Canada (Edmonton), March 23, 2004 Review

artist: Metallica date: 04/01/2004 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Canada (Edmonton), March 23, 2004
The performance was great. Fire, fireworks, flashbangs, screens, moving drum set, mics on every side of the stage (it was in the round stage) and the guys put on a kickass show.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Canada (Edmonton), March 23, 2004 Reviewed by: TomD03, on april 01, 2004
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Sound: The sound check must have been absolutely perfect because the sound was crystal clear and loud as hell. The guitars were great and there were a few wrong notes but so what, it still kicked ass! // 10

Perfomance: The performance was great. Fire, fireworks, flashbangs, screens, moving drum set, mics on every side of the stage (it was in the round stage, so completely round) and the guys put on a kickass show. Ok, I remember very well what they played and I'll show and rate every song they played. 01. Blackened: 10/10 Great live! Best starting song ever, even if it is very common for them to use it as an opener. Fun to headbang to. 02. Fuel: 10/10 Another great live song. 03. Harvester Of Sorrow: 10/10 Great. All I can say. 04. Sanitarium: 10/10 Emotional and loud. 05. Frantic: 9/10 Good live, but not my favorite Metallica song around. 06. Leper Messiah: 10/10 Master Of Puppets. Best album, best songs. 07. King Nothing: 11/10 Perfectly played, good audience interaction and just a kickass song. 08. St. Anger: 10/10 Not great on album, but kickass live. 09. Sad But True: 10/10 Black album, another great song. 10. Creeping Death: 9.9/10 I have to admit, I like this song but I wouldn't have been heartbroken if they hadn't played it. 12. Battery: 10/10 13. I Disappear: 10/10 I love this song, even if it is a soundtrack song. 14. Nothing Else Matters: 99/10 Being there with my girlfriend, it was great. 15. Master Of Puppets: 10/10 Ah, if they hadn't played this, I'da been pissed. 16. One: 10/10 Started with the gunfire. We all know whats comin. Then for the next minute-minute and half they set off these fireworks and flames. Really loud, really bright. So much suprise and so f--king kickass. 17. Enter Sandman: 9/10 Overplayed, overplayed, overplayed. 18. Jump In The Fire: 10/10 Man, whoda think they would play shit from Kill Em' All? And if you do research, they haven't played it since about '86! 19. Seek And Destroy: 10/10 What can I say, it's a great ender and a great audience song. Best concert ever. // 10

Overall Impression: This was at Rexall place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on the day of my birthday. And my favorite band of all time. This show was priceless to me and I won't forget it untill I get alltimerz but thats a ways away so I'm just keep on rockin'. If they come back, im getin all my friends to get tickets and were gona party out. Oh yeah, the missing shirts everywhere weren't half bad, if you know what I mean. Allright, peace out guys and check em out, hate em or love em you have to admit, it's amazing they have been around this long and its great that they are still playing shows like this, and good shows. // 10

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