UK (Brixton), January 28, 2006 Review

artist: Kerrang Xxv Tour date: 02/02/2006 category: live concerts

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Kerrang Xxv Tour: UK (Brixton), January 28, 2006
The sound was generally quite good for the gig tonight. The main act Bullet For My Valentine played a great set list from The Poison and the EP mixed up quite nicely.
 Sound: 7
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
UK (Brixton), January 28, 2006 Reviewed by: minimanson, on february 02, 2006
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Sound: The sound was generally quite good for the gig tonight, although I thought that Still Remains had a bad sound check as you couldnt properly hear the lead guitar. Possibly the vocals for BFMV should have been louder too. // 7

Perfomance: Firstly Aiden were on. Now, I hadn't heard anything by these guys before, but I must say now, it was dreadful. They seemed to think they were huge, but really, they are just a bunch of reject emo kids. They did have a very good stage proformance covering a lot of area and also high energy. But quite why when not singing the vocalist decided it was neccessary to swing his mic around is beyond me as he dropped it a few times. Then to say "When I look out here I dont see a bunch of boys and girls, men and women... I see my brothers I see my sisters" I felt quite sorry for the poor bloke, and then he was deluded enough to start a wall of death, an emo wall of death. I'm sure thats meant for hardcore metal bands? Still Remains are one of my favourite groups at the moment and they really did not dissapoint. Although the sound was not perfect, they really were able to change the mood of the venue to pure hardcore metal/screamo brillaince! They did all of the best songs off of their album "Of Love And Lunacy" and got some average pits going. I was quite pleased that they were able to play for 30 minutes+ as usually a band lower downthe bill would get about 15minutes, but this time was perfect for them to do what was needed. Hawthorne Heights, now I'd heard these guys are like the definition of emo, and well, no, just no, I thought he was a stand up comic, that cannot be his real voice! It was hilarious! surrounded by young emo girls singing/whining/whispering their songs about love and slitting their wrists, oh deary me. They had far too long a set, must have been an hour! It was dreadful from the off. Finally, the main act, Bullet For My Valentine. I knew that they were recording this gig for their upcoming DVD, so I decided to get to the front during Hawthorne Heights, however, I had to leave jsut as BFMV came on due to dehydration, so it all seemed pointless! They started off with the Intro tearing straight into Her Voice Resides. They used some pyro for the gig as it was recorded which definatly added to their stage proformance, and they really held their own tonight. They played a great set list from The Poison and the EP mixed up quite nicely, I as dissapointed that they did not play Room 409, being one of my favourites, but at least they closed, as I had expected with End, and it was incredible, definatly a must see live band! 9 only becuase of the vocals being low. // 9

Overall Impression: IT was at the London Brixton Academy onthe 28th Jan, 2006, and I paid 21 from eBay as I left it late getting my ticket and didnt want to have a seat, I'd rather be standing. I think it completly sold out which is great, and also the camera crews for the DVD make you feel as if you are special and making the history of this band. It was definatly worth it and I hope to see them again later this year. To have been better, less emo bands and less emo kids selling their souls for corporate emo. // 9

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