UK (Manchester), April 19, 2006 Review

artist: HIM date: 01/10/2007 category: live concerts

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HIM: UK (Manchester), April 19, 2006
Each song was played perfectly and as if somebody had put on their CD and pressed play.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9.3
UK (Manchester), April 19, 2006 Reviewed by: pilotben999, on january 10, 2007
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Sound: Ville Valo is one of the greastest singers in the world of rock and tonight he didn't let the audience down. HIM come on stage and the crowd wake up from falling asleep from the support bands. Linde on guitar, Gas on drums, Burton on keyboards and Mige on bass guitar. They sound even better than they do when on CD, which is a huge achievment to beat. // 10

Perfomance: When HIM started playing, the crowd realised that all of the waiting around for hours waiting to go inside was all worth it as the band plays to the crowd. Linde picking out people in the audience and making it look as if he is playing for them, Mige being his cool self, Burton laughing and joking with Ville, Gas banging away at those drums and Ville playing/talking to the audience, making jokes and don't forget drinking and smoking on stage. Each song was played perfectly and as if somebody had put on their CD and pressed play. // 10

Overall Impression: Manchester, England at the Apollo was a perfect place for HIM to play on the 19th April 2006. At the end of the show, HIM were called back on stage and did 2 more songs and were called again but this time they had gone. The gig was definatly worth the money, 20 for a whole afternoon of pure entertainment. The only downside to the HIM gig was afterwards, about 100 fans waited around the back for the band to come out for about an hour. Then only to find that HIM had come out of the front of the venue and ran to a red taxi and drove away. Not very good for the fans Ville! Other than this, the gig was amazing and would definatly refer anybody to go watch them as they are better live than on CD. // 8

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