USA (Nampa), July 13, 2011 Review

artist: Megadeth date: 02/13/2012 category: live concerts

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Megadeth: USA (Nampa), July 13, 2011
USA, Nampa, Idaho Center Ampitheatre on July 13th 2011. Machine Head opened for them and that was an awesome show as well.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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USA (Nampa), July 13, 2011 Reviewed by: Bailey Mustaine, on february 13, 2012
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Sound: Singer skills? Well Mustaine has one of the most unique voices in heavy metal so he always puts on a great show. What instruments they've used? Dave Mustaine: Dean double neck V, Angel of Deth, Rust In Piece V, Korina Z, VMNTX Black. Chris Broderick: Jackson soloist signature (Red and Black). Dave Ellefson: 5string Rust in Peace bass Jackson Signature (Red and Silver). Overall impression of the sound and music. Quality of the sound? They had the best sound equipment that a band can have. You were able to hear every member of the band so clearly. // 10

Perfomance: Did audience (you) enjoy them? They're my favorite band so of course I enjoyed them, I was front row right in the middle which is the best place you can be. What songs they have played? List them and leave a comment on every song. They played(In this order): "Trust" (Shawn Drover came out before the rest of the band members and played the intro until Dave, Chris, and David appeared), "Public Enemy No.1" (didn't know the song at first but they played it well), "Hangar 18" (Chris blew Marty out of the water on this one but Marty would have been proud), "She Wolf" (Great song, loved it), "Headcrusher" (Dave talked for a little while just singing the chorus by himself and then they all joined in and raised hell!), "Wake Up Dead" (Chris and Dave had great stage interaction for this song like singing harmonies and headbanging side by side), "Peace Sells" (Ellefson came over to the middle and stared at me while playing the intro! Greatest moment ever!) "Sweating Bullets" (Everybody knew the words so we all sang with Dave with anger and passion in our voices), "Poison Was The Cure" (This was one of the best parts of the show, They all got on the drum riser with Shawn and played), "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" (My favorite song of theirs I went crazy!), "Symphony Of Destruction" (The crowd sang the guitar parts for this which was an amazing thing), and "This Day We Fight!" (They finished with this, What an ending!) Special moments? Fun, weird things during the show? Visual effects, scene's decoration? Chris Broderick stared at me and my friends alot which was pretty awesome. They Had a basic setup I.E. Megadeth backdrop and exposed amps, Pretty bare overall but it was an awesome show. // 10

Overall Impression: Country, city, arena, date of the show. USA, Nampa, Idaho Center Ampitheatre on July 13th 2011. Who was the opener(s) for a gig (if any)? Machine Head opened for them and that was an awesome show as well. What do you love about the show? What do you hate? I love that I got to meet them before the show which was the greatest moment of my life. I hated that when Chris Broderick threw me a pick this fat chick caught it in front of me... How much ticket cost? Does the show worth the money? I got the ticket as a gift but they are usually about 50$ which is totally worth seeing them in my mind. What were the most unforgettable moments of that show? Free beer, nude girls? Lots of people were buying me shots and giving me drinks of their beers and they band waved at me alot. Will you go to their next gig? OH HELLS YES! MEGADETH RULES!!! // 10

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