Norway (Oslo), April 14, 2010 Review

artist: Metallica date: 08/18/2010 category: live concerts

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Metallica: Norway (Oslo), April 14, 2010
James is back on top, he really looked like he was right back in his thirties, Kirk was flawless, Lars did a magnificent job on the drums, and Rob was just plain awesome.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Norway (Oslo), April 14, 2010 Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 18, 2010
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Sound: James is back on top, he really looked like he was right back in his thirties, Kirk was flawless, Lars did a magnificent job on the drums, and rob was just plain awesome. There was so many surprises during the show, awesome light, lazer and pyroeffects, an amazing setlist, and an awesome solo by Kirk during the show. Where I was standing(crushed into the security barrier, my chest hurt for weeks after, but I couldn't care less, back then) the sound was actually perfect, and even better because I was standing so close one of the mics, I could almost touch Hetfield and co. I don't know if the sound was better, because I never left my place(who would, when there was only 2 meters between you and Hetfields eyes?!) // 10

Perfomance: The warm up bands Gojira and Fear Factory, was plain bad. The only positive thing about both bands was the bass player from Gojira, a little ADHD guy who headbanged so hard I thought his head was going to fall off! around 9.30 pm, after a long break, the lights were suddenly shut down.... 01. The Ecstacy Of Gold: I started taking off my shirt, it was way too hot, but I didn't care, the show was about to begin. I felt like a 6 year old on Christmas eve, yes, I actually cried. It was such a beautiful moment, the start of my first Metallica show, a night I will never forget.(10) 02. That Was Just Your Life: I actually think this is the best DM song, and maybe one of Metallicas best. And live, it was 10000 times better, if you thought it was not possible, well it is. the lazers were mindblowing, and when the first part of the riff was played after the intro, with such energy, you knew this was going to be the night of your life! (10) James grabs the air, and screams "Right now, this is your life, THIS IS YOUR LIFE!", everyone is excited for the next song, everyone knew which one it was going to be, but it was not the "The End Of The Line" intro that was played, it was... 03. Cyanide: Another one of my DM favourites, and I was surprised they played this one instead of The End Of The Line, which is the one they use to play as number 2. but im not a big fan of that song, so Cyanide fit me perfectly well! This is one of the highlights from the show for me, not just because of the song(believe, the set is getting better), but because through the whole first verse, James was singing right in front of me, and Kirk came smiling towards me, with FULL eye contact! (10) After the ending of Cyanide with the deadly awesome(I don't know why) phrase "Cyanide, Oslo City!", and the band walked around for some seconds before James grabbed the mic, and started talking, I don't remember what he said. but suddenly he barked out in the Hetfield way "Gimme an M, Gimme an E, Gimme Fuel Gimme Fire..." and we knew what was coming.. 04. Fuel: Green flames blasted out in front of my face, it was meltingly hot, and the intro riff rang through my ears. I had never listened much to song before, but after seeing it live, it is now one of my favourites, so much energy, fire and flames, I was more than impressed. (10) Another little break after Fuel, and the lights are on again. James comes on and speaks calmer than before: "Tonight, we are going to play a song we haven't played in a long time. I hope someone recognizes this song" 05. The Shortest Straw: when they played the first part of the opening riff, not many understood which song it was, but after about 5 seconds my brother screamed to me "IT'S THE SHORTEST STRAW MAN!", I went nuts, never thought they would play anything from And Justice For All... but they did! It was so impressive that they managed to play this song live, it's a real hard one, but they pulled it off more than good! (9) 06. The Day That Never Comes: Another DM fantastic, lighters up, say no more! (10) 07. Of Wolf And Man: This is a real pump up song and Kirk's solo on this one was really thrilling! (9) 08. The Judas Kiss(!): Another DM classic, the furious riffery on this song is so awe inspiring, u wish u had your guitar with you! (10) 09. Sad But True: Another Black Album song, a bit overplayed, but it's the song that got me into this band, and I will love it forever! (10) The lights are turned off... I see no one on stage. It has gone pretty quiet, and when 25 k people is being quiet, you know shit is going down. then I suddenly hear a beautiful note from far away. I start crying, while the piano continues to play... 10. The Unforgiven III World Premiere: I love this song by all of my heart, but come on. who would actually dream of expecting to see this masterpiece live? I had many hopes for the concert, but i didn't care hoping for this, because it was just so unbelievably dumb to hope for it. And then out of nothing, my favourite band was playing this song, right in front of me! It is one of my favourite Metallica songs, and it is the highlight of this show! (10) After I've got my heart started up again after the shock of seeing this true masterpiece, anoher intro is played, a intro i love so much, i could maybe tattoo the tabs on my arm or something. the next highlight of the night was right around the corner... 11. And Justice For All...: To see your favourite guitar players play this masterpiece in front of you, makes you think, "Damn, I gotta become that good, I have to!", and this song was also very unexpected, a wonderful moment. (10) A very funny moment after And Justice For All.. was when james hit the mic so it started spinning around, and nearly fell. James kneeled in front of the mic and folds his hands, praying for it to stand. It tips back and stays there, and you can see James saying "thank you.". Lights off again, fire, explosions and heat, before: 12. One: Everyone finds their lighters while singing along to the opening notes of probably the greatest song to grace this planet. (10) 13. Master Of Puppets: Probably Metallicas best song, and another highlight, and one of the best moments of my life! (10) 14. Battery: One more I didn't dare to hope for, but when I heard the spanish intro, I knew it was a fact, this other highlight of the night made this setlist historical!! (10) 15. Doodle: Kirk did a good blues solo, awe-inspiring. 16. Nothing Else Matters: Overplayed? Not like this. They made it special with making the 2 last choruses extra loud by putting distortion to them, and I DIGGED IT! (10) A little feedback, when done with the solo, James kneeling on the ground, then he starts playing that little riff everyone loves so much. 17. Enter Sandman: Yes, it is overplayed, but it's my first Metconcert and I NEEDED to see this song anyway, it is just a must! (9) I don't remember much from Helpless, I was so tired, but I kept headbanging so I'll give it a 10 anyway 18. Phantom Lord: A big surprise at the end of the night! not my favourite Kill Em All song but I love the solo! (8) At the end Lars came to us and asked if we wanted more songs, we begged and begged, and then James said we would get one more song if we used all of our energy we had left. we said ok, and a big black ball fell down on me, while they kicked in on the last song 19. Seek And Destroy: The best ending of a show ever, but the worst moment of the whole concert, just because, I mean, its the END! But I loved it when Kirk saw a MetallicA ball on stage, pointed at me, smiled and kicked it to me! (10) At the end, James tried to throw the pick he had in his hand, but he missed and it just fell right in front of the mic. When they walked of stage after a little speech, I yelled to the security guard about the pick he lost, and he gave it to me. Best moment of my life. // 10

Overall Impression: Norway, Oslo, Telenor Arena, 14.04.10, Best Night Of My Life, Worth Every Nok. // 10

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