USA (Sunrise), October 22, 2009 Review

artist: KISS date: 09/03/2012 category: live concerts

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KISS: USA (Sunrise), October 22, 2009
Oct 22, 2009 at the Bank Atlantic Center was the night I went to watch my dad's favorite band perform on their 35th anniversary. The band was KISS, "the hottest band in the world".
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Sunrise), October 22, 2009 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 03, 2012
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Sound: See essay... // 10

Perfomance: The full setlist from that night was: 01. Deuce 02. Strutter 03. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll 04. Hotter Than Hell 05. Shock Me 06. Modern Day Delilah 07. Calling Dr. Love 08. She 09. Guitar Solo 10. Parasite 11. 100,000 Years (Eric Singer Drum Solo) 12. Bass Solo 13. I Love It Loud 14. Black Diamond (with "Stairway To Heaven") 15. Rock and Roll All Nite Encore: 16. Shout It Out Loud 17. Lick It Up (with 'Won't Get Fooled Again") 18. Love Gun 19. Detroit Rock City // 10

Overall Impression: What follows is a sixth grader's impression of his first KISS concert, which was written for a class project. I found it in a used binder... I still can't get that amazing night out of my head. It is embedded in my memory. I still don't know if I liked that band, but the show was otherworldly. It was filled with explosions, flying men, and tons of pyro. Oct 22, 2009 at the Bank Atlantic Center was the night I went to watch my dad's favorite band perform on their 35th anniversary. The band was KISS, "the hottest band in the world". My dad happily informed me about the show a month ahead of time. He gave me a list of their songs. I tried to get the songs stuck in my head. The band consisted of four people, who were more like characters. There was Paul Stanley, the Starchild, Gene Simmons, the Demon, Tommy Thayer, the Space-Ace, and Eric Singer (who is actually the drummer), the Catman. The Starchild had a painted star on his eye and wore star-studded trousers. The Demon wore a costume, which contained a spiked top with bat wings, and monster shoes that stood seven in off the ground. The Space-Ace had zigzag makeup and wore an outfit fitted with stars from the sky. The Catman had makeup that had green eye shadow and black and white makeup to make him look like a cat. The night of the show, I was hyped up for what lay ahead. As the Kiss banner was set up (a 30 ft. Tall three sided banner donning Kiss's symbol) I braced myself. Then their announcer shouted, All right Sunrise, you wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KIIIIISS! They opened with my favorite song, Deuce as they were lowered onto the stage by a platform. As the song came to a close they played in unison, nodded their heads from side to side, and turning their guitars backward. As the Starchild belted out Strutter, I realized, I was in for more than I bargained for. Next came Let Me Go, Rock N Roll featuring a very fast and entertaining guitar solo by the Space-Ace. In Hotter Than Hell, the Demon breathed fire from a sword-shaped torch. In Shock Me, the Space-Ace sings. The Space-Ace rarely sings any songs, so this was very special. After that was Modern Day Delilah, which is from their new album and Calling Dr. Love, recently featured in a Dr. Pepper commercial. Next, was the awesome part of their concert when they played some lengthy songs. She contained a six-minute guitar solo from the Space-Ace. During that solo the Space-Ace's guitar shoots sparks from its neck, knocking a lighting fixture onto the stage. The song was in total 10 minutes long. Parasite had a rhythm that sounded like bees buzzing. 100,000 Years seemed to last for 100, 000 years. The Catman performed a twelve-minute drum solo. The song totaled 17 minutes. His drum set, which included two bass drums, rose off the ground and rotated, facing the different sides of the crowd. All of a sudden, the demon breaks out into a bass solo, which was followed by the illusion of bleeding from the neck. It was gushing out and then he was spitting it out of his mouth. After that, a harness flew him to a platform far above the stage. There he sang I Love It Loud. It was a very easy song to sing along to and the crowd loved being a part of the act. The end of the extraordinary concert was near. I knew this because Black Diamond was playing. The demon's bass guitar was now in the shape of an axe. Toward the end of the song, the drums rose as high as they ever had. The Space-Ace fell to his knees while playing the song. Noise bombs went off in a million different places, which deafened the crowd. Rock N Roll All Nite, the band's most famous song was next. All of the characters were raised above the stage by lifts. White confetti poured out of machines so fast that it looked like steam. The Starchild slammed his guitar into the ground, breaking it in half. The concert was over. The Encore was yet to begin. KISS advertised a four-song encore. They didn't disappoint. The band bowed and then played Shout It Out Loud a relatively short song, 2:50 minutes. The Starchild and the Demon both sang a part of the song. Lick It Up, was a song from their worst times, 1983. In fact, at that time, they didn't wear makeup. However, it is one of their greatest hits. The best part of the show was yet to come. At the beginning of the next song, Love Gun the Starchild was flown to a platform on the other side of the arena, by balancing himself by putting his foot through a metal hoop. It was there where he performed the song. The final song Detroit Rock City was filled with fire and explosions. The fire creators were at their full power, spouting out orange, red, and green fire. The drums had sparks shooting out of them in spinning formation. The song was longer than originally planned. There was an extra-long ovation of the band. After they retired for the night, I realized this was one night I would never forget. I would also never experience something of that magnitude ever again. // 10

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