UK (Birmingham), December 12, 2006 Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 12/25/2006 category: live concerts

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Iron Maiden: UK (Birmingham), December 12, 2006
The sound was almost record quality, one could understand every word, here every hammer-on and pull off. Then Maiden entered, the shock dissolved around you.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 7
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9
UK (Birmingham), December 12, 2006 Reviewed by: jmorris3, on december 25, 2006
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Sound: Trivium roared onto the stage with thier heavy thrashing lyrics and punctual riffs from Matt and the gang, before there had even been any signs of Maiden the audience knew they were in for a good night. The sound was almost record quality, one could understand every word, here every hammer-on and pull off. Then Maiden entered, the shock dissolved around you. You check to see if you have your CD player on but no it's real Live music! You could pin-point every instrument from Steve on the bass to the pound of the drumkit. It had to be the best sounding gig I have been to. They played with maddness and came out on top. // 10

Perfomance: Trivium went down a treat, even the people in the seated areas were standing up and moshing. They threw some twat out who had been throwing stuff at the stage and this got the crowd totally going. They had a good set the best of all three albums. Maiden started with "Different World" which also went down rather well, but as they went into thier set it came apprent that they were planning on playing thier whole new album! This could have been a devastating move and was, the crowd were rather shit until the Encore. The band pulled some tricks out of thier hats though, a giant eddy patrolled the battle field like stage in this truly war themed circus of events. A tank even rose from the back, parachutes from either side and huge spot lights dazzled the auidence. The light show was amazing but no one could appreticate Maiden until they played some oldies at the end including "The Evil That Men Do". But I must say for me the highlight was when they went off and in the background firstly the Dad's Army Theme Tune played and then Always Look On The Brightside Of Life by Monty Python blared from the speakers, lightening the mood of a somewhat, disturbing night. (Disturbing in the sense that the set was poor but the show was so spectacular that you could imagine the elderly members having heart attacks). // 7

Overall Impression: So overall this gig at the NEC Arena (Birmingham, UK) was highly exicting, the show was amazing. With two support bands one of which I cannot recall the name of, the other Trivium Who rocked the stage and got the auidence screaming for more before the stage exploded into the action of Iron Maiden. With a combination of Army themed mayhem and the classic Eddie seen in all of Maiden's videos and shows, it was a show that cannot be forgotten. The only downfall was the fact that they missed out some great classics such as "Run To The Hills" and "Number Of The Beast" and merchandise was over priced (10 for a programme). However I would pay another 35 to see them again because it was the show of a life time (excluding Muse shows which no band on this planet could beat). Even people in the seated areas got an atmoshphereic sense of achievement and all can say "I have seen Iron Maiden". I advise if you get the chance see them! // 10

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