Australia (Melbourne), May 15, 2004 Review

artist: KISS date: 07/21/2004 category: live concerts

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KISS: Australia (Melbourne), May 15, 2004
The whole band was on fire. Sound levels were the same as the Rod Laver Shows. Just in a smaller venue.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Australia (Melbourne), May 15, 2004 Reviewed by: Mr_Zakk_Wylde, on july 21, 2004
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Sound: The whole band was on fire. First club type show in 15 years I believe and first small venue show with makeup in 30. Sound levels were the same as the Rod Laver Shows. Just in a smaller venue. Blew the roof off the place yet still had perfect quality. All usually identifiable instruments with band members were used. // 10

Perfomance: Big Setlist. Best Response of the 3 shows. As Paul Stanley himself put it "Stripped Down Rock n Roll Music." 01. Deuce: started the foundations rocking on a good note, never stopped after that. 02. Strutter: classical Kiss. 03. Cmon And Love Me: set the place rocking. 04. Parasite: started a bit slow, Gene forgot some of the words I believe. 05. Love Gun: excellent. 06. Christine 16: classical Kiss. 07. Makin Love: fun song. 08. Got To Choose: another fun song. 09. I Love It Loud: classic Kiss. 10. Love Her All I Can: classic. 11. She: awesome live song. 12. All The Way: fun song. 13. I Want You: even when coming from a big to little venue it lost none of its class. 14. War Machine: brutal, used revolving lights for this one. 15. 100,000 Years: brutal. 16. Hotter Than Hell: bouncy, got the crowd going. 17. Shout It Out Loud: rocking tune. 18. I Was Made For Lovin You: no more needs to be said. 19. Dr Love: raunchy. 20. Cold Gin: makes me think of ace. 21. Detroit Rock City: classic. 22. King Of The Nightime World: went off here aswell. 23. Shandi: Paul alone-Mellowed out, relaxing. Kiss managed to silence the critics bt laying aside all the fire, blood, flying, pyro's and just play the music, and they managed it in an excellent show. Using a Rod Laver amount of Confetti was just amazing. // 10

Overall Impression: Australia, Melbourne, Palais Theatre Saturday 15th May 2004. No Opener. Nothing to hate, showed they can still rock. $45 for up in the hefty height, best seats in the house, got a clear view. Going dressed as ACE from Dressed to Kill and Paul making a comment about a Bra being like Cinderalla's slipper and "eating" the owner. Whenever it's on I'm there. // 10

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