USA (Phoenix), October 14, 2004 Review

artist: Los Lonely Boys date: 02/09/2005 category: live concerts

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Los Lonely Boys: USA (Phoenix), October 14, 2004
There was actually a very diverse crowd at the concert. Everybody loved the concert. Also, there was all ages there.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Phoenix), October 14, 2004 Reviewed by: my fender strat, on february 09, 2005
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Sound: Los Lonely Boys have an awesome CD with great harmonies and many other great things. But their live performance blows away their CD with no effort. Henry and Jojo are the ones that usually do the singing on the album, and they do in the live show, but now when one brother is singing the other two are adding awesome harmonies when needed. Henry played his Sunburst Strat, beautiful guitar, although he kept breaking his high E string, but luckily he had backup Strats. And at the end he got his Sunburst Start restrung and rocked out with it. Jojo played his six string bass as awesome as ever. Overall the sound was beautiful and the while the sound was loud and powerful, it was not so loud that it was distorted. Great sound! // 10

Perfomance: There was actually a very diverse crowd at the concert. I was not expecting such a wide range ethnicities. And the entire time, the entire colusseum was on their feet and rockin out! Everybody loved the concert. Also, there was all ages there. Their set was: 01. Crazy Dream - I love the guitar riff, and overall the song was purely awesome. 02. Dime Mi Amor - done evan better than they do it on their album. 03. Nobody Else - one of my favorites. It is one of my favorite songs because throughout the entire song Jojo and Henry are harmonizing, and it sounds great. 04. Velvet Sky - awesome sky, but for the live performance they just had Henry playing on the guitar while Ringo and Jojo sang, then Ringo and Jojo started playing the second time they sang the chorus. 05. Man To Beat - this wasn't on their latest album and it is rumored to be a song from their next album. Since this was my first time hearing it, it was just as awesome as the other songs. 06. Onda - for those of you who have never hear their CD before, this is a track where is mainly consists of Henry soloing, and he does it awesome. He does so much more stuff in the live performance. 07. Supper Time - awesome song that words cannot describe. 08. Hollywood - one of their greatest song's they have released. This was one of the crowd favorites. For this song, all three boys left their insturments and sang a cappella until the solo, then they all started playing again. 09. Real Emotions - a great song. I mean come on, it's Los Lonely Boys, how can it not be awesome. 10. Senorita - this was dedicated to all the ladies in the audience, and when they performed it was amazing. And then came their biggest hit. 11. Heaven - as soon as Henry started that opening riff, the entire crowd went absolutely nuts! Everybody new every sing word of that song and sang along. Heaven is a great song, and it is even better when you see it live. Words cannot fully describe what it was like to hear that song. 12. End Of A New Beginning - this is another one of the songs where it is just soloing. All three band members show off their skills in this song. Jojo and Henry show off their foot work, they play their guitars behind their head, they start holding their guitars by the neck and toss em up in the air and hit the notes to the song just as if they were holding their guitars regularly. They didn't even need and stage decoration or special lighting, they were entertaining enough. The entire show was special and fun. // 10

Overall Impression: Phoenix, Arizona, fair in October. There was no opening band. I loved the entire show, and there was nothing I disliked. The tickets were only $15 for any seat in the colluseum. Purely awesome. I will be at their next concert. No doubt about it! // 10

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