UK (Portsmouth), March 31, 2006 Review

artist: In Flames date: 04/03/2006 category: live concerts

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In Flames: UK (Portsmouth), March 31, 2006
Anders was on top form, working every scream to perfection, adding melody or an aggresive roar where it wasn't needed, just to enhance the song, for the last night of the tour, they seemed on top of things.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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UK (Portsmouth), March 31, 2006 Reviewed by: duncang, on april 03, 2006
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Sound: In Flames, my favourite band at the moment, live. I was incredibly excited, especially with living legends Sepultura as support. I also found out I was meeting them, this was living up to be the perfect gig. I predicted right, the sound system was brilliant, you could hear every instrument perfectly, including Ander's quiet speech-like vocal parts in songs from STYE and R2R. You could distinctly hear a difference between the already-low rhythm guitar and bass, and the drums sounded perfect. Anders was on top form, working every scream to perfection, adding melody or an aggresive roar where it wasn't needed, just to enhance the song, for the last night of the tour, they seemed on top of things. // 10

Perfomance: The audience went wild for every band, the first support, Dagoba (A French band, in the style of Fear Factory) got an amazing reaction fromt he crowd, for an unknown opening act, getting a huge mosh pit going, and a circle pit at one point. Sepultura got a constant rave of mad fans pummeling eachother, and a large group of headbangers, who's necks will be hurting for days to come. In Flames, of course, got the best reception, everybody went wild for them. This setlist is purely from memory, and not in perfect order: Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone (intro) Pinball Map Leeches System Trigger Behind Space Take This Life Colony Scream Moonshield Episode 666 Crawl Through Knives Drifter Bullet Ride Come Clarity Jotun The Quiet Place Only For The Weak Vacuum My Sweet Shadow Overall, this setlist was very good, playing most of the classics, and playing only the highlights of Reroute To Remain and STYE, not diving purely into the last 3 albums. Best songs of the night were Behind Space, Pinball Map, Only For The Weak, Crawl Through Knives and The Quiet Place. They also played Moonshield and Episode 666 melded together, flowing straight from the build-up in Moonshield right into the anthemic chorus of Episode 666. The stage set-up wasn't much good, no backdrop, just a few lights, a couple of strobes and dodgy neon, though this is because of the size of the venue (pretty small), they did very well with what they had, enhancing Pinball Map and The Quiet Place no end. Free water all night was great for soaking the crowd, and the security guards were very tolerant. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig was on the 31st of March, 2006 at Portsmouth Pyramids Centre in Portsmouth, England. The support came from Dagoba and Sepultura, who both performed excellently. Dagoba got a great reception, performing flawlessly, with a huge amount of stage presence coming from their singer, who single-fingeredly sparked a circle-pit. The modern Kings Of Metal, Sepultura were next, playing a 50 minute set, they were absolutely immense. Clearly not afraid to delve back into the times where ex-vocalist Max Cavalera dominated, Sepultura played all the classics, and gave the crowd several great reasons to buy their latest return to form, Dante XXI. Derrick Green was an ominous presence, controlling the room for a good 50 minutes. Halfway through, something happened concerning Black Sabbath, Derrick asked if anybody had heard of them, heh. They went on to jam Iron Man, with great reception from the crowd, a good hundred devil horns in the air. Their highlights were Joke, Convicted In Life, Refuse/Resist and a storming Arise. The show was amazing, nothing wrong with it at all, other than the fact that the merch stall was selling T-Shirts for 20, and they supplied no albums (unlucky for me, who was dying to buy Dante XXI), other than Dagoba's 3rd effort, What Hell Is About. This was slightly made up for with free badges and stickers which, according to some friends, the Pyramids is well known for. The ticket cost 17, and it was worth every penny, half an hour of a great new band, 50 minutes of Sepultura and 2 hours of In Flames. Who's complaining? Certainly not me, if the oppurtunity arises to see Sepultura, or In Flames, or possibly Dagoba again, I will take it. // 10

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