Hungary (Budapest), August 12, 2008 Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 08/15/2008 category: live concerts

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Iron Maiden: Hungary (Budapest), August 12, 2008
It was not only a concert, they had a whole decoration built up for each and every song.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Hungary (Budapest), August 12, 2008 Reviewed by: Blas3, on august 15, 2008
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Sound: The concert took place on the Sziget Festival Main stage, with which I had several bad memories, mainly because the quality of the sound was really bad. This was maybe the first concert there I've seen that had this fault corrected, even if at the beginning it was not on the top. At the first songs the guitars were way too quiet, but after a little playing they corrected this, and from that part the sound was intense and absolutely amazing. Bruce Dickinson sings and dances around like he was in his twenties, Harris moved the whole crowd with his awesome bass skills, and the three guitarists did an amazing work. They've changed/improvised some solos, like the first one in The Trooper, but it did came out good, or even better. They have turned down the sound of the bass drum too much after the beginning though, but every other drum and percussion could be heard clearly. After the first two songs, every instrument, every note could be heard clearly and as loud as it meant to be. Overall, I give it a 9, because of the several technical faults, but they were not caused by the band. // 9

Perfomance: It was the first time I saw Iron Maiden live, and I must say, that it did worth it for the show itself. It was not only a concert, they had a whole decoration built up for each and every song. Meters high dolls were used as a decoration, and at the end the background was a sarcophagus which opened up, and a mummylike doll were looking at us, and fireworks started from its eyes. The audience sang along with them (even the guitar melodies) all the way throughout the concert, we really enjoyed it, those as well who did not like Iron Maiden at all. I can't recall all the songs in the correct order, but some moments were: Aces High - the opening song, as it is the first song on the Powerslave album, and this venue was about that one, the Somewhere in time, and the Seventh son of a seventh son mainly. 2 Minutes To Midnight - just like on the album, it followed the first song, the people went insane on this one. The Trooper - they changed the decoration to the cover of the Trooper LP, everybody sang along on this one all the way through. Janick played the first solo a bit differently, a little bit more fast, and it sounded great! Revelations - the first song that made the whole crowd jump up and down, typical heavy one. Fear Of The Dark - the whole crowd sang along with the guitars, even the solos, it was mezmerizing, Bruce was running all around the stage, he was really on the mood for this one. Rite Of The Ancient Mariner - clocks over 10 minutes, and they played it all, it felt like we are watching a theatrical performance. Bruce wore an Egyptian-like mask and vest, it looked a bit strange to me. Number Of The Beast - they used fires to emphasize the chorus riff, the whole stage turned red, and a horned figure was floated in from the right. It really had a hellish feeling. Run To The Hills - when that particular drum kicked in, the audience went crazy immediately, and sang along all the way through, this song made a really good mood for the end of the concert. They also did Can I play with madness?, Wasted years, Heaven can wait, Moonchild, and The clairvoyant. The band was in a great mood, Bruce did joke some all the way through, like he told us "Iron Maiden was a jazz band at the beginning". Overall, I give it a 10, they played all their greatest songs (even if some, including me really missed The evil that men do), and it was really more than just playing the songs. They did that professionally, and gave us more, that really made this venue a show. // 10

Overall Impression: The show took place in the Sziget Festival, in Budapest, Hungary, on the 12th of August, 2008. The opener was Steve Harris' daughter's band, Lauren Harris. They played some kind of hard rock, and a moderately good one. Not really worth mentioning next to the Maiden. The band itself played so easily, and so professional it was worth even for seeing them live, not to mention all the decoration they have done, and as we enjoyed it, the band did enjoy it very much as well. They played in a really good mood, joked around with us, they were radiating with energy and power. It cost about 33 euros, it definiately worth it, the show gave us much more than I have estimated. If they come back, and I will be here, I will surely go see them again. In fact, if I knew they were this great, I would have gone to their previous show here as well. // 10

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