Indonesia (Jakarta), February 5, 2004 Review

artist: Korn date: 07/19/2004 category: live concerts

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Korn: Indonesia (Jakarta), February 5, 2004
The guitaring was good, and what we were waiting for was them to throw an instrument or so, but all they threw were picks.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Indonesia (Jakarta), February 5, 2004 Reviewed by: cannonball_900, on july 19, 2004
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Sound: This concert was really cool and I'd say much better than the Linkin Park one in Singapore. The sound system of this show was well thought of. The guys at Korn had brought over 10 tonnes of equipment from USA for this rocker, and for sure, it worked out well, because you can never really rely on the local Indonesian crap, even if it may be a Bose, or JBL or whatever. The guitaring was good, and what we were waiting for was them to throw an instrument or so, but all they threw were picks. We wished for too much. Jon had his peculiar kind of mic stand, although I do not know where he was taking his oxygen from. And they had a completely different drum set, and I think all of Korn have over the years gotten more over breasts and women, because thats what the drum set and mic stand displayed. // 10

Perfomance: Oh my, did we enjoy them. It had been a long time since a rock band had come to Indonesia, for now the government was free of Dictatorship. These guys had, well, prohibited moshing, but well, you can't stop us having fun can you? The concert was just plain, and had 14 songs, which were just supposed to be 12, but audience (we) demanded for more. They played 'Right Now' first, then 'Somebody Someone', 'Did My time', 'Shoots And Ladders' and some more, and they played 'Faget' on audience demand. They songs didn't have much difference from their albums, but that was alright. One thing I'd really like to note down is the opening act by '/rif'(which means riff, and that Slash is there). These local heavy metal rockers were superb, and I think musically, they played better than Korn. And when we shouted 'We want Korn, We want Korn',they said 'You want Korn? Oh, we want them too'. Laughter took the place. // 10

Overall Impression: This concert was in Indonesia, in Arena Pekan Raya, Jakarta. /rif played as opening act, and my, did they open our mouths. Well, what I love about the show is that it was the first ever rock band that ever came to Indonesia, where I have been living for 10 years as an expat. What I don't like is the girls not going nude. Oh, I was looking forward to that. Tickets cost US$25, RP. 250,000 (Local Currency). Unforgettable moments? My cellphone got spoilt because of the water sprinklers. And the plectrum (pick)I picked up when Head threw one. Next show? Wow, I'd love to. Unlike the Linkin Park concert in Singapore I went to, this thing was much better. // 10

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