UK (Glasgow, Scotland), July 19, 2011 Review

artist: Judas Priest date: 08/02/2011 category: live concerts

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Judas Priest: UK (Glasgow, Scotland), July 19, 2011
The show took place at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland, with Rival Sons and Queensryche opening. Fourty pounds was nothing if you were there, especially since there were to opening band.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
UK (Glasgow, Scotland), July 19, 2011 Reviewed by: L.T Kickass, on august 02, 2011
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Sound: This show was louder than any other I'd ever been to, Rob is still very able to hit those highs like it were stil '75. Glenn and Richie made a very good guitar duo, often playing off of one another, and improvising the best I've ever seen them. Scott is still capable of the monster machine gun double bass. And lastly we come to Ian Hill, who looked bored throughout the entire show, standing in the same spot for 2 and a half hours, his bass was nothing special and I could barely hear it anyway, which mean I have to knock 2 points off of this score to give me an 8. // 8

Perfomance: The show was packed with pyrotechnics, and lasers, as well as fog machines and a Killer setlist. They made to sure play their best, most heard tunes, like "Victim Of Changes" and "Hell Bent For Leather". Here is a Complete list: 01. "Battle Hymn" - Great Way to Open I concert in my opinion. 02. "Rapid Fire" - Get's the show going straight away. 03. "Metal Gods" - As great as it was those many years ago when it was written. 04. "Heading Out To The Highway" - An old favourite. 05. "Judas Rising" - Everyone was singing this chorus, I mean, everyone. 06. "Starbreaker" - To be honest the only song I didn't like. 07. "Victim Of Changes" - The best song they played, hands down. 08. "Never Satisfied" - Didn't stand out so much. 09. "Diamonds & Rust" (Joan Baez cover) - Fantastic cover. 10. "Dawn Of Creation" - Very good performance. 11. "Prophecy" - At the end of the song sparks flew out of rob's sceptre, need I say more? 12. "Night Crawler" - Loud, Amazing, probably the best crowd pleaser out of all of them. 13. "Turbo Lover" - Good fun, had the crowd singing just about every word. 14. "Beyond The Realms Of Death" - Definate crowd pleaser. 15. "The Sentinel" - I didn't recognize this song, but every else seemed to, it was pretty good. 16. "Blood Red Skies" - Definately one their best songs. 17. "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)" (Fleetwood Mac cover) - Absolute crowd pleaser. 18. "Breaking The Law" - Halford had the crowd sing every word, was ana amazing experience. 19. "Painkiller" - Great solos from everyone. Apart from Ian of course. Encore: 20. "The Hellion/Electric Eye" - Great song to sing along to. Encore 2: 21. "Hell Bent For Leather" - Crowd sang whole song. Encore 3: 22. "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" - Probably the best crowd reaction. Encore 4: 23. "Living After Midnight" - The final encore, after this everyone was screaming for one more song. A funny moment happened when the new guitarist Richie had his foot on one of the pipes which would shoot fog onto the stage, he was trying to look cool because he had just flicked a pick into the audience, but when that fog came up, he got a fright, a couple of seconds later he looked down at me and looked a ittle embarassed because I was still laughing, definately one of the highlights. // 9

Overall Impression: The show took place at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland, with Rival Sons and Queensryche opening. To be honest Queensryche weren't particularly interesting, but Rival Sons were great, displaying great showmanship, where as in Queensryche only the singer and the young guitarist looked like they could be bothered, to even play, that and their music was pretty poor, most songs feeling as though they were just dragging on. Inbetween bands there was a woman DJing which was really cool, as the crowd could sing along to the music playing over the PA even when noone was on stage, which was cool. Everyone should totally check out Rival Sons, as they were really good, and the best thing besides priest. Ticket's were fourty pounds, which was cheaper than the tickets for Iron Maiden, who were playing the next day, but fourty pounds was nothing if you were there, especially since there were to opening band, I'd say much more worth your money than Iron Maiden was. Rob Played Simon with the crowd whoch was fun as anything. If they play up here again, then I'll definately go to their next gig. // 9

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