Australia (Melbourne), February 28, 2003 Review

artist: KISS date: 11/21/2005 category: live concerts

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KISS: Australia (Melbourne), February 28, 2003
The audience enjoyed it alot. The singing skills from the three original members of Kiss are excelent, they all have good singing voices. They all kept rhythm and none of them said something wrong.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Melbourne), February 28, 2003 Reviewed by: Ace Frehley, on november 21, 2005
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Sound: This concert was given in 28/2/03 and it has an excelent sound. The singing skills from the three original members of Kiss are excelent, they all have good singing voices. They all kept rhythm and none of them said something wrong. The concert was seperated in three parts. The first which was a single Kiss concert with two electric guitars a bass and a drum kit, the second part had Kiss playing in acoustic guitars all of their greatest ballads and they were with the Melbourne Symphony Ensemble and it was the first time that the song "Beth" was played live (they always had the music played in a tape). And the third part is again Kiss with the hole Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! // 10

Perfomance: The audience enjoyed it alot! The crowd was really wild, there were girls showing them their breasts! Act one: 01. Deuce - a really nice song to do the opening part 9/10. 02. Strutter - a classic Kiss song and one of their best 10/10. 03. Let Me Go Rock 'n' Roll - now this is the song that made the crowd go wild 10/10. 04. Lick It Up - nice one simple riffs not something special 8/10. 05. Calling Dr. Love - now Gene Simmons was really happy singing one his favourites 9/10. 06. Psycho Circus - now this was the coolest in the hole part! There were pyro technics coming of the stage 10/10. Act two: 01. Beth - this song really made me cry it's really a nice song 10/10. 02. Forever - an excelent powe ballad 10/10. 03. Goin Blind - nice ballad their first one it was on their 2nd album 9/10. 04. Sure Know Something - if you hear it from the studio album it's way too disco but in this concert it's a rock ballad 10/10. 05. Shandi - just a love song nothing intresting 7/10. Act three: 01. Detroit Rock City - my favourite song I can never get bored of it! They are playing it with the full orchestra and it rocks 10/10. 02. King Of The Night Time World - nice song with good lyrics and nice music 9/10. 03. Do You Love Me - love song with many doubts in it 9/10. 04. Shout It Out Loud - here's a song that is sang by both Gene and Paul 9/10. 05. God Of Thunder - I was amazed by this cause it's a metal song played by classical instruments 10/10. 06. Love Gun - the song is quite fast and you bang your head all the time 10/10. 07. Black Diamond - one of my favourites with excelent solos 10/10. 08. Great Excpectations - nice awesome ballad 10/10. 09. I Was Made For Loving You - people hated because it's too disco style well if it's Kiss it doesn't matter 10/10. 10. Rock And Roll All Nite - the rock and roll anthem 10/10. Well in the song "God Of thunder" Gene is spitting blood and then he flyies up in the lights much Fire is coming out of the stage! "Love Gun" Paul Stanley is flying above the crowd and goes in the middle of the stadium! "Black Diamond" Peter Criss is really feeling it Tommy Thayer stands on his knees at the end of the song soloing over than the drum kit is going up and fireworks are coming out (this made me cry). // 10

Overall Impression: The concert was given in Melbourne in Telstra Dome Stadium! In 28/2/03. I really loved the stage effects and all of the songs! The ticket did worth the money cause it was awesome! I will go to their next gig if they ever decide to come to Greece! // 10

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