Belgium (Brussels), December 11, 2007 Review

artist: Marilyn Manson date: 12/24/2007 category: live concerts

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Marilyn Manson: Belgium (Brussels), December 11, 2007
The sound quality was really good; all the instruments were at equal volume, and were all well heard by the crowd.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
Belgium (Brussels), December 11, 2007 Reviewed by: Eps123, on december 24, 2007
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Sound: Marilyn is not only known for his excentric look, but also for his beautiful deep voice. He can sing well in both low and high keys, and he's a good shouter as well, which he shows in most of his songs. Tim Skold, the blonde guitarist, used his usual white Firebird, which looks like a Gibson Explorer, and for songs that he had to be tuned in drop D (The Beautiful People e.g.) he used a black Firebird. The bassist, Rob Holiday, used his classic Fender bass. The drummer and the keyboard player used their usual instruments as well. My overall impression of the sound was really good. All the instruments were well heard from my position. The only problem from my position was, is that I was all the way up front, but I was more on the left side of the stage, where Rob Holiday was playing, so we were closer to the bass amps, and Tim Skold was all the way on the other side, so the guitar was a bit faint on the background, but it could still be well heard, so I guess that people in the middle were able to hear it better. For the rest, the sound quality was really good; all the instruments were at equal volume, and were all well heard by the crowd. // 9

Perfomance: Being a huge Manson fan, it is obvious that I enjoyed the gig a lot. The rest of the audience seemed to be enjoying it a great deal as well. He is after all a genius. I had seen him last summer on Rock Werchter, but this concert was a lot better. I had the impression, the crowd was more into it this time, and his show was way better. This was the song list of this night: 01. If I Was Your Vampire - before he started he had a big black curtain with two big red M's in front of the stage, and when the lights went out, there was this horror movie tune playing and as soon as he starts singing " 6 am" the curtain fell and there they all were. It's an amazing opener, and a great song! 02. Disposable Teens - after a slow intro song like that, this was a perfect second song to get the show started. Nice and fast. 03. You And Me And The Devil Makes 3 - it's a good song, where Marilyn shows what he can do with his voice. 04. Hate Anthem - nice, old, fast song, with the classic "we hate love, we love hate" chant from the crowd, before the start. Now the show had really begun. 05. Mobscene - one of my personal favorites. Here he shouts and uses his regular voice, again, it shows what he can do, voice-wise. 06. Sweet Dreams - beautiful song! Nice shouting again at some points during the song. And a nice deep voice during the verse. 07. Putting Holes In Happiness - my favorite from "Eat Me, Drink Me" It's slow but at the same time, it's really emotional and he sang it amazingly well. Stunnig guitar solo by Tim Skold! 08. Rock Is Dead - I didn't really know this song before the concert, but I certainly do now. 09. Heart-Shaped Glasses - amazing act during the song. He had a life size robot that looked exactly like his girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood. He sang the song to her. This song is also one of my favorites from "Eat Me, Drink Me." 10. Are You The Rabbit? - really nce act during this song as well. As it represents Alice in Wonderland, he had a chair that was maybe 10 times bigger than himself, and he stood on it, and sang the song on the chair, which was really amazing. 11. Dope Show - really nice song, and greatly sung and played by the guys. 12. Fight Song - an amazing song as well, one of my favorites! The intro riff gets me totally crazy. 13. Antichrist Superstar - a classic. This brought out the true Marilyn Manson with his beliefs. He actually burned a bible on stage during this song. 14. Beautiful People - perfect closing song! The corwd exploded at this song and it was really nice! There were a couple of funny momnents during the show. The only problem was that he basically changed his clothes and the stage scenery after every song, which became irritating, becvause the crowd had to wait 1 minute approximately after every song. Despite this, the scenery and his clothes were amazing. They really had a great effect on the songs. // 9

Overall Impression: Belgium, Brussels, Foret National, 11 December 2007. The openers were a band from Norway " Turbonegro". I didn't like them very much. The singer looked weird and disgusting, and their music was monotonous. The thing I loved was seeing Marilyn for the second time, and my place, right up front. I loved Marilyn's make up, he really knows how to look good. The thing I hated was that after Turbonegro finished, we had to wait almost an hour before Marilyn started. I guess something was wrong, but it was really annoying. The ticket costed around 40 euros, but it was definetely worth it! I knew it was gonna be worth it, because I had seen him before. An unforgettable thing about the show was actually rather shocking. A girl kind of fainted in the crowd ecause she had smoked a seriously big amount of pot. If Marilyn comes anywhere near Belgium again, I will surely pay for the ticket to see him again. // 8

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