USA (Fort Wayne), June 5, 2009 Review

artist: Halestorm date: 08/26/2009 category: live concerts

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Halestorm: USA (Fort Wayne), June 5, 2009
Lzzy Hale's amazing vocals aren't showcased enough in the album, but live she does some pretty decent vocal.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
USA (Fort Wayne), June 5, 2009 Reviewed by: ShaneyRocks2000, on august 26, 2009
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Sound: Piere's being an oversized bar, the sound was loud and in your face. Just the way it should be. Lzzy Hale's amazing vocals aren't showcased enough in the album, but Live she does some pretty decent vocal runs and a Killer vocal intro for the song "It's Not You." Be it the acoustics of the venue, the talent of the band, or any other contributing factors both guitars sounded great, drums were top notch, and the bass made you feel every note. // 9

Perfomance: Halestorm does a fantastic job of getting the crowd involved. Be it singing along with a chorus or making sure everybody is enjoying themselves as much as the band is. Halestorm also did a 12 song set playing all 11 tracks from their debut album and also a bonus track included on an alternate release of the CD (which I purchased at the show) called "Tell Me Where It Hurts." They had a very nice flow to the order of which they played all their songs. Not getting repetitive with their faster paced tracks with the slower ones. They balanced that quite well. And even when they slowed it down, they still managed to throw it in your face. P.S. Hold up a lighter when they play "Bet You Wish You Had Me Back" and you'll see everyone but Arejay (the drummer) bust out laughing. Playing a small venue the stage wasn't over the top... just a couple Halestorm logo banners and such...nothing spectacular, but excellent use of ligthing. Nothing too theatrical with the exception of "Familiar Taste of Poison" in which it's very mellow and creepy lighting... I prefer the live version over the album. They also do a crazy little drum break down where all four members of the band grab some sticks and start wailing on a quad, marching band style. It doesn't really add or take away from the show...but Arejay Hale is a ridiculous drummer and is pro and making the crowd have a good time during the drum break down. Upside...that's eight drumsticks flying into the crowd...get those hands up! // 10

Overall Impression: United States. Fort Wayne, Indiana at an oversized bar called Piere's. June 5 2009. The perfect kind of venue. Loud, intimate, and in your face rock 'n' roll. Cavo, Veer Union, and Halestorm as the headliner. I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of Cavo or Veer Union, so we skipped Cavo entirely and caught about half of Veer Union. Veer Union does do a Killer cover of Rhianna's song "Umberella." The overall show was outstanding. A three band line-up for just under $10? I'd say any show is worth that, and Halestorm alone is worth way more than a ten dollar ticket! This show was a steal! Everytime Halestorm is within a 2 hour Drive of us, we definitely make the Drive. Tickets are still cheap for this up and coming soak 'em in while you can! // 9

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