UK (Manchester), November 21, 2003 Review

artist: Linkin Park date: 05/12/2004 category: live concerts

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Linkin Park: UK (Manchester), November 21, 2003
The performance was flawless. The vocals from both Chester and Mike were clear even though the guitars were booming.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
UK (Manchester), November 21, 2003 Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 07, 2004
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Sound: I thought the concert was really good overall. The vocals from both Chester and Mike were clear even though the guitars were booming. I love Chester's style of singing - it's off key but somehow sounds really good. // 10

Perfomance: The performance was flawless. They didn't mess up on any songs. After about thirty minutes after the support band (Lostprophets) walked off the stage, Linkin Park came roaring on and went straight into 'Papercut'. 'Points of Authority' and 'Somewhere I Belong' followed this and then they went onto their non-singles. These songs were still excellent but the pit really got going again when they burst into 'Faint'. The pit sang along with all the songs but it was almost deafening on 'Numb'. They ended the show with superb performances of 'Crawling' and 'In The End'. After about five minutes, they came on again for a rather long but excellent encore. The pit went absolutely crazy on 'A Place For My Head' and The Park even pulled someone called Jason out of the pit so he could be on the stage! Linkin Park ended with 'One Step Closer' and left the crowd in crazy mode. // 8

Overall Impression: 21st of November 2003, Manchester Evening News Arena, England The ticket cost 20 which was a bargin because I saw Linkin Park, Lost Prophets and Kinesis! Kinesis were good, Lostprophets were great but Linkin Park blew me away! I would definitely go to their next gig but it's hard for me because Manchester is the closest place they play and I live three hours away and don't have a car. // 10

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overall: 10
UK (Manchester), November 21, 2003 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 12, 2004
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Sound: This concert was amazing and totally blew me away! This was the first time i saw Linkin Park perform on stage, and they surpassed all of my expectations! The levels of the instruments, vocals and Joe's decks were well tuned in relation to the each other and complimented each other perfectly. Chester and Mike sounded exactly the same as they do on CD; their mics were tuned to perfection, giving the two vocalists the right amount of pitch, gain and volume. In some songs they enhanced each others sound, adding more texture and layering to these songs through their providing of backing vocals for one another and in a few cases building on melodies or harmonies building onto their already amazing sound. I have often thought that Chester may not be able to sing in the rough gravely way he does, or maintain his clarity after screaming so powerfully in the way only he can do, but he proved me wrong showing off his vocal talents to the maximum of their abilities. Brad's guitar boomed with so much power but didn't drown out anything else, and along with Phoenix's bass skills sounded amazing, building great depth to the melody and backing for each song. Added to this Rob's drumming pounded continuously through each song adding that atmosphere that only a true drummer can accomplish, he was perfectly balanced with the rest of the band, as was Joe and his decks, which dealt out their scratching, and sample effects in a way that kept with the way each song was supposed to sound on CD and did on this great night!! The additional instruments, including a guitar shared between Mike, and occasionally Chester on certain songs didn't detract from the sound, and added depth and underlying rhythm to the required songs, enhancing Phoenix's bass, while Brad let rip with the more complicated riffs of certain songs. Also When ever mike got on the Piano for songs such as "Numb" and "Breaking the Habit" it wasn't too loud, or too quiet, but fitted in with the other instruments and sounds as if it was simply part of a naturally created creature. The quality of the sound and it's levels was truly perfect and it was totally obvious that the boys and their techies had spent a hell of a long time pre-show getting the levels sorted out to the perfection that they delivered. The boys sounded identical to how they do on CD and created such a powerful atmosphere, that i know i will never forget that night for the rest of my life! Big double thumbs up guys! // 10

