Sweden (Stockholm), February 26, 2005 Review

artist: Judas Priest date: 06/07/2005 category: live concerts

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Judas Priest: Sweden (Stockholm), February 26, 2005
Judas Priest offered a great show! The set list was quite impressing, with both classic hits, new songs from "Angel Of Retribution" and older not as much played songs.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Sweden (Stockholm), February 26, 2005 Reviewed by: oskars, on february 28, 2005
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Sound: With this being a "Reunited Concert," Rob Halford was back. His voice is not what it was in the '80s (especially not when he was about to sing falsetto), but it is still enough to make singers at half his age jealous. But overall, I would say it was a great singing performance from his side! The instruments was absolutely stunning too, pure Judas Priest class on every single tone! Glenn, KK, Ian and Scott made as great performances as Rob did. The concert was played in the Stockholm Globe Arena, which actually is shaped as a perfect globe. I don't know how this affects the sound for those in the back of the arena, because I stood just in front of the stage. // 10

Perfomance: Judas Priest offered a great show! Rob Halford changed his scene clothes more times then any female pop singer, and each time he came in with new leather suits all covered up by metal rivets. And of course, the old, classic Harley Davidson appeared as usual, with Rob steering it as the band played "Hell Bent For Leather." The set list was quite impressing, with both classic hits, new songs from "Angel Of Retribution" and older not as much played songs, which I eagerly awaited: 01. The Hellion - a superior opening with Rob Halford being hoisted to the middle of a huge eye in the background. 02. Electric Eye - lights on Rob Halford! The audience was going crazy, and everyone was singing in the chorus. Great performance! 03. Metal Gods - this song sounded quite lame compared to "Electric Eye," but I guess any song would do. 04. Riding On The Wind - nice song, Rob imitated the guitarists a lot and was running up and down all the time. 05. The Ripper - nice performance, but personally I would like to hear it played a bit faster then it was. 06. A Touch Of Evil - lovely song! The band really got the audience on their side with this classic song. 07. Judas Rising - directly from their new album this is a forthcoming classic - guaranteed! The album "Angel Of Retribution" has not been released in Sweden yet, but with music spreading through the internet, a huge number of people recognized it and sang along. 08. Revolution - also from their new album. I had never heard it before, but it was quite cool. Rob inspired real metal respect in everyone's hearts when he went up to the top of the stage, hoisting a huge Judas Priest-banner in the mist of the smoke machine! 09. Hot Rockin' - great choice in my opinion! This was also a song that I personally never thought it would be played on this concert, but as you see it was! 10. Breaking The Law - I knew this song was being played, even though I would prefer some new songs instead of these classics. Anyway this song is very fun rocking to, when standing in the middle of a crowd, because of everyone knowing it. The whole arena was shaking! 11. I'm A Rocker - my personal favorite song from "Ram It Down." I felt it as a great surprise with this song being played, because it is quite unknown compared to a lot of bigger hits, and I literally stood with tears in my eyes totally fuckin', rocking my head of when it came to the chorus. It's so true, folks! 12. Diamonds & Rust (acoustic) - a masterpiece being performed acoustic! Really beautiful, and of course the obvious lighters flew up all across the arena! 13. Deal With The Devil - nice song pumping the audience with adrenalin. Again I was surprised everyone knew the chorus, even though this album hasn't been released in Sweden yet. 14. Beyond The Realms Of Death - just as in Diamonds And Rust, the lighters went up in this masterpiece too! The legendary solo was also as impressing as always. 15. Turbo Lover - I heard from a friend working on the arena that Judas was rehearsing this song at 6 times more then the other songs. I don't hesitate to say that rehearsing really gave the audience a show unlike everything else! I think this was one of the most fun songs watching. Great contact with the audience from the bands side on this one too! 16. Exciter - this song is great! No doubt about it! It was actually just one thing that made me disappointed - I don't think Rob was able to hit of those really high notes, and that's quite sad. Maybe an easier song would have been better here. 17. Victim Of Changes - I don't remember anything special about this song, it's a nice song short and simply! 18. Green Manalishi - with this being one of the last songs, everyone knew Painkiller probably was coming next. A great starter for the final, as to say! 19. Painkiller - ok, folks. This is the Judas Priest song. The Globe Arena literally bathed in flickering lights and as the drumming intro started, needless to say, everyone was already in their own personal state of ecstasy. Encore. With the stage going dark after Painkiller, the band was thanking everyone for this show, and went off the stage. After about 1 minute, a great roar was heard and Rob Halford went out on the stage with a huge leather coat, riding his Harley Davidson. The audience was going nuts, and with the other members of the band coming out, a classic song was played: 20. Hell Bent For Leather - superior stage acting here, with Rob on his motorbike, and everyone else. 21. Living After Midnight - when the beloved and simple intro drums of this song started, everyone knew what was coming! I think every single person in the arena sang along, and it was really a great time - the old classics really live on! 22. You've Got Another Thing Comin' - rounding up a great show, with a great song. The performance was absolutely stunning, with lots of fun comments from Rob Halford between the chorus and the verses. It was also extended to give the audience chances to sing the chorus at self when Rob rocked around the scene in best Judas Priest-manners! After this song, Rob had a little "game" with the audience, when he screamed some things and the audience imitated him. Very enjoying, but the bad part was a lot of people started to expect one more song to be played as a final act, but afterwards he thanked Sweden and he went out. // 10

Overall Impression: The concert was held in Stockholm, at the Globe Arena at February 26th, 2005. At about 8 PM, the Swedish band In Flames opened the show. I usually love In Flames, but after the fantastic opening with "System," the songs were quite bad chosen in my opinion. I would have preferred another set list, with older songs. I paid 400 Swedish Crowns (SEK) for my ticket, which equals about 60 US Dollars. If the tickets were to be twice as expensive, I would without any doubt bought it anyway. Maybe it would be wise considering I went to the show partially to see the opening band, which really is one of my favorite bands. But after all, 60 USD is not much to pay if you want a memory for live, which this concert really was! Everything from Rob driving in on his motorbike, to the great contact with the audience - it will be stuck in my heart forever! // 10

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overall: 10
Sweden (Stockholm), February 26, 2005 Reviewed by: Khiriath, on june 07, 2005
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Sound: Rob Halford was just amazing. There were three guitarists playing and they played the songs flawlessly. The sound was completely amazing. // 10

Perfomance: I, as well as probably everyone who was there, enjoyed them. Some songs they played were: 01. Judas Rising 02. Revolution 03. Victim Of Changes 04. Exciter 05. The Hellion/Electric Eye 06. Metal Gods 07. Breaking The Law 08. Turbo Lover 09. Hell Bent For Leather The lighting for the show was awesome, as was the background desiging. Large backdrop tapestries, strobes, and high catwalks on the stage on the right and left. // 10

Overall Impression: Location: Clarkston, Michigan, United States on June 4, 2005. Opener: Queensryche. Ticket cost: I got the for free, but if I would have paid, it would have definately been worth it. Unforgettable moments: Basketball game showed on the screens with Kid Rock. If they are playing near Detroit again, I will most definately be going. // 10

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