UK (Knebworth), August 1, 2010 Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 08/09/2010 category: live concerts

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Iron Maiden: UK (Knebworth), August 1, 2010
Iron Maiden make sure everything sounds perfect, and their recent process of recording live in the studio reallys pays off here. Each song sounded exactly like the studio recording, but better, as is such when the band plays live.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
UK (Knebworth), August 1, 2010 Reviewed by: MaidenandEddy, on august 09, 2010
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Sound: Iron Maiden make sure everything sounds perfect, and their recent process of recording live in the studio reallys pays off here. Each song sounded exactly like the studio recording, but better, as is such when the band plays live. Bruce Dickinson's skills as a frontman speak for themselves, and whilst he is 52 years old he still had a voice that is near-unrivalled in the metal world. However, his ever-eager attitude did cause his voice to get lost instead of channel down the mic on occasion. Plus, being an outdoor venue, the sound will never be as good as indoor because there is no place for it to reverberate and attack you from all angles - instead, it gets slowly more and more faded the further back you are. Overall though, the sound was a good as you could wish for and hope for when you see Iron Maiden. // 8

Perfomance: Steve Harris said in the programme for the Somewhere Back In Time World Tour that the only legacy he want to be left behind with Iron Maiden is that everyone remembers them as a 'bloody good live band'. And yet again, the band did just that. The setlist was the same as their current tour, and was as follows: 01. The Wicker Man 02. Ghost of the Navigator 03. Wrathchild 04. El Dorado 05. Dance of Death 06. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 07. These Colours Don't Run 08. Blood Brothers 09. Wildest Dreams 10. No More Lies 11. Brave New World 12. Fear of the Dark 13. Iron Maiden Encore 14. The Number of the Beast 15. Hallowed Be Thy Name 16. Running Free Whilst people still complain that the setlist needs more classics, and still moan about the no-show of 'Run to the Hills' and 'The Trooper' what cannot be denied is that Iron Maiden put on an awe-inspiring live show WHATEVER they play. There were no pyrotechnics like Rammstein and there was no 25-foot animatronic Eddie that burst through the back of the stage, but the truth is they weren't needed. For 2 hours the band had 55,000 people in the palm of their hand. Steve Harris still amazes me by running across the stage without missing a note in the process, and Bruce Dickinson still shows the energy that some frontmen can't muster up that are HALF his age. Most importantly, as far as I was concerned, the majority of songs played were written to accomodate three guitarists, and therefore the triumvirate of Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers was really shown off and how well the three gel together and work as one. The stage was designed as a space station, in correspondence with their upcoming album 'The Final Frontier', and mascot Eddie has been completely redesigned from army soldier on 'A Matter of Life and Death' to some grotesque alien monster with gleaming red eyes that can now play the guitar, as demonstrated during the eponymous anthem 'Iron Maiden'. The ever-changing backdrops introduced the songs with the different artworks, and 'Blood Brothers' was specially dedicated to the late, great Ronnie James Dio. Four words to describe it all? Maiden came, saw, conquered. // 10

Overall Impression: It was never going to be an easy task for Iron Maiden at the UK leg of Sonisphere 2010. Rammstein had left everyone a bit hot under the collar on the previous night with their bombastic live show, and the big question for most of the day was "Will the heavy metal legends top the Germans and avenge the World Cup defeat?" The answer - yes. But only just, and the debate as to who was better will go on for years. The truth is, Maiden didn't win last years BRIT Award for nothing, and whilst people may say 'I wish they played more old songs', NOBODY says that Maiden do not put on a live show worthy of the ticket price. Yet again, they showed that. And as the last notes of 'Running Free' faded away and the first sounds of Maiden's outro tape (The ever-brilliant 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life') started up, one thing was clear: that Iron Maiden had blown the roof off Sonisphere for the second night in a row in their own unique style and given everyone their money's worth. Miss them when they return next year at your peril. // 9

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