Germany (Nurburgring), June 3, 2006 Review

artist: Metallica date: 11/19/2007 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Germany (Nurburgring), June 3, 2006
No orchestral backing or strange instruments. Brilliant classic Metallica sound to all the performing songs, A+. A very good quality of sound.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.7
Germany (Nurburgring), June 3, 2006 Reviewed by: Ben Wright, on november 19, 2007
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Sound: James Hetfield sounded brilliant delivering a emotional performance. Some songs he may have lost it a tiny bit but he soon bought it back. Kirk Hammett really bout out important pieces of the music with his backing vocals which were spot on also. No orchestral backing or strange instruments. Brilliant classic Metallica sound to all the performing songs, A+. A very good quality of sound. // 9

Perfomance: I (and I'm sure others also) really enjoyed watching it and was definitely a strong performance from the band. Songs that were played were brilliant, truely great set list. They were: 01. Creeping Death - generally just a warm up song, didn't sound too great to start with but pleased the crowd nevertheless. 02. Fuel - good performance but a few minor improvements would improve the overall rating 03. Wherever I May Roam - brilliant. One of the best Live songs they did on the night, sounded only the way Metallica could make it sound. Music to my ears. 04. For Whom The Bell Tolls - very good. Robert Trujillo's Opening Bass Riff was perfect and very smooth. Another really well performed song. 05. Fade To Black - Kirk's solo was very quiet at the start and hard to diminish over the distorted chords of James. Picks up nearer the middle and Kirks solo is very good, sounds just as it should. 06. Battery - main riff played very well but some may argue it was too fast but that's what you've got to expect when you watch Metallica Live. Satisfactory performance really, nothing terrible and nothing out-standing. 07. Master Of Puppets - fantastic. Has to be the best song they played on the night and also a real crowd pleaser. Main song that the band play for the show seeing as the gig was directed to the anniversary of the release of that album. Played slightly too fast though, faster than it needed to be. 08. The Thing That Should Not Be - good song. Satisfying to watch apart from the random blaspheme in the middle of the song that seems to be pointless. Yet again though, that's got to be expected when any metal band play a gig. 09. Welcome Home (Sanatarium) - very well covered and a strong performance. Crowd pleasing. 10. Disposable Heroes - brilliant. Asks the crowd what they want to hear next and they all shout 'Disposable Heroes'. One of their strongest performances of the night. 11. Leper Messiah - brilliant riff played very well. Good performance 12. Orion - very good. One there best instrumentals and plyed very well on the gig night. 13. Damage Inc. - satisfactory performance of a good song. Bit of a let down. 14. Sad But True - very hard hitting song from 'The Black' album. Played satisfactory but kind of a let down due to very heavy sound it should give with the opening riff. But there were some of Hetfield's best vocals of the night in this song. 15. Nothing Else Matters - nice. Some may think there was too much distortion on Kirk's guitar which sort of defeated the opening part. Very well played and slightly improvised solo by James though. 16. One - played very well on the night and got the crowd going as they heard the helicopter effects in the background. Perfectly played by Hetfield and a very pleasing performance. 17. Enter Sandman - brilliant. Sounded not to far of the actual studio version and gave the crowd an end of gig boost with fireworks firing out of the stage during the kick in of the drums in the main riff. One of the top 3 songs that were played on the night. Main riff could have been played a little heavier and more distorted than it actually was though. 18. Last Caress - dissapointing to be perfectly honest so close to the end of the gig. Probably the worse song they did on the night. 19. Seek And Destroy - after a long-ish break, Metallica decide to end the show on a blast by playing this song. Very well played. There were a couple of good moments. On 'The Thing That Should Not Be' they had a monster eye on a visual projector in the background that Hetfield took advantage of as he rocked out some brillaint rhythm guitar in front of it. Fireworks were also a surprise as the band kicked into 'Enter Sandman'. Not too many special effects though or surprises in store which was not too good. // 9

Overall Impression: 'Metallica Live in Nurburgring, Germany at the Rock Am Ring' is the title of the Live Concert which was performed on the 3rd June, 2006. There wasn't an opener for the gig. They just kicked in by playing 'Creeping Death'. I loved the sheer quality of some of the songs they played, sounded very studio-like in places. I hated how in some songs near the beginning, how Kirk Hammett was too quiet and the rhythm playing of Hetfield seemed to drown out the melody/lead. Expensive tickets,, some going for over 100 but the gig was definitely worth it in my eyes. Not too many unforgettable moments, the gig was very strong and well done but no real big surprises apart from the song list, all the 'Master of Puppets' album! I wont be at their next gig but I do hope to go to one in the future. // 8

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