billie went over to the edges of the catwalk and grabbed onto different peoples hands. My hand was definately one of them! So was my friend's. He actually held onto our hands for a good couple of seconds. He also had us all shout "It's going out to idiot America" like usual and after, he was like "That's what I'm talking about!" At the end of the song, some of the curtains dropped, leaving others up-so it was like a curtain, a gap, a curtian, a gap, then a curtain. 02. Jesus Of Suburbia - just amazing live. I got looks from Billie during this song, too. He changed the lyrics again from "Anaheim to the middle east" to "Maryland to the middle east" (which also brings me to say that I am uber proud he did not call us DC, we were not in DC, we were in Baltimore! It seems like Tre's drum solo was a little longer than usual. During "Dearly Beloved," he had us swinging our arms around and Tre was swinging his one arm in the back and he was also spinning his drumstick around. Billie didn't "break down" during the "Tales From Another Broken Home" part like he did in Norfolk. He jsut walked back to the stage (for the most of JOS, he was up on the catwalk) I noticed how whenever he'd walk away from his mic stand, part of the stage crew would get it and bring it to him. I just thought that little part was funny. After this song, another explosion went off, and the rest of the curtains dropped, revealing this screen thing, I'm not sure how to describe it, but the lights on it would form letters and pictures and stuff. 03. Holiday - they had the bombs on the light-screen thing just like at the beginning of the video for the song. This song was of course amazing live. He opened it up by saying it was a big "F--k you to all politicians" and then the usual "This song is not anti-American, it's anit-war!" Billie didn't want us to sing along, he wanted us to shout the "heys" along with Mike and Jason, hell if I payed attention to that. He said the "Brothers and sisters" thing again for "Can I get another amen?" and we all shouted that. Before getting to the bridge, he was walking down the stage and down the catwalk and had his microphone stand in the air, as if marching and stuff, it was funny. And he got a spotlight, and said for the lights to be turned down. He put the spotlight into the crowd, and shined it down on the first row in the pit and he was smiling as he blinded us all! And he just shined it all over the pit and up into the stands and stuff. And then he threw it down and it fell off the stage. He changed "The representative of California" to "The representative of Maryland" and of course wanted us to accent all of the words that needed to be accented (like "government!", "don't agree!", etc.) At the end of the song, everyone was cheering different things, so Billie took his thumb and pointer finger of each hand and made a heart and showed it all around to the crowd. 04. Are We The Waiting - Tre's beginning drumline to "Are We The Waiting" seemed to go on forever for some reason. I know Billie had to give his guitar up and I'm pretty sure this is when Billie pulled some little kid out of the crowd and had him spray us with water guns. First, Billie was spraying us with water guns, it was on the side, though so we could feel the water, only it was like behind us (if that made sense). Then Billie went over to the other side and sprayed them. That felt so good, not to mention security finally got us water to pour in our mouths once people started passing out from like dehydration and heat exhaustion all over the place and stuff. When Billie introduced this, he was saying "St. Jimmy" over and over again. I have no idea what this was about. But, they had a disco ball come down, and Billie and Tre were instructing everyone on how to wave their arms in the air and stuff. 05. St. Jimmy - I love "St. Jimmy" live, too. Billie just runs around like crazy during this song. Unfortunately, he did not hump the air, but he did attempted a split! He also went up to Tre's drumset and was hitting the cymbols with his microphone. They had us all clapping our hands when the song slows down somewhat. And of course ended with "And don't you f--king wear it out!" Actually, it ended with some crazy pyro. We could definately feel the heat off it more, so than last time. Wow. 06. Longview - such a classic song. Their big "Green Day" thingy was lowered and lit up for this song. And as far as the back screen goes, pot leaves were definately on it. While Tre was doing the rolling of the drum thingy at the beginning, and while Mike (who did have his brown hair) was waiting to come in with bass, he finally came up front, and we were all holding out our hands, and what did he do? Immediately went into