Canada (Ottawa), November 03, 2009 Review

artist: Metallica date: 12/08/2009 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Canada (Ottawa), November 03, 2009
This was Metallica's 5th show in Ottawa, and most people consider it their best.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Canada (Ottawa), November 03, 2009 Reviewed by: Kwyjibo2006, on december 08, 2009
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Sound: I've been waiting to see Metallica ever since I was 11, when I first got really into them. Nobody was willing to take me when they came to Scotiabank (then the Corel Center) when they came back in 2004, so you can imagine how excited I was to see my favorite band, the greatest heavy metal band in the world, live. Obviously being a Metallica concert, it was louder than hell. But the sound was still really clear, and you could hear every member individually. The bass drum pounds and lightning-fast power chords make your ears ache and get you pumped. And with a record setting crowd of 21 000 people, all standing, it's impossible not to get a huge rush. // 10

Perfomance: The show's setlist: 01. That Was Just Your Life 02. The End of the Line 03. Creeping Death 04. Fuel 05. Fade to Black 06. Broken, Beat and Scarred 07. Cyanide 08. Sad But True 09. One 10. All Nightmare Long 11. The Day That Never Comes 12. Master of Puppets 13. Battery 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman --Encore-- 16. Last Caress 17. Motorbreath 18. Seek and Destroy The concert started (as usual) with The Ecstacy of Gold, and went straight into the heartbeat intro of That Was Just Your Life, haunting stuff, and then the lasers kicked in and James F*ckin' Hetfield lets loose some crazy riffing. James really got the audience to participate. Aside from the usual (but always chilling) chants of "die!" in Creeping Death, there were little moments of crowd participation before Fuel and Broken Beat and Scarred. The setlist included most of their old favorites, like Enter Sandman, One (which had some of the coolest pyro I've ever seen)and Seek and Destroy (where they turn on the house lights and drop Death Magnetic balls from the ceiling). The only complaint was only one song from ...And Justice For All, my favorite Metallica album. Yes there were (very) few mistakes, but that's normal, playing on the road for the last, like, 25 years will do that to you. All in all, amazing performance. // 9

Overall Impression: This was Metallica's 5th show in Ottawa, and most people consider it their best. The show introduced the capital to Danish band Volbeat and Lamb Of God, both really good opening acts, particularly Lamb Of God. I paid 100$ for the ticket and would gladly have paid more. The best part was the beginning right to the end. Will I go to their next gig? F--k yeah, when is it? // 10

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