Perfomance: As soon as the intro drumming of "Papercut" began, the crowd erupted into insane screaming filling the stadium with an amazing sound and atmosphere as the boy's lept into their set. From here the boys moved into "Points of Authority" and then moved into "Somewhere i belong" the first of their tracks from "Meteora" and their debut single from the album. For all of these songs the crowd were fired up and going insane, as they were for the whole rest of the night, and kept the pace and atmosphere up, even when the band took to a break from playing to talk to the audience, the atmosphere stayed constant, when Mike shouted out the words: "Hello Manchester" the crowd erupted into a roaring war cry that filled the arena with swirling ceaseless noise! The band then continued throuth their set doing a wide variety of songs from both "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteroa" including "Pushing me away", "Runaway", "By myself", "Lying from you" and "My december". The audience accepted these songs with great voice and enthusiasm, and were singing along while smashing each other around all over the place, everyone seemingly knew both of the bands major albums off by heart and were giving huge choral support to both Mike and Chester throughout the whole show. After "My december" was finished Mike introduced Rob saying "This guy up here is Rob Bourdon, and this is a song called "Faint!". at this the arena was filled wiyth an amazing roar of noise and Joe's chinese violin sample began slithering out into the arena through the speakers, Rob joined HIM with his amazingly rapid and complex drumming, and the pit went crazy, the amount of people i saw being surfed (and dropped) was truly unbelievable, as was the number of circle pits that opened. The crowd continued to sing along in raucous volume, but as soon as mike began to play the first few notes of "Numb" the crowd exploded once more, "Faint" was nothng compared to this, it might not sound possible, but it was! The boys then moved into "Crawling" sending the pit wild again, and "In the end" at which the whole arena lit up with the number of lighters being waved around. The atmosphere could have been cut with a knife. After about a five minute pause filled with the crowd's shoutting and chanting of "Linkin Park!" the band's techies came back on stage setting out stools, and mike's piano, the crowd roared once more and the band came out, taking their seats, they began this superbe encoure with "Breaking the habit" and moved thorugh some of their best known songs, which the crowd sang along to every step of the way. The band then pulled a guy called jason on stage for "Place for my head" to sing the scremed outro part with Chester, the crowd was wild with their enjoyment and shouted so loud that jason was actually drowned out by the rest of the auditorium! Mike then commented for about the 20th time on how "Rowdy" we were and asked again if we were always like this, to which the reply was a huge outburst of "YES!!!" Chester then added, as he had done many times during the night, that we were the best crowd they'd ever had, and that his hairs were standing on end, being right at the front (about a metre from them) i saw the evidence that proved this. The boys finished with "One step closer" and left the audience in s state of explosive satisfaction! // 10

Overall Impression: This gig, Manchester (UK) M.E.N Arena, 21st November was the best concert i have ever been to in my entire life! Linkin Park surpassed all of my expectations, not only did they sound amazing and just like they do on CD, but their showmanship was astounding, they were all moving around everywhere (except Rob and Joe Who couldnt obviously) marching around the two elevated walkways on either side that went out over the pit and right next to the seating, and the high walkway at the back of the stage gave the band so much ability to interact with the crowd and also to give the whol arena the best possible chance of seeing them, including those sat at the back of the arena! There was also a huge video screen behind the whole stage set up which showed some of the bands videos, along with oens that had been specially shot for those songs, for example there was a video close up of Joe's hands as he played the intro to "In the end", this added an amzing feeling to a number of the songs, and although possibly not that well noticed by alot of people it deffinately effected the amazing spectacle of the show! In addition to this the fact that Linkin Park were being supported by Lost Prophets made the show that much better, as these are two of my favourite bands ever! This was obviously the feeling of most of the crowd, as two girls next to me were waiting for them to come on during "Kenisis" and kept shouting for "Shinobi vs the dragon ninja"! When this was played the crowd erupted and were fired up for Linkin Park eagerly anticipated the great set that would follow! "Kenisis" were also very good and even though i'd never heard them before they had some good songs, but even though they said they were from Bolton, the singer had a very forced sounding american accent when letting rip on songs!! However, this build up of talent and crowd pleasing simply helped in building up the expectations of Linkin Park's set, and i was not dissapointed in the least! Next time the Linkin Park boys come round i will deffinately be there, right at the front again to revel in their amazing musical ability! Well done guys! // 10

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