Canada (London), October 28, 2004 Review

artist: Metallica date: 08/02/2007 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Canada (London), October 28, 2004
There was loads upon loads of fire and pyrotechnics during both Godsmack and Metallica sets.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Canada (London), October 28, 2004 Reviewed by: Metallifan2k5, on august 02, 2007
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Sound: Metallica never ceases to amaze me with thier live sound. Godsmack was the opener, and they did pretty good(even though I only knew like 2 of thier songs), but Metallica was the main event and did every bit as good as I had hoped. A pretty kickass 2nd concert (my first being Finger Eleven at Centennial Hall the year before). There was loads upon loads of fire and pyrotechnics during both Godsmack and Metallica`s sets. All the instruments I could hear sounded great, even though I found the guitars during some of Metallica`s song were a little muddy, but still awesome. // 10

Perfomance: I was down on the floor for this and the audience, although crazy enough to to do so, didn't mosh after the 2nd song by Metallica (plenty of moshing during Godsmack`s set), security was horrible with that as I saw them dragging anyone who swung an arm or elbow away. Metallica performed upon a rotating stage right in the center of the arena so I got to see everyone up close as I was about 3-4 people deep on the floor. Here's what Metallica had played during this wonderful metal-laced evening: 01. Blackened - great choice for opener, but skimped on the solo. 02. Fuel - the only song anyone moshed for. Very well done. 03. Harvester Of Sorrow - I wasn't really into this one, but a decent job all the same. 04. The Four Horsemen - awesome, but again like Blackened, kirk kinda skimped on the solos. 05. Leper Messiah - this one was very well done, although I couldnt really hear the first part of kirks solo until my buddy showed me the bootlegs a few days later. 06. Kirk Doodle - Kirk's 1st solo. Amazing, he still remains one of my fav lead guitarists. 07. Turn The Page - favourite song from thier "Garage inc." album, but this one was just so-so imo. 08. The God That Failed - wasn't really expecting this one. Well done. 09. St. Anger - someone f--ked up on this one (James or Kirk, don't remember which one), kudos to the only St. Anger song performed that night. 10. Jungleessence - Rob's bass solo. This guy is a beast, every bit as good as Jason or Cliff (R.I.P. dude). This solo was over 6 mins long and at the end he spun around and fell over, seemingly exausted(and I wasn't really surprized, 6 mins playing bass w/o a pick? that's some hardcore shit right there). During this solo he and Kirk did the bass/guitar bit from "Orion". 11. Fade To Black - I nearly cried when I heard them do this one, Being one of my fav songs and all. Before they go in to the final bit of the song they hold sustained, heavily distorted guitar notes until James went into "noone but me, can save myself" (like 2 mins later). 12. Sad But True - James had the entire crowd sing the intro. One of my childhood favourites. 13. Damage Inc. - great pyro usage on this one, I noticed that they started getting into the show more after this one (the crowd I mean). 14. Disposable Heros - well done but skimped on it a bit. 15. Melbourne - Kirk's 2nd solo, much slower and more laid back then the first, but I liked it. 16. Nothing Else Matters - I was waiting for this one. Very well done and the crowd sang every word with james from start to finish. 17. Master Of Puppets - yes! is all I screamed when I heard the opening chord and my old man was right beside me during this one rockin out. My all time fav next to "One" and "Fade To Black", James even got the crowd to sing along to the first solo for a bit. 18. One - I was amazed that they did this one after puppets. A huge pyro show at the beginning done to the gunshots heard on the original. I was very pleased at how well done this song was, I coulda gone home a happy man after this one. 19. Enter Sandman - kinda teased everyone as they would play 2 or 3 of the opening notes, then stop (I think they were just tuning up thier instruments). 20. Hit The Lights - 1st encore. Startin to slow down as the show came to a close (or so I thought). 21. Seek And Destroy - 2nd encore and last song of the evening. James teased the f--k out of everyone, sayin "want one more?" then goin "Oh hell no thank you goodnite", but eventually they got into this one. I was happy with it, lets just say that. Great closing tune. Overall a great selection of songs for a kickass show. // 10

Overall Impression: This show was on the 28th of October, 2004 at the John Labatt Center in London, Ontario, Canada, supporting act being Godsmack. I wasn't really into Godsmack at the time, so I didn't dig thier set too much. The most unforgettable moment was when Metallica did "One" with that crazy pyro. The tickets were Mega-pricey (over $100 a piece) but worth every penny. There were a bunch of people smoking weed behind me during Godsmack, which I did indeed indulge myself into for this show. The only things I disliked was the anal retentive security, and the dehydration I was suffering from during the first 10 minutes of Metallica`s set, but I'm still here. Overall, great show. If they come back to London, I am definitely there, even if I have to sell some internal organs on the black market to afford the heavy ticket prices. // 10

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