USA (Memphis), September 24, 2004 Review

artist: Incubus date: 01/06/2005 category: live concerts

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Incubus: USA (Memphis), September 24, 2004
The band kept the audience moshing and crowdsurfing the whole time. The energy was so contagious, people were just going crazy! The audience loved the show.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
USA (Memphis), September 24, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 06, 2005
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Sound: Incubus is an amazing band, and their shows are even more amazing! The sound quality was great. The tone was perfect, you could hear every little note that was played, plus it was blasting loud! I couldn't hear well for the next few days. It was awesome! Einziger is a great guitarist. He played some awesome extended solos during the show that blew my mind. I mean, he is awesome! When they did their drum solo-deal, Jose had an amazing solo while Brandon played a bongo-type thing. Jose can really play those drums! Ben's bass was thudding, DJ Kilmore's effects were wicked, and the overall sound was just great. // 10

Perfomance: The band kept the audience moshing and crowdsurfing the whole time. The energy was so contagious, people were just going crazy! The audience loved the show. The band played a mix of their new stuff as well as some unexpected album tracks and old songs. Some of them were unexpected, but greatly welcomed! I don't know the exact order they played the songs in, so these aren't right, except I do remember the first, last, and encore, so those are. 01. Pistola - great song! Brandon's voice really shined here on this perfect opener. It set the tone and got the crowd movin' - 10/10. 02. Just A Phase - a good song, unexpected, it was good but I wish they played Make Yourself or Warning instead - 6/10. 03. Talk Show On Mute - this is one of the better songs on their new album, and they played it flawlessly - 8/10. 04. Made For TV Movie - Ben's bass really shined here. The thudding sound emanated all over the arena - 7/10. 05. Nowhere Fast - a good song from my favorite album by them - 8/10. 06. Nice To Know You - this one really got the crowd goin' - 10/10. 07. Wish You Were Here - I don't really know how to describe this song, other than "beautiful" - 9/10. 08. 11 Am - this song sounded strange and eerie when they did it. It wasn't bad, it was just weird - 6/10. 09. Idiot Box - a headbangin' classic from SCIENCE and one of the better ones they played overall - 9/10. 10. Stellar (and random Police cover) - during a lull in the middle this song, they broke out into "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" by the Police. Very random, but cool - 8/10. 11. Sick, Sad Little World - Mike played an awesome extended solo here - 8/10. 12. Here In My Room - nice little track from the latest - 7/10. 13. Drive (electric) - a great song that Mike played on clean electric rather than acoustic, which is okay, but it kinda took away a little bit - 8/10. 14. Vitamin (drum jam) - vicious drumming! Jose played an awesome solo while Brandon hit a bongo-type thing - 10/10. 15. Priceless - this song isn't one of my favorites, but they played it well - 6/10. 16. Megalomaniac - this closer really got the crowd jumping around! - 10/10. Encores: 01. Brandon alone - he sang a song he wrote and played guitar to it while stopping and joking about how bad he is at guitar. He wasn't too bad and neither was that song 02. A Crow Left Of The Murder - I love this song! 03. Pardon Me - my favorite song off of Make Yourself. I have no complaints about this amazing show, I just wish that instead of songs like Priceless and Just A Phase they had played my favorite song, A Certain Shade Of Green, or Make Yourself or Summer Romance or Privilege or something like that. I think those songs are better than some of the ones they played, but hey! It's their show, and I loved it the way they played it! // 10

Overall Impression: USA (Memphis), The Pyramid, September 24, 2004. Wow. I have to start out by saying that I am a fan of mostly classic rock. Not that I don't like some modern stuff, though! I love Incubus they are my favorite band of modern times and one of my favorites overall. The show started out on a sour note. Ben Kweller opened the show and totally sucked. My friend had been telling me how great he was earlier that day, but man if he blew his chance. People around me were laughing at the band and making jokes. Finally, after about 30 to 45 minutes of that, they left the stage, and about 45 minutes later Incubus came on. I was blown away! Their live shows are amazing! Different lights and effects littered the arena (which, by the way, is now closed down - that was the last major show for a while, perhaps ever - in favor of the FedExForum). This was the best concert I have ever been to - definitely worth the meager $34 I paid to get in. The only things I didn't like was that they didn't play A Certain Shade Of Green or Privilege or anything like that. But it was awesome anyway. Plus some hot girls flashed the band. Heh. If they ever come around again, I'm goin'. For sure. // 10

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overall: 10
USA (Memphis), September 24, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 06, 2005
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Sound: Brandon is the most amazing singer alive. He's got such a great voice, and that adds a whole new dimension to the music. The band played a wicked drum solo that just blew my mind. Jose played his drum set, Brandon the bongos, and Ben some other cymbals and drums. Man, this concert rocked! // 10

Perfomance: The audience enjoyed them alot. We were moshing and jumping the whole time. The air was just electric that night. The energy was contagious. I don't remember the exact order of the songs they played, the only placements of songs I know for sure are the opener, closer, and encores. 01. Pistola - great opening song got the crowd movin'. 02. Idiot Box - a classic track from the ol' SCIENCE. 03. Just A Phase - a welcome surprise. 04. Nice To Know You - this one got the crowd jumpin'. 05. Wish You Were Here - no other way to say it - a beautiful song. 06. Consequence - good to hear some Make Yourself. 07. Stellar (to random Police cover) - they jumped into "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" in the middle of this one. 08. Here In My Room - one of the better tracks off A Crow Left Of The Murder. 09. Priceless - they played it well, but I wish they played something else. 10. Drive - this was a great version of Drive with the bass and piano rather than acoustic guitar (although I love the acoustic version, this one was good too). 11. Vitamin/Drum Jam - Jose played a mad solo to the accompaniment of Brandon and Ben here. 12. Talk Show On Mute - a great song from a great album. 13. 11 Am - another pleasant surprise from Morning View. 14. Sick Sad Little World - Mike played an extended solo here, it was awesome. 15. Made For TV Movie - this song is just eerie, I love it, but it's eerie. 16. Megalomaniac - the climax of the night. Encores: 01. Pantomime - Brandon played guitar and sang on this one and stopped a bunch of times to joke about how bad he was at guitar. 02. Southern Girl - good, but not one of my favorites. 03. A Crow Left Of The Murder - an awesome song. The lights in this show were amazing. It wasn't just good sound, it was amazing visuals. They were synchronized to create a beautiful scene. Before the show the guy was up there saying "I hear Brandon's gonna take his shirt off during tonight's show" and all these girls cheered and the guy goes "If you're a guy and you screamed I'm sorry you're queer" haha! // 10

Overall Impression: USA \(Memphis\), September 24, 2004. Ben Kweller opened, and, I must say, really sucked. Either it was crappy sound or it was just the band, but really, they were terrible. I loved the show overall, the only bad things were that I'd rather they played some classic tracks such as Privilege, A Certain Shade Of Green, or my favorite Pardon Me (which I thought and hoped they'd play for an encore when they didn't play it during the show). But hey it's their show and I loved it so they can keep doing what they feel like! The tickets for me cost $34 and were worth every penny and then some! I loved this concert it was the best I have been to as of yet. Oh yeah, an as an added bonus some hot girls flashed the band. Heh. If they come anywhere near here again, I'm there. // 10

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