USA (Los Angeles), April 30, 2012 Review

artist: Jack White date: 08/01/2012 category: live concerts

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Jack White: USA (Los Angeles), April 30, 2012
Jack White is one of the best performers of our time, we're beyond lucky to have him, and damn straight I'll be seeing him again.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
USA (Los Angeles), April 30, 2012 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 01, 2012
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Sound: Jack White's vocals rocked. He was perfect; he's high-pitched and masculine and controlled all at once. He's raw and primal and totally in control at the same time. He's very in control of his voice. To note, he played with his all-lady band, The Peacocks. The sound was pretty great; The Mayan's real small/intimate. Actually, the amps were so soul-meltingly awesome, my dad had to leave the pit. Sorry dad. Not really... // 10

Perfomance: 01. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground - It was a kicka-s opener, seriously. 02. Missing Pieces - I was like "Yay, new stuff!" 03. Sixteen Saltines - That was legit. 04. Hotel Yorba 05. Top Yourself - Kicka-s. 06. Love Interruption - That was so good. The lady he has singing with him was great on this, too. 07. Weep Themselves To Sleep 08. i'm Slowly Turning Into You 09. Blue Blood Blues 10. Blunderbuss 11. Take Me With You When You Go 12. Ball And Biscuit - this was absolutely incendiary. When he let loose on that guitar it was literally orgasmic. A straight man screamed like a f**king fangirl. WITH REASON. 13. Freedom At 21 - This was so fun. 14. My Doorbell 15. You Know That i Know - this was so cool to hear. I must've been one of the few singing along; it was bomb to hear him do that Hank song. 16. Two Against One 17. Carolina Drama - This was BOMB. He was like this perfectly howling storyteller... 18. Seven Nation Army - Need I say, AWESOME? Jack got almost right up in our face and we were just screaming WHOA, WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOAAA WHOA... 19. Goodnight Irene - Love-ly. // 9

Overall Impression: My overall impression? H.F.S., look at him GO. It was incredible. The other people in the pit and I were just in total awe. Jack White is one of the best performers of our time, we're beyond lucky to have him, and damn straight I'll be seeing him again. (Dead Weather, Raconteurs, solo, it's all awesome). He's so full and rich, musically, like roots American music - blues, country, etc - flows through his veins, and makes real rock and roll. The air near his fingers must be a crazy place. // 10

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