Canada (New Brunswick), November 21, 2006 Review

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 11/23/2006 category: live concerts

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Guns N' Roses: Canada (New Brunswick), November 21, 2006
Axl came out screaming over three guitar players, all equally wailing out riffs.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Canada (New Brunswick), November 21, 2006 Reviewed by: blinnk16, on november 23, 2006
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Sound: Axl came out screaming over three guitar players, all equally wailing out riffs. At first everyone was making so much racket that I couldn't make out what he was singing, but of course I knew the opening song was "Welcome To The Jungle". It was hard to make out Axl's voice and at first I was let down and figured he had lost his singing ability and wasn't that great live. Until the fifth song popped up, the famous "Sweet Child O'Mine". Instantly everyone shot up and cheered after the opening guitar riff was through and Axl really broke through and you could hear his crystal clear voice. He really shot me as amazing then. I prefered him singing November rain and Patience though, for you could hear him so beautifully. The three guitarists all got their turn being the only one on stage. The first of these guitarists wasn't impressing me much, playing scales while the guys took a break I figured. By the time the second and third guitarists came out playing solos upon solos and sweep picking so fast I thought the frets would burn off by their finger movement I was shocked. Very good guitar work. All the guitarists were using Gibsons. I saw a les paul and a nice semi-hollow body Gibson. My overall impression of the sound was great, if anything I believe it was the Dome's fault that the speakers weren't clear enough. // 9

Perfomance: I really enjoyed GN'R more than I thought I would. I figured the whole time I would be sitting and pouting that Slash or Izzy wasn't rocking out with Axl, but by the time he had screeched a few times my mind was set to rock, not pout. The guys opened with "Welcome To The Jungle" making everyone stand on edge. They created a great atmosphere to rock in, it was amazing how quickly it was created. Bam! There's Axl screaming. The next great song, "Live And Let Die" at every "Die" there was a huge explosion with 20 feet high flames just behind the stage, I thought I would go deaf. I almost plugged my ears when he belted out "die", but thought I'd only get to hear this once, so why not? A sign saying something along the lines of "why did you cancel the maine show?" was tossed in Axl's direction and he stopped and simply said "You'll have to forgive me, I know, I know, I'm a f--king idiot." With that, oddly enough, I think he was forgiven. Also a bra wounded up on stage, which Axl had his fun with. First tossing it around then jumping ontop of the grand piano swinging it until he had entertained himself. With Axl, you really don't know what he's going to do. Half of the time he was charging towards the crowd almost to the point that everyone thought he was going to literally jump off stage. Axl was the highlight of the show, of course, but the guitarists were great as well, not to mention an amazing pianoist doing his piano solo. My favorite moments were when he'd take the time to talk to the crowd, on an obviously unplanned speech and of course his piano work on "Novemeber Rain" and his beautiful vocals on "Patience". // 10

Overall Impression: This concert took place in NB Canada, Saint John, Novemeber 21st. The openers were terrible up until "The Trews". Beforehand, a band which I couldn't even make out the band name as they told us. The lead singers attempt at soloing was absolutely horrid, I was waiting for someone to unplug her. The next up, the suicide girls. If you haven't heard of these girls, it's basically 10 Paris Hiltons' stripping down to panties and doing erotic dances for the crowd for an hour and a half. Was a nice time to go for a bathroom break while slutty-mc-slut-sluts did their thing. I loved the Trews, they were very memorable. Many people didn't know their songs, though I did. Their biggest hit "I'm Not Ready To Go" and "Yearning" were well recieved by the crowd, but they deserved a lot more applause. The tickets were 55$ for upperbowl, 75 for lower and 110 I believe for the floor. Expensive! I had my ticket bought for me, otherwise I would have backed out on such a price. But, not knowing how good of a show The Trews and GN'R put on I would've been disappointed when directed that they were great. The most unforgettable moments were: Axl screaming to Sweet Child O' Mine; Axl giving speeches or playing with bras; Axl Nearly running off stage; The Guitar solos. For the price, I wouldn't go see their next gig to be honest. I've seen them once and that's enough to keep my memory fresh, bang up job! // 9

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