Singapore, June 22 2004 Review

artist: Linkin Park date: 06/25/2004 category: live concerts

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Linkin Park: Singapore, June 22 2004
The sound system was very good, for 15000 people had to rock on in a much far going ground.
 Sound: 8
 Perfomance: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 8.7
Singapore, June 22 2004 Reviewed by: cannonball_900, on june 25, 2004
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Sound: The sound was pretty much different, and was a bit faster than you'd hear on the records. Joseph was on, with the scratchin' and digital stuff, and that probably took up a third of the sound. The sound system was very good, for 15000 people had to rock on in a much far going ground. Pretty much impressed by the sound these guys had gotten going, I too, not a real die hard fan of LP, was rockin somewhere in the center. Singer skills were good, and went the same way like the records: Mike rappin,Chester singing. // 8

Perfomance: The performance was very enjoyable actually. As we know, Singapore is a city full of censorships, Chester didn't even cuss at the satge. No swear words and so, as he possibly knew that he could get into serious trouble with the govt. of S'pore. They played around 18 songs, equally divided from the first and second album (Not Reanimation, but Meteora). A song I really enjoyed was Numb, because of the frequent breaks these guys gave in between the verse and chorus. Other songs also played were, Somewhere I Belong, Faint, Breaking The Habit and some more. But Numb was particularly enjoyable. // 8

Overall Impression: As I was in Singapore for a holiday, I just went to rock in this show of theirs. A ticket cost S$35 (As my cousin told me), which is about US$25. This show was on 22nd of June, Singapore time. This show was worth my money for sure. I would never forget a show with no swearing from the vocalist of a rock band, especially Nu-metal. Well, there wasn't any free beer and of course no nude girls, because Singapore is a city where even the dogs don't shit on the side of a road. It would definately be worth to watch their next show, because of the effects these guys use for their lights and the decoration, and yes, their songs too. This thing was worth my money for the fun I had, and it wasn't just song hearing and singing along - you had to really be on your feet as you never knew when the next water sprinkler went on. Without that, this concert would have been a flop. // 10

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