Australia (Sydney), February 8, 2008 Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 11/28/2008 category: live concerts

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Iron Maiden: Australia (Sydney), February 8, 2008
It had been 15 years since these pioneers of metal have visited our shores, and at that time I was around 15 and my mum wouldn't let me go.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Sydney), February 8, 2008 Reviewed by: stefanomassimo, on november 28, 2008
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Sound: Welcome back boys!! It had been 15 years since these pioneers of metal have visited our shores, and at that time I was around 15 and my mum wouldn't let me go:( So, were do we start? Singer skills? Bruce Dickinson has an amazing voice. I've never heard HIM Live (obviously), and man he didn't disappoint. As far as I could tell, he hit every note perfectly. Meanwhile the triple team guitar combo of Adrian Smith, Janick Gers and Dave Murray deftly twiddled the fretboards, with Janick loving the old school "guitar windmill" (where one simply spins the guitar around one's body, hoping that your 5000 dollar guitar doesn't get smashed because you have a shitty strap... I guess that is more my concern than theirs!) He loved it! Steve Harris' presence could not be missed, with Nicko McBrain's 600 piece kit in the back getting an absolute leathering! Overall impression of the sound for me was CD quality. This concert reset the standard, for me, from previous years. // 10

Perfomance: I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Iron Maiden. I was in the nosebleed section, however this did not diminish either the sound quality or visual props that they brought with them... Show started with a video of them flying into Sydney airport, showing there fully kitted out Boeing (I think) resplendent with Eddie the Head on the side. Eddie also made an appearance about 3/4 of the way through the set, standing about 12 foot tall. Very cool. Or it was the mushrooms I ingested? The visual effects were pretty cool, especially during "Rime of the ancient mariner", where they had the deck of a ship, complete with mystery smoke!! And of course, how could I forget "Can I Play With Madness?"? // 10

Overall Impression: Australia, Homebush, Acer Arena, 8th February 2008. Steve Harris' daughter opened on the night, but whilst she was competent with her stuff, I didn't think she complemented the band like many other bands might have. (Then again, it's not what you know... ) I loved most things about the show, but I didn't like the $50 dollar t-shirts, that had different meanings for the size 2XL. But I did love the specific Australian style Maiden shirts. Nice touch! And I will definitely be going to their next gig. Rumour has it they're playing in New Zealand soon, and since I've never been to NZ, I figured I might smash 2 birds with 1 stone! // 10

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