Canada (Toronto), November 15, 2006 Review

artist: Heavens date: 07/31/2007 category: live concerts

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Heavens: Canada (Toronto), November 15, 2006
Heavens had fun with the crowd and made a concert room, feel like your own living room.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Canada (Toronto), November 15, 2006 Reviewed by: Polak, on july 31, 2007
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Sound: This concert took place in downtown Toronto, Ontario in a little club called the "El Macambo." For such a little room, the acoustics were good, as well as the sound quality of the instruments being played. Matt Skiba's voice was quality. It looks like all the operations worked on Matt's throat. I didn't get a very good look at the instruments, but from the pictures I have from the concert I can see Josiah Steinbrick using a Rickenbaker, while the other guitarist, (Damian) used a telecaster. Overall, the sound was quality, and the music was vibrant and full of energy and passion. // 10

Perfomance: For a small club that could fit about 40 people, it was rocking. Everyone was having a good time dancing, bobbing their heads, singing and smiling. Personally, I couldn't believe how well the songs were being played, and how good the reception from the fans was. The played their full album, Patent Pending. I snagged a set list off the stage after the concert was over and got it signed. The songs were played in the following order: 01. Doves - a calm less than a minute ambient intro. It set the mood for the songs, and opened up the stage. 02. Another Night - this song had everyone moving. it's a good solid song which plays really well live, and has a good flow to it. 03. Gardens - this song is the 1st song on the record, and has an eerie, heart stopping feel to it. The crowd, along with myself enjoyed the song very much. 04. Annabelle - this is a slow song, with again eerie lyrics (every song has eerie lyrics) and was again played very, very well. 05. Heather - another slow song, one of the best off the record. Matt sang this one particularity well. Again, instruments were great! 06. Counting - this is the faced paced song on the record. The whole band was moving the most during this song, as well as the audience. There were girls dancing everywhere, as well as guys. 07. Adored - during the duration of the Heavens tour, the band played this at every show (I believe). It is a Stone Roses's cover, which the band did justice to, very much so. 08. Watching You - this is an awesome song, one of the best, if not THE best on the record. The guitar riffs really work well, from a faster paced verse, into a nice calm chorus. Matt's voice works probably the best with this song. 09. Dead End Girl - at this point, many people were drunk and helping with the woah's in the song (The Sober people helped as well, hell it was a group effort). Another calm, but soothing song. 10. True Hate - this song was wonderful. Matt's voice was vibrant and the bands instruments sounded warm and wonderful. 11. Patent Pending - the one, everyone was waiting for! They played the song as clearly as possible with no vocal or instrumental mistakes ( as they have every song ) and got everyone ready for the finish. 12. Leave - matt introduced this song by saying: "This ones for you guys, it's called Leave!" This calm, scary song had everyone happy they came, and left everyone satisfied. The whole concert felt very comfortable and warm (for a November night). Heavens had fun with the crowd and made a concert room, feel like your own living room. Matt Skiba wore a hat with the Canadian leaf on it when he came out from behind the stage, we all had a laugh and talk about how George Bush sucks, ahah. As well as talking, Heavens did a lot of drinking on stage, and most of them were wasted, including Matt haha. During on of the songs the microphone fell off the stand, and matt laid down on the floor and sand into the mic. It was a great concert. // 10

Overall Impression: The concert took place in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). The show was on November 15th, 2006. Before heavens played, a band called "Darker My Love" played. I'm not going to get into them, but they played a fantastic set of 6-7 minute songs. I loved everything about the show and I wouldn't have changed a thing! After the show, me and my friends waited at the side of the stage. Their cargo manager came by and saw us waiting. He asked us if wanted to see Matt, of course we said hell yea! 20 minutes later Matt walked out. We talked with him about the Trio, and other things as well. I got him to sign various Heavens merchandise I had with me. The warm vibe in the room, along with the flowing music made everything worthwhile and worth being there for. Thank you Heavens! // 10

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