playing his bass, but he did stick his foot out to touch someone's hand. As soon as Billie came back out, he left. Billie came out, everyone was singing along, just like always. And he got the crowd to sing "I'm sick of all the same old s--t!" Whenever he had us sing something in this song, he used his hands like a conductor would for a band, so funny that man is. He has great crowd control. There were numerous times where he'd have us scream and then yell "Stop!" and everyone would. Of course we also shouted the "When masturbation's lost it's fun, you're f--king breaking" line! 07. Hitchin' A Ride - such good memories from this song! If I happen to forget every single thing that happened at this show, I can guarantee I would not forget moments during this song. When Billie started "Hitchin' A Ride," I have no idea what the hell Mike was doing. He was like all sprawled out and bent over and had his tongue out while playing and it was just rather odd. Of course, like 2 minutes in, Billie stops the song and has everyone repeating "hey-ohs" again. Only this time, the "hey-ohs" turned to "oooooh" and "aaah..." and "oooooooo." He was smiling as we all repeated him and he finally acts as if he's going to go back into the song, but his hand goes right down to his pants. And his hand was outside first, so we could definately see him groping himself. Now, mind you, he was doing this on the catwalk, so this was right in front of our faces (hey, I am a girl). So, he finally slips his hand in his pants, and god, his moaning and the thrusting of his hips. And he shouts his "Somebody f--k me!" again.. And of course all the girls scream. Not to mention a good lot of the guys. I finally got a good look of Tre and Mike while Billie was doing this! Tre seemed not interested. He was just looking down at the floor, meanwhile Mike was having a laughing fit. So, Billie takes his hand out of his pants and sniffs his fingers! His face was so funny! He was like "Oh God, that's disgusting..." But it was so funny! He's done this, and then won't continue until we're all loud enough for his liking. He just stood back and look so bored. I was screaming as loud as I could! But he seriously stood there for quite some time before he felt like he could continue the song. Good times. 08. Brainstew - Billie didn't move from the catwalk. He started having a "competition" between the two sides. He would play notes, than motion for one side to scream, play the same two notes, and have the other side scream. And he'd have each side critique each other. When he felt one scream was more pathetic, he'd even himself give the thumbs down side while the crwod booed. At the end, my side totally won. Billie said so himself! He was motioning to the other side like "These guys totally beat you." So, he plays the two notes again, and has us scream as a whole, plays the notes, has us scream, this eventually turns into the chord for "Brainstew." The crowd went insane! Another classic, right here. Mike did his whole "I hold out the bass and you scream" thing, and he interpreted the lyrics like usual. Like for "The clock is laughing in my face" he laughs and such, and the lyrics "Crooked spin," he like bends over like a cripple, and of course at the end he screams like a maniac. But I don't remember him doing that part at the Norfolk show, so that was pretty cool. 09. Jaded - Billie was all over the place during this song, spanking himself and mooning the crowd on the sides of the stage and what not, so I spent my time looking at Tre while singing along. Tre, I noticed him making faces at other people in the crowd but holy crap he definately spent like the whole song making faces at me! I was trying so hard not to laugh! But I did smile a couple times, of course. He was, like, cocking his head from side to side and like crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out and stuff, he was cracking me up. He was like this pretty much the whole show, definately more Tre-ish than usual (and yes, I do know he was looking at me because I stuck my tongue back out at him and he laughed). At he end of the song, there was another big explosion, and Billie plugged his ears, and then laughed because a lot of us jumped at the pyro and sound and stuff. 