Russia (Moscow), June 6, 2007 Review

artist: Linkin Park date: 06/11/2007 category: live concerts

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Linkin Park: Russia (Moscow), June 6, 2007
In terms of sound, playing and singing this show really does deserve a 10 or even an 11.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Russia (Moscow), June 6, 2007 Reviewed by: Gakusey, on june 11, 2007
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Sound: Chester's performance was absolutely perfect, flawless and passionate. And believe me, I'm not a fan-boy or something, but I was really impressed with the band's dedication to providing a great show, which they did and I'm sure they honestly liked Moscow and Russia in general, and enjoyed every minuted of the show, just like the audience did. But, as I said, Chester was flawless. Hit every note, every scream was so real it "hurt" (in a good way) and, damn me for saying this, he just looked good in that red shirt of his. No, I'm not gay. Mike was alright, did his rapping parts well, sang a bit and talked to the crowd after every song. Brad Delson (have to say: the haircut, or rather, the lack of it, was awesome) played his trusty PRS during the older material, used an Ibanez on a couple of songs and played a Vintage Strat for the "Minutes To Midnight" songs. Phoenix played a variety of bases, MusicMan and Fender, I think. The sounds was marvelous. Credit to the venue staff and the LP road crew: they set up everything perfectly. The guitars (including bass) really stood out and every riff literally hit the crowd with the sound waves. So in terms of sound, playing and singing this show really does deserve a 10 or even an 11. Absolutely no flaws, and I was skeptical we Russian wouldn't be able to pull it off. Well, thank God I was wrong. // 10

Perfomance: The audience was mad. Absolutely mad. They sang all the lyrics, even to the new songs (which I sadly didn't know so had to just mumble something). While waiting for LP, they cheered every roadie and every tech-guy who appeared on stage. The "Linkin Park" chanting never seemed to end, either. The reception was brilliant and, as I said, I'm totally sure Chester and all the others really liked it and were surprised by how passionate and mad the fans were. Unfortunately, I can't remember the entire setlist, but here goes. They started with "One Step Closer" to get the crowd going and the "Shut up when I'm talking to you!" part was especially great. After that they played the awesome "Lying From You" and (not sure about the order) "Don't Stay". Then, finally, some Hybrid Theory stuff came. Anyway, I'm sorry but I was just too excited to note each and every song. Suffice to say that they played ALL their past hits, In The End, Crawling, Points Of Authority, One Step Closer, Numb, From The Inside, Somewhere I Belong, Breaking The Habit, Lying From You, Don't Stay. The highlight, if I can even say that because absolutely all songs were totally awesome, was the "acoustic" performance of "Pushing Me Away" with Mike playing the piano and Chester singing, slowly (kind of half-time). Then for the last verse and the chorus the whole band entered. That was just so brilliant and Chester was so real I freaked out. Amazing song on the album, but even more amazing Live. As for the new songs, well, I didn't really listen much to the album. They didn't play my favourite "In Pieces" (can Brad play that solo live?) but they did play: "What I've Done", "Leave Out All The Rest", "The Little Things Give You Away" (which was brilliant, awesome song and yet again amazing delivery from Chester) and one more song, kind of party-style or whatever. As for the special moment. You know, Linkin Park, first time in Russia, such an amazing show, so the whole thing was one huge special moment. Mike and Chester spoke to the crowd a lot and said that they loved Russia and the crowd, and how amazing we are etc. Decorations. Well, the visual were great, lots of light, different colors, really added some energy to every song. Rob and Joe got their very one little tower-kind of things, which they stood on. // 10

Overall Impression: Russia, Moscow, Olympiyskiy, June 6, 2007. The opener was a Russian alternative band "Jane Air" (Who were allegedly picked by Linkin Park themselves out of an array of Russian bands). Well, I'm sorry to be unpatriotic but they sucked, big time. They ain't such a bad band, but they sucked. And crowed was pissed and wanted some LP as soon as possible. Such a waste of two hours (time before the show, their set, which lasted for just shy of an hour, and 20 minutes waiting for LP)! I love everything about the show and hated the opener and such a "short" set by LP. We wanted more. The ticket cost about $120, but I got good seats. It was definitely worth the money (only now I owe 50 bucks to one guy)! Hell yeah, lots of crazy girls, some nude, so just plain sexy without even getting nude, some mad emo-chicks, and beer. Not free, but cheap. Lots of beer. What more could you ask for? Definitely I will go to their next gig, only it ain't that easy and I'll probably have to wait for another 5 years before they come here again. // 10

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