UK (London), June 16, 2007 Review

artist: Megadeth date: 06/21/2007 category: live concerts

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Megadeth: UK (London), June 16, 2007
Anyone Who was there would say that Dave had the audience in his hand for the night, and from the intro of Sleepwalker, the standing section was a seething, heaving, relentless pit of bodies.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
UK (London), June 16, 2007 Reviewed by: jacob_laiho, on june 21, 2007
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Sound: The sound quality was pretty good and all the instruments were clearly distinguishable. Dave's voice was spot on, and his and Glenn's leads were pretty decent, and overall the sound was very good for such a huge band in such a small venue, like the Astoria. The bass was a little tinny, but that's really just down to mixing. Dave used his new signature Deans and Glenn stuck with his customised Dean Cadillacs throughout also (Dean V style headstock, 24frets, and a Kahler trem). James used his Warwick bass throughout and Shawn played on his standard huge DDrum (i believe) endorsement kit. Absolutely no disappointments in sound. // 10

Perfomance: I very much enjoyed the show, but I'm a massive Megadeth fan. However, I pretty sure anyone Who was there would say that Dave had the audience in his hand for the night, and from the intro of Sleepwalker, the standing section was a seething, heaving, relentless pit of bodies. Those Who saw Megadeth at the download festival complained that they played too many new songs - this setlist had some new (classics) in there, but made way for the real oldies. They played: 01. Sleepwalker - This was their intro and worked well. The lights went down and even though the clean intro was pre-recorded played through a PA system the crowd exploded and then as the distorted guitars kicked in the lights came up and they were on stage and Dave was anchored at his mic, riffing. It was almost unreal to look around and see everyone saluting their fists to Dave and screaming 'No one is safe!' 02. Take No Prisoners - Sleepwalker led into this straight away without a break and the crowd loved it. A few small-ish pits broke out but they were limited in action through this song due to the sheer movement of the crowd during it. 03. Skin O' My Teeth - Great song again, and really passion fuelled throughout 04. Wake Up Dead - It was great to hear Megadeth's first single played Live, and this was a real kick up the backside for the old Megadeth fans Who went absolutely mental to it. 05. Set The World A Fire - I was never a fan of this song for some reason, and whilst it was played well, I would mind if they had dropped it from the set for a song like Reckoning Day or Trust. 06. Washington Is Next - Dave made his first real address of the crowd to introduce this song and he really performed to the crowd. This is one of the better songs on the new album and it seems as if others agreed by their reaction with Dave and Glenn trading solos and breaking to feedback. 07. Hangar 18 - Possibly my all-time favourite Megadeth song and the crowd went mental! It was played incredibly cleanly and Glenn pulled off Friedman's leads well. The crowd intensity was still high but had lapsed slightly from the zenith of Sleepwalker and Take No Prisoners but this really got the crowd moving again. 08. My Darkest Hour - Brought the tempo down a bit and this wasn't a bad thing as the crowd had a real sing along to this song. 09. Kick The Chair - Dave kicked the tempo up here again and we all thanked HIM for it. A pretty large pit broke out where I was and crowdsurfing really started to pick up. 10. Gears of War - Not really my favourite song and previous to it beginning my friend and I used it as an opportunity to get some water from the bar. The crowd wasn't particularly ecstatic to hear this some we were able to re-infiltrate quite easily. 11. She Wolf - A bit of a lowlight for me but Dave won't drop it from the set and Who's gonna argue with HIM? 12. Tornado of Souls - This song was recognised immediately and crowdsurfing once again kicked off - a lot of people ended up on the deck because of it. 13. Mechanix - Of course a classic Megadeth song and many will know it as the original demo for Metallica's Four Horsemen, before Dave's departure. Despite it's age it still packs a swift punch. 14. Peace Sells - Received warmly to say the least as soon as James began to play the bass riff, and the audience loyally sang every word of the song back at Dave. The tempo change in the song worked well as it was clear the evening was reaching a climax. The guys departed the stage from here and waited to an Encore - Which they definately received! ---------------- 15. Symphony Of Destruction - Almost the Megadeth 'anthem', the crowd went wild to it. The pit gave way to a field of unifed headbanging and pumping raised fists. 16. Holy Wars - The ender. We all knew this had to come, but lord, what a finisher! It seemed as if everyone had been keeping back a third (or forth) wind for this song and it was a display of energy only comparable to the very beginning of the show. Constant crowdsurfing and circle pits were the main attraction of this song and Megadeth left London on a high with this song. // 9

Overall Impression: The gig took place at the London Astoria in London, England on Saturday 16th June 2007. The opening act was a band called Priestess Who I had not heard of before, and they put on an alright show, but the crowd didn't really warm to them and neither did I to be honest, which led me to shout out the typical bored audience member response - "DO FREEBIRD!". Megadeth however, were excellent and they were the reason I went so this was a completely redeemed feature. The tickets were 20 each before booking fee and was worth every single copper penny of it. I suppose the unforgettable moments of the gig were the pre-gig build up - Waiting outside the venue just off Charing Cross Road and having the 'normal' people passing us, throwing disgusted looks, only to receive terrifying (to them) screams of threat from the Megadeth army, all suitably dressed in black; and secondly following the sudden surge of crowd activity at the beginning, being hurled into the back of a lad from Bolton and being able to taste the lager on HIM. Not exactly enjoyable, but an amusing quirk to the show nonetheless. Finally the end of the show, using a man as a leg up to (successfully) catch Dave Mustaine's yellow guitar pick as used in Symphony of Destruction and then Holy Wars. I went home in a great mood because of this! To end, YES, I would definately go to another show, given the chance, and YES, this show was brilliant regardless of a few setlist hiccups. Well worth it! // 10

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