Ireland (Dublin), August 1, 2009 Review

artist: Metallica date: 08/04/2009 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Ireland (Dublin), August 1, 2009
The sound for Metallica was good as always. Not as loud as what they used to be, but overall a decent enough sound.
 Sound: 9
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Ireland (Dublin), August 1, 2009 Reviewed by: Synyster_Vengea, on august 04, 2009
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Sound: The sound for Metallica was good as always. Not as loud as what they used to be, but overall a decent enough sound. The sound for supporting acts were not at all brilliant. The bass/bass drum was far too loud to hear stuff like the guitar solos. And it was impossible to hear backing vocals too. James sounded great. Great, just not as good as Kill Em All James. Lars bass drum made it feel like your heart was going to burst out of your chest. And Kirk's leads just sounded awesome. I'd give it a 10 if it were not for the sound quality of the opening acts therefore I am going to give it a 9. // 9

Perfomance: Okay heres the songs they played in order: 01.Blackened: this was great. It was good to hear this Live. As soon as they hit the first note there was moshpits galore. 02.Creeping Death: another classic from the boys. Great song. Sounded great too. 03.Whiskey In The Jar: ah, a special one just for us irish. This really got the crowd going. Everyone was singing along. Amazing. 04.Harvester of Sorrow: wasn't expecting to hear this played. Classic song. Was just great. 05.Turn the Page: when I heard this I didn't know what it was. But Kirks slide guitar was really good. As was Roberts bass. 06.Broken, Beat and Scarred: James did a little speech before this and at the end said "You better show your scars..." Then it kicked in. Great song off the new album. 07.Cyanide: everyone sang along to this. Moshpits were everywhere. Brilliant. 08.Sad But True: I loved hearing this song. One of my favourites. It was great. 09.One: oh once the fireworks went off everyone went crazy singing along to everything james sang. Once the Double Bass gunfire thing came in the moshpits went crazy. 10.All Nightmare Long: great song off Death Magnetic. Even Greater Live. 11.The Day That Never Comes: another great song. Everyone sang along to this too. 12.Master of Puppets: this really got everyone going. Everyone sang along. And went mental. 13.Fight Fire With Fire: this really shocked me. Did not expect to hear this at all. It was AMAZING! 14.Nothing Else Matters: this was the soft song. Everyone put their lighters and phones up and waved their arms. It was really nice. 15.Enter Sandman: what a great song. The fireworks and pyros were amazing. Once the BOOM! part came in all the fireworks lit up the sky. Encore: 16.Killing Time: they brought out Ray Haller from Sweet Savage to sing this with them. It was really cool. 17.Motorbreath: this was simply amazing! 18.Seek and Destroy: the classic Kill Em All song. James came out to the crowd and let them sing the song. It was awesome. Really nice of James too. I'm giving them a 10 for putting on the best show ever. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was in Dublin, Ireland in Marlay Park on August 1st, 2009. The openers were Glyder, a local band from Ireland, Mastodon, Alice in Chains and Avenged Sevenfold (The best supporting band). I loved everything about the show really. All the supporting bands, all the songs that were played. The only kind of bad things was the crappy sound for the opening bands, and the fact that Metallica didn't play Fade to Black or The Four Horseman. The tickets were 76.50 and definitely worth the money due to all the bands playing. It was like a mini festival. The most unforgettable moments was Whiskey In The Jar and when Avenged got a fan up to sing Walk by Pantera with them. I'll definitely be going to their next gig because it was so amazing! // 9

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