10. Knowledge - they stop the song half-way through and Billie's tells the crowd that for this to work "This is how it's going down, this is what's going to happen" and he keeps repeating that over and over. But he says that they want to put a band together, so they'll need a drummer, bass player, and guitarist. He gets a drummer first, and found some guy who had been playing for 15 years, I think he said? Then he gets his bass player, and he had been playing for 3 years. He was funny, he was like showing off his muscles or lack there of. Then he gets a guitarist, he was a 13 year old! Billie asks him "Have you been laid yet? Well, you will tonight!" Well, of course, at first he asks him if he can play 3 chords. The guitarist gets up there and he totally kicks some serious ass! He so got into it! Billie directed him to go to the catwalk, but he was heading there anyway. And he was like a mini-Billie! He was directing for everyone to sing along and he and the bass player had great chemistry! It was so great seeing this live and up close! And then you have the drummer who's like getting molested by Tre. Seriously, Tre had his arms wrapped around the poor guy. So, at the end of the song, the kid walks to Billie and then he like humps the air with the guitar and all of that and Billie lets him know he can keep the guitar, and as the kid gets excited and hugs him, Billie's like "Now get your virgin ass off my stage!" He wanted the guy who played bass to get back up there, so he did, and he was holding a shirt and Billie told him to put his shirt in his pants. I'm pretty sure Billie only meant for him to like tuck it in his pants, but he stuffed the whole shirt in his pants and the grabbed himself where the shirt was. Billie was cracking up! And you could see him shake his head like "I didn't mean like that..." But he had him do a stage dive and Billie watched intently to make sure he was caught. He was! But he was sent back. Then, Billie takes the time to introduce everyone. He introduces Jason first, then Ron (I think was his name) and he's like "Get this! Get this! Originally from Baltimore, MD!" And everyone cheers, and the dude bows. So, Billie introduces Jason Freeze: "The guy who can play the keys, the trumbone, the saxaphone, the xylophone, the telephone, all those, other phones..." So, Billie takes him up the catwalk for a brief "saxophone interlude," and then Billie has him act like he's farting by sound of the sax again. Next up is Mike to introduce and he's like "The best bass player in rock 'n' roll history, the man who looks the best naked - Mike Dirnt!" And then as he introduces Tre (as the man who he likes to shower naked with daily), Tre gets up and walks down the catwalk, first doing a little hoe-down. So, he comes down and scopes out the crowd, and we all hold out our hands, and he pokes one person, my friend! And after that like, tenth of a second, he quikly pulls away and then runs away. So, then Billie introduces himself as George W. Bush and then as asshole. 11. King For A Day - He then gets rid of his guitar, and comes out with a King hat, real obvious of which song they were gonna do? So, he comes out to the catwalk, and screams "King For A Day!" I loved it! I just loved singing along. Jason had his pirate hat, and Tre his big, red, flowery hat. I don't think Mike had a hat, and I didn't notice Jason Freeze's or Ron's. Well, nevermind, Jason had his usual hat on, the one that he always wears. After King For A Day, Tre being the loser he is, takes off his hat as they go into shout. Well, at one point in King For A Day, Billie also threw his hat. So, they do the whole "a little bit softer now..." and everyone gets down on their backs, not Billie! He gets down on his front and definately starts humping the stage. A king cape is put on him, as well as his hat being placed back on his head as he sings "Stand by me" still half-way humping the stage, mind you. They eventually stand back up, and Billie, as well as everyone else, lose the costuming. Tre sings along during King For A Day, so he took the microphone, and stood aside of the drums, and was singing some song. I couldn't really hear him, but apparently it was some Mariah Carey song because Billie was like "Ladies and gentlemen, Mariah Carey on the drums!" 12. She - before this song, Billie took his tie off and threw it into the crowd and unbottoned his shirt and stuff. My friend was so close to getting his tie. She didn't though. Not much to say about this. It's not one of my favorite songs but I'll take this time to mention Tre was drinking water from a plastic cup with a straw. This just struck me as funny considering everyone else was drinking from bottles. 13. Basket Case - of course Billie "conducted" us in singing "Sometimes I give myself the creeps, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. It all keeps adding up, I think I'm cracking up. Am I just paranoid? Or am I just stoned?" part. We sing pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. 14. Wake Me Up When September Ends - before this song began, Billie sang the first part of "Letterbomb" (the 'Nobody likes you' part). So I got my hopes up thinking they would play it. They didn't. Everyone got out their cell phones and swayed back and forth and sang along and stuff. It was rather pretty. They had the "waterfall" pyro sprinklers again and I don't think I remember them being so pretty. I didn't sing along as much as I wanted to in this song, because I was seriously hot, but thankfully security came around again with water just in time so I could start singing again when Tre started looking in my direction again. 15. Minority - again an awesome live song. Billie emphasized the "f--k" and stuck out his middle finger and stuff. He had us do some more "hey-ohs" including the one that seriously lasts forever. I attempted it as best as I could. But I just took breaths when needed like they'd notice anyway. Tre stood up and got some old-fashioned type clock and was timing how long Billie had us hold the note out that seriously made me laugh out loud. Billie got his harmonica, and walked around holding the microphone and harmonica. For the lyric "Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts" he puts his hand over his eye, then over his ears, then over his heart, so I imitated that along with some other people around me. Mike was up on Tre's drumrisers and Tre was just staring at him while he was up there, that was pretty funny just because of Tre's facial expressions and things. Of course, Bille told us this was their last song, so afterwards, they left the stage. But all the house lights stayed dark. No one was moving, they didn't have anyone fooled. Although there was a chant of "One more song!" 16. Maria - this was pretty cool hearing live. I mean, it's not really a song you'd expect to be played, so that's what makes it cool. There was some explosions at the end of this song. 17. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - the special effects during this song are amazing. The pyro and stuff at the end of the song is just amazing. Because of the popularity of this song, I really could've cared less baout hearing it. But they play it in such a way which gets you excited to hear the song and it's so good live. I'd say it's better than on the album. 18. We Are The Champions - Tre walks around his drumset for the first couple of minutes as he hits the cymbols. I definately think that they do such an awesome job of this song live. I'm not gonna say it's better than Queen, considering I'm not a Queen fan. But it's defiantely a pretty hot song. They had the lyrics in the back (but like people needed them anyway). The only funny thing was that it was a little fast for the timing Billie was singing at. But oh well, all was good. At the end, confetti machines shot off and there was confetti everywhere! At first it wasn't coming out too fast, so it was a struggle to grab some pieces, but soon it was like snowing confetti! We couldn't even see Billie on stage! And all we had to do was hold out our hands and the confetti fell in, not to mention it was sticking to us everywhere because of how drenched in sweat we were (yeah, it was bad, even worse than Warped Tour, you couldn't sworn we were outside and it poured while we there or something. Oh well, tons of keep-sakes for me). Tre picked up his floor Tom, and crashed it through some drum heads as he left the stage. 19. Everyone left the stage and Billie was left there to play Good Riddance. He had everyone swaying and singing and everyone put up their lighters and cell phones again. And it was just the perfect way to end the perfect night. Tre and Mike came back out, and Tre. I so wanted him to throw some drumsticks, but 1) he didn't come out to the catwalk and 2) he didn't even throw them! He just dropped them in the place where like crowdsurfers walked by and security guards stood, the loser! // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Columbia, Maryland, Merriweather Post Pavillion, August 30, 2005. Jimmy Eat World were the openers. They put on a very good live show, as well. Everything about the show was amazing. Of course being up front had its advantages, but I'd honestly say this was one of the best nights of my life. The only thing I hated were the annoying teenagers around us who spent the entire show shouting "Billie Joe! I love you!" and of course the fact that no cameras were allowed was pretty crappy. Tickets were about $50, but even with only 2 bands, the money was so worth it. I would've payed more if I had to. Unforgettable moments were definately during "Hitchin' A Ride" and the fact that I got to touch Billie numerous times and that I got a couple looks from the band members. The whole show, overall, was very memorable. And of course I'll go to their next gig. I'll go to as many future gigs as I can! // 10

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