UK Newcastle July 23 2011 Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 08/05/2011 category: live concerts

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Iron Maiden: UK Newcastle July 23 2011
Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena played host to Iron Maiden for the first time in 10 years, so it was a special event for anyone there.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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UK Newcastle July 23 2011 Reviewed by:, on august 05, 2011
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Sound: The sound was brilliant, and very clear, when Harmony parts where played you could hear every part clearly. Bruce was on top form as always and when Dave Murray and Janick Gers had lead parts to play, you could hear them just fine, which has been a problem in the pastr, as Adrian likes to be the loudest! Janick was played his Black and White Fender Strats with HOT Rails, while Dave switched betweenHis signature Strat, Floyd/Hot Rail equipped Strats and a Gibson Les Paul. Adrian was playing his 1970s Goldtop Les Paul he's had since he was 17, it had a full-size DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge, with an original Mini-HB in the neck. // 10

Perfomance: I love every second of this show, even though I didn't recognise some songs, ti was still an amazing atmosphere! The setlist had brought a few more 80's songs, and featured more off "The Final Frontier", aswell as more modern Maiden. Intro song: "Doctor Doctor" (UFO). 01. "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier": this was a great song, the first half ("Satellite 15...") was played over the PA with an acommpanying video, and the band came on for "The Final Frontier". 02. "El Dorado": The band didnt even stop for a second after S15...TFF, the light show was great during this, in time with the singing, while the band ran around like maniacs, causing the crowd too aswell! 03. "2 Minutes To Midnight": The chorus was the sing-along moment of the evening, you couldnt even hear Bruce! 04. "The Talisman": this took me a while to recognise, but once I did I was shouting along 05. "Coming Home": "The Trooper" used to be my favourite Maiden song, but this took over, the beautiful guitar solos were shockingly good, as was the lightshow during this! 06. "Dance Of Death": I only knew this song was off "Dance Of Death" by the change of backdrop, but I never did like that album much. 07. "The Trooper": Bruce couldnt be heard once again, thanks to the 12,000 people screaming back at him! 08. "The Wicker Man": I just stayed silent during this as I wasnt gonna embarrasse myself... 09. "Blood Brothers": Bruce dedicated this to the Norway Massacre, which happend the day beforehand, as well Dio, the victims of Japans tragedys, "If your christian, muslim, jewish, buddhist or even f--king jedi, were all Blood Brothers!" 10. "When The Wild Wind Blows": after about 8 minutes, I was kinda bored, I'm not a huge fan of this song anyway 11. "The Evil That Men Do": one word: EDDIE! The walk on eddie, came on, and tried to play guitar, a miserable failure of playing guitar if you ask me, but he pointed right at me, which pleased me! 12. "Fear Of The Dark": The intro is like a bloody football chant! Very loud crowd, and very good lightshow during this! 13. "Iron Maiden": Another Eddie, popped up behind the stage set! Encore: 14. "Hallowed Be Thy Name": Another song I nearly got crushed thanks to Steve and Janick jumping! 15. "The Number Of The Beast": We all knew the end was near, but we didnt care, another massive sing-along, with the 15th song with dead-on guitar playing 16. "Running Free": One more amazing song! Iron Maiden go back to the beginning! The stageshow was a space station decorated with satellites and S-15, 8 backdrops were featured during the show, but it wouldve been amazing if they played all the new stuff, I wouldn't care, I was there to see a Maiden show, and that's what I got! // 10

Overall Impression: Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena played host to Iron Maiden for the first time in 10 years, so it was a special event for anyone there. A band called Airbourne opened the show, and I had seen them live in December 2010, on their own tour, they're definetely better when headlining. I loved everything but the ticket price (55 w/o booking fees). I caught Dave Murray's sweatband he wore throughout the whole show, but the entire evening is unforgettable. I will be going to see them on their next tour, no matter what! // 10

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