Canada (Vancouver), May 1, 2007 Review

artist: John Mayer date: 10/19/2007 category: live concerts

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John Mayer: Canada (Vancouver), May 1, 2007
John sounded excellent both vocally (something that he has obviously put a lot of work into since his debut album) and on the guitar.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Canada (Vancouver), May 1, 2007 Reviewed by: Jones22, on october 19, 2007
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Sound: Although I was sitting 5th row right by the speakers, this could have been the best quality sound that I've heard to date. Especially in a large venue. John sounded excellent both vocally (something that he has obviously put a lot of work into since his debut album) and on the guitar. Simply put, the man has some serious chops and he put them on full display 20 feet in front of my face. The band consisted of drums, bass, sax/trumpet, keyboard, and 3 guitarists including Mayer. // 10

Perfomance: Overall the setlist was very good but I was somewhat dissapointed that a few of my favourites weren't on the list. The band took the stage in a dark arena but you could see him walking out through all the camera flashes. Here's what he played. 01. Belief - an excellent opener, one of the best I've seen to date. He started with a solo with the arena still dark and then the drums and keyboard kicked in and he went into the opening riff. The crowd went nuts and he surprised me with his skills on the mic. 02. No Such Thing - this got the old fans into the mix. It's amazing how much he's evolved as a musician since he wrote this. Great song. 03. Good Love Is On The Way - didn't expect this one but with the entire band (as opposed to the trio) it sounded full and loud and great. Kept the place bumping. 04. Slow Dancing In A Urning Room - slowed things down a little for this and showed off the skills a little. I didn't really have any feelings for this song before he played it but he won me over and now it's one of my favourite JM songs. 05. Clarity - although it was never one of my favourites he owned this one. Awesome, awesome performance on this one. 06. Waiting On The World To Change - well we all knew it was coming. The count off to start the song was cool but personally I don't really like this song. They did a great job though. 07. Bigger Than My Body - good job, kept the place rocking even though he's not really a rockstar. 08. The Heart Of Life - I would have like to see this one left out for something like "3x5" or "covered in rain" but well played. slowed things down. 09. Vultures - really cool intro to this song. He went from heart of life and then played around soloing for a second and then went right into vultures. I actually took my mom for her birthday and this one is her favourite so I got my moneys worth anyways. 10. I Don't Need No Doctor - this is a ray charles cover. Wow. I remember the exact moment in time when I felt worthless and inspired as a guitar player all at the same time. The solo in this was unbelievable. Most memorable song of the night for me. 11. Why Georgia - started off with the accapella vocal and then added the riff after the first few lines. I would have preferred the riff first like on the album personally. Really good song regardless and very well played. Got the entire crowd singing along which was cool. I enjoyed seeing a mix of teenage girls, family's, couples, and rockers all singing along. 12. Gravity - good song to end the main set with. Great solo and sounded very good vocally. He gave some solo time to his backup guitarists here which was cool. One cool thing about the show was the credit he gave to his bandmates. Everyone was obiously there to see him but he made sure everybody got there moment in the sun. Encore: 13. Wonderland - I hate this song. But man did they did a cool version of it. He came back out after a few minutes with one of his guitarists (Who was probably in his fifties which I thought was pretty cool of john) and they did an acoustic version. Two guitars and two guys singing. I thought it was very well done and at the end his other guitarist came out and added some backup vocals and him and John started playing off each other and went into princes "the most beautiful girl in the world" which was also well done. 14. I'm Gonna Find Another You - why? Why end on this random song that nobody cares about. It was well done but I was kind of shocked that he finished with it. It was pretty funny when he left though because he tripped on a chord and it pulled his guitar off of it's stand and it crashed to the ground. All in all this was on of the best concerts that I've seen and I am an avid concert junkie. One of the coolest moments was when he was walking off the stage before his Encore and somebody threw a Vancouver Canucks t-shirt onto the stage. This was during playoff time and Vancouver gets pretty into their hockey. He held it up to show the crowd and the place went nuts. Strangely that was probably the loudest applause of the night which I thought was lame. // 9

Overall Impression: The show took place in Vancouver, B.C. at the Pacific Coloseum. Some lady opened Who was okay, just a little on the boring side. I loved my seats (5th row) and I will definitely pay more to see him from there next time. He was actually hilarious between songs, joking around with the band and the audience. Doesn't seem to be all that big headed, he just seems like he loves to play music. Tickets were about 80 bucks canadian a piece which I thought was a great price for 5th row seats. Dunno how much the other tickets were. All in all a great show from a very talented man with a bright future in music. // 10

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