Ireland (Dublin), August 20, 2008 Review

artist: Metallica date: 12/08/2008 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Ireland (Dublin), August 20, 2008
The sound fantastic, absolutely amazing. Even at sound check the crowd was going nuts when a guitar tech was just testing out an E5! It really shook you; it was so god damn loud!
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9
Ireland (Dublin), August 20, 2008 Reviewed by: Yerjam, on december 08, 2008
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Sound: The sound fantastic, absolutely amazing. Even at sound check the crowd was going nuts when a guitar tech was just testing out an E5! It really shook you; it was so god damn loud! The band played absolutely brilliantly, it was flawless! An ezxcellent gig. Hetfield was superb, I didn't notice a single falter in his vocals during any of their songs; he only used a couple of guitars the whole gig, mainly comprising of Explorer-shaped guitars. Hammet was great - flawless playing, didn't miss a note; he changed guitars quite regular, moving from Jacksons to V-shapes to Les Pauls. Trujillo was also fantastic; he used a few 5-string basses but I'm not sure of the make/model but they looked similar to the one in his Wikipedia article. Ulrich too was great, I don't know what equipment he used though! // 10

Perfomance: I had the luck of being very close to the front (about halfway between the stage and the tower which had the cameramen. One word for the audience: f***ing mental. We were waiting ages on them to come on after the support acts (like 2 hours). As SOON as the first note was struck everyone went wild. Immediately 6 mosh pits started around me, guys were crowd surfing wearing nothing but steel-toe caps and an aggressive look and kids were running with their parents to the back rows for safety! It was great and thoroughly enjoyable. The setlist was: 01.Creeping Death 02.For Whom the Bell Tolls 03.Ride the Lightning 04.The Memory Remains 05.Welcome Home 06.Cyanide 07.And Justice for All 08.The Four Horsemen 09.Kirk solo 10.Fade to Black 11.Master of Puppets 12.Whiskey in the Jar 13.Another Kirk solo 14.Nothing Else Matters 15.Sad But True 16.One 17.Enter Sandman 18.Last Caress 19.So What Encore: 20.Seek and Destroy Too many for a step by step review, but the highlights were Cyanide, Fade the Black, Master of Puppets, Whiskey in the Jar, Enter Sandman and Seek and Destroy. The stage effects were brilliant. There were two huge screens either side of the stage so you could see what was going on and then more screens dotted throughout the crowd behind me for them. The pyrotechnics and fireworks were my personal favourite - especially the fireworks that went in time to Enter Sandman. There was also a great firework show on before One which was made to sound like a battle with gunshots and explosions, etc. It was fantastic. There were also four massive flame-throwers (two either side of the stage) that went off in time to Sandman and Seek. The support acts were Sweet Savage and Tenacious D. Sweet Savage were ok, fairly average, they didn't put on much of a show. They got their biggest cheers when Hetfield came and sang with them on their last song. Tenacious D however were superb, absolutely brilliant and I still have a tough time deciding whether they or Metallica put on the better show. // 9

Overall Impression: The gig took place at Marlay Park, Dublin on 20th August 2008. Opening acts being Sweet Savage and Tenacious D. I loved the superb setlist and stage effects, but having to wait so long on Metallica appearing was very annoying. The ticket cost was also a bit extortionate, it being about 70 (I've forgotten the price in euro). It was worth it, but still, that's a lot of money for a gig, even if the D are supporting! The other downside was trying to find this venue, because it's not actually IN Dublin! It's a few miles south of it and they were no bus listings to tell you what bus to get from the city centre to Marlay Park. We only found buses to Marlay once we got to the city centre, but we already had a lift arranged. I would go to another Metallica gig, but only if the tickets weren't extortionate. // 8

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