UK (London), September 24, 2007 Review

artist: Kill Hannah date: 09/26/2007 category: live concerts

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Kill Hannah: UK (London), September 24, 2007
Kill Hannah isn't the heaviest band, they are quite soft, but they really rocked this show up, it was really quite heavy!
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
UK (London), September 24, 2007 Reviewed by: fredzeskater, on september 26, 2007
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Sound: What can I say? I bought a ticket for 7, wasn't expecting it to be too good, turned out to be one of the best shows I'd ever seen! It was incredible, Kill Hannah were excellent! Mat Devine (singer) sung really well, although everyone was singing along, he managed to overpower them yet still project his original voice. I thought the sound was really good, and I was impressed because it was only a university hall. As you probably know, Kill Hannah isn't the heaviest band, they are quite soft, but they really rocked this show up, it was really quite heavy! Mat Devine was jumping around in his hoody and he kept leaning into the crowd, leading everyone to bundle to the front in attempt to grab his hand. // 9

Perfomance: I would say there were only about 300 people in the hall, 200 in right at the front, singing and dancing/moshing, and the rest were just like adults standing up at the back by the bar or sitting down. The majority of the audience was about 14-24 year olds. They weren't on for too long, but it was long enough, seeing as I was melting in there. Kill Hannah played: 'The chase', 'Ten more minutes', 'Believer', 'Lips Like Morphone', 'Boys And Girls', 'Race The Dream', 'Love You To Death', 'Crazy Angel', but most memoribly 'Welcome To Chicago, Motherf--ckers'. It was so good, Mat was hanging in the crowd and everyone was pulling him in, the backstage crew were holding him back and they were opening loads of bottles and just squeezing them really hard, spraying the whole sweatly, roasting crowd. I got a full shot of water directly into the eyes, but it was great. I accidently grabbed Mat Devine's tie and it was like a peanut at the end after he'd made about 5 attempts to retreat the grab-like crowd. We were right at the front, so we could really get a good view and touch their legs and hands. I got to touch Johnny's guitar, I managed to turn off the volume via the knob! They all had lights on their guitars with green lazers coming off the end. It was so cool! // 9

Overall Impression: It was great, I got off at temple tube station and walked to the King's college, London UK. I really took advantage of the majority of the audience being girls, and pretty fat aswell. They were all trying to start a mosh pit, by like pushing you, then me and my friend would just take them out! I thought Kill Hannah were really good, It was definately worth 7! I would go to any of their other concerts. I didn't really hate anything, other than 'I was a cub scout', the second band supporting Kill Hannah, I just thought it was bad music, the band before: 'Saving Aimee' were good though, an awesome start to the concert. 24/9/07, one of the best/funniest nights of my life. // 10

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