Canada (Winnipeg), December 4, 2006 Review

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 12/07/2006 category: live concerts

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Guns N' Roses: Canada (Winnipeg), December 4, 2006
Though his voice is audibly aged a bit and couldn't properly sing the songs as he used to, Axl had more great moments than bad.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.3
Canada (Winnipeg), December 4, 2006 Reviewed by: «ÃFireÏnside», on december 06, 2006
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Sound: I thought the sound was pretty good throughout. For the first opening band, their vocals were hard to hear. Mostly because they had 2 guitars doing the exact same drop d power chords as loud as they could for 30 minutes. Sebastian Bach seemed to have a little trouble, as he kept making signals to the crew, but for the most part was good. Axl didn't seem to have any problems with the crew. One of Bach's guitarists had a sweet Flying V, while most of the Guns had Gibson LP's. I know Fortus pulled out another axe for a song or two but I can't really remember. // 8

Perfomance: Suicide Girls and Helmet pretty much sucked, no comment on that. The real show started at 10. I've never seen Sebastian Bach, never heard one of his songs, but he put on a killer show. His band played an hour and 15 minutes, all of it well received. I was really impressed with his showmanship; he has a voice, character, audience interaction and everything you want in a frontman. He led the crowd through a rendition of Oh Canada (he is born Canadian) at the start before going into his setlist. He had a guy from the front of the floor escorted back and had the whole arena saying "Bye dickhead!" Good sense of humor, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. His drummer, Bobby Jarzombek also included a killer drum solo that was a few minutes long, that was a great highlight to the set. After a long 45 minute wait, the lights went out at a few minutes to midnight. The intro of Welcome to the Jungle rang out and everyone flipped out. Richard Fortus came out to a faded spotlight, redoing the first riff a few times. Then spotlight hit center stage with Axl in sunglasses, leather jacket and jeans yelling "Do you know where you are?" and the place exploded. Guns played from midnight to about 2:15 am. Included in the set was the first 7 songs off Appetite and Sweet Child. From Use Your Illusion I, Live And Let Die and November Rain were featured, Rain being my favourite song of alltime and highlight of the night. From UYI II, Knocking on Heaven's and You Could Be Mine. Patience was also played. 4 new songs were played, including The Blues, Madagascar, Better and another I wasn't sure of that led off the 3 song Encore. Also, Robin Finck had a 5 minute guitar solo that led into Sweet Child, Dizzy Reed had a beautiful piano piece that led into The Blues, and Richard Fortus had a solo where he was joined after a few minutes by Finck, and the two played some incredible licks together for almost 5 minutes. Also, when Sebastian Bach came out to duet on My Michelle (which was amazing), we were treated to a special guest of Bubbles off Trailer Park Boys. Bach and Rose loved it, and they gave him a guitar and he played the intro to Closer to the Heart by Rush, sending the crowd nuts. Then they played a song I'm not familiar with having Bubbles on guitar and vocals with Bach and Axl (liquor and whores? I couldn't catch the lyrics) and then they did Used to Love Her, a great, comedic track off of GN'R Lies but used electrics instead of acoustics. After this, Bubbles left and Axl and Bach did My Michelle. // 10

Overall Impression: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, MTS Centre on December 4th. Suicide Girls, Helmet, and Sebastian Bach all opened, the latter being the only worthy opener. The show was completely amazing, the best thing I've ever seen for only $60 bucks for 11 rows off the floor right by the side of the stage. Though his voice is audibly aged a bit and couldn't properly sing the songs as he used to, Axl had more great moments than bad. Patience was definately his lyrical high, but November Rain was what the show was all about for me. Highlights included Bubbles making an appearance, the My Michelle duet, and others I've mentioned throughout here. All in all, it was the greatest concert I've ever attended in my life. Axl Rose was my musical hero for a long time, and seeing him Live just blew my mind. The whole band was tight, they had a great time and the crowd just loved it. Axl told us at the end he wants to see us next time, and should they come back I will definately go. I know most people think it's not Guns N' Roses, and even I thought I would miss Slash a few songs in. But, Axl has some great guys who can do some amazing things, and by the end of the night I was convinced this lineup was always Guns N Roses. It's that good of a show. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Canada (Winnipeg), December 4, 2006 Reviewed by: mantyce, on december 07, 2006
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Sound: Pretty damn good! I was on the floor about 4 tight rows back from the barrier so vocals were slightly drowned out by the instruments but still quite audible. Helmet was mundane to say the least, not being able to decipher a singer vocal word. Sebastian Bach (of Skid Row fame) was clear as ever. Although not at the same intensity of the late '80s, he still rocked the crowd and had plenty of spit flying! Axl, well, just as good as I had ever imagined him to be in a Live performance. He commands the crowd and is the consummate showman. Voice was excellent eventhough some of the higest notes were getting tough to reach nowadays (he is afterall in his '40s and been screaming for 25+ years). Instruments were what you'd expect from a rock concert, plenty of Marshall stacks, Jacksons (notably the Rhoads), and a plethora of Gibson Les Pauls. Helmet were playing what appeared to be Peavey guitars although this is an assumption based on size and shape. // 8

Perfomance: I will leave out Helmet as there were maybe 4 people that went to see them. As for Sebastian Bach he played a setlist comprising his solo career and several classic Skid Row monments. I apologize, although I did recognize the tunes I am not a fan so I am not aware of the song titles but I do know three crowd favorites, those being 18 For Life, Youth Gone Wild, and I Remember You. As for GN'R, think back over Appetite for Destruction, Use Your Illusion I and II, Spaghetti Incident, and Lies and you should be able to concoct your own "should be setlist". Well, they delivered it! Everything you'd expect Welcome To The Jungle, Patience, November Rain, Live and Let Die, Mr. Brownstone, Nightrain, Sweet Child 'O Mine, Used To Love Her, You Could Be Mine, Knockin' On Heaven's Door plus several others and closing with a powerful rendition of Paradise City. Admittedly the only disappointment was that they did not play Don't Cry, Estranged, or Civil War. Visual effects were average with strobe lights and coloured flashers and an animation board behind them but the pyrotechnics and confetti machine added some extra flair. Another highlight was Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys coming out and singing with both Axl and Sebastian, and then hearing a duet of Axl and Sebastian performing My Michelle. // 9

Overall Impression: The show took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on a frigid evening, even by Winnipeg standards, but everybody leaving that mosh pit were sweating heavily! Outside actually became refreshing. Suicide Girls first opened at 8:00 performing a simple burlesque show with no formal nudity, then Helmet did their bit for 30 minutes, followed by Sebastian Bach for 75 minutes, and the evening of course capped of with the Gunners. Value? You bet your metal-loving ass! Most high profile shows are $120 for 2 bands for 3-4 hours, this was $87 for 6.5 hours of carnal entertainment. This was my first experiance watching Axl and GN'R and I have to say I'll see them again if the return. Now I just have to see Velvet Revolver and then I can say I've seen the original GN'R line-up! // 